Another work week in the books, folks, we did it. And it’s October, to boot. Can’t stop that month, can you? It really just creeps up on you, doesn’t it?

To celebrate the end of this week, we did what we always do here: collect some of the best and funniest tweets of the week.

Why? Because you deserve a laugh, dear reader. So here they are, the 13 best tweets of the last seven days.

1. Someone PLEASE help her

2. That’s good

3. I could eat unlimited Tums but I guess I’m just built different

4. LOL this doctor better be lying

5. I have passed a plate before, thank you

6. I am most angry at the two pleasant thoughts keeping to themselves

7. If you tuck yourself in and do a little cartoon snore like “honkchoo honkchoo” then you are part of the problem

8. You both hate and love to see it

9. OK but this is a really nice offer

10. Yes, this is science

11. Obligatory dril tweet

12. Real opposite ends of the spectrum

13. And finally, this


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