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Willy Chavarria unveiled a video featuring his latest collaboration with HUMMEL. With this collection, Willy continues to incorporate social messaging into his design and presentation. “It is a story of our struggle with human disconnection in a time of extreme digital connectivity.The importance of actually seeing and being present with one another as the force […]

Careers For Men You Might Not Have Considered

Historically, certain types of employment have been divided into those which are designed for men, and roles which are moreContinue Reading The post Careers For Men You Might Not Have Considered appeared first on Fashionably Male. ©

The Back To School Shopping Guide For Guys

Back to school shopping guides can be confusing. How do you make a guide that fits both a high school freshman and a college senior? You do it by focusing on the essentials that every man needs. Whether you’re in high school or college, the bare essentials for back to school clothing remains the same. […]