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Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Works Even if Your Eyes Are Shut

Chris Fox, writing for BBC News: On Tuesday, BBC News tested the Face Unlock feature on the new Pixel 4. Using the default settings, the phone still unlocked if the user pretended to be asleep. The test was repeated on several people, with the same result. It’s right there in Google’s own support document for […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Can Be Circumvented With $3 Screen Protector

BBC News: After buying a £2.70 gel screen protector on eBay, Lisa Neilson registered her right thumbprint and then found her left thumbprint, which was not registered, could also unlock the phone. She then asked her husband to try and both his thumbs also unlocked it. And when the screen protector was added to another […]

What’s the Deal With Instagram and iPad?

Joanna Stern, in her review of the Samsung Galaxy Fold: The Fold’s hardware gets lots of attention, but its Android software tricks deserve some, too. Open an app on the small screen, unfold the phone, and the app automatically supersizes. (In some cases, I got a pop-up that the app needed to restart.) Samsung has […]

The Time Signature of ‘The Terminator’ Score

Seth Stevenson, writing for Slate: Fiedel was at heart an improviser. To create the Terminator theme, he first set up a rhythm loop on one of the primitive, early-’80s devices he was using. (In those days, Fiedel was firing up a Prophet-10 and an Oberheim.) He recorded samples of himself whacking a frying pan to […]

MIT Media Lab’s Guitar Machine, mixing AI and robots with an electric guitar

[VIDEO] From MIT, a fascinating device that puts artificial intelligence in the hands of any guitarist. To get a sense of what this is about, watch the two videos embedded in the main Loop post. The first gives you a sense of the mechanics of MIT’s Guitar Machine, and the second puts Guitar Machine in […]

Google devices Senior VP: I’d disclose smart speakers before guests enter my home

BBC News: After being challenged as to whether homeowners should tell guests smart devices – such as a Google Nest speaker or Amazon Echo display – are in use before they enter the building, he concludes that the answer is indeed yes. And: “Does the owner of a home need to disclose to a guest? […]

Google’s Auto-Delete Data Tools Are Effectively Worthless

Jared Newman, writing for Fast Company: In reality, these auto-delete tools accomplish little for users, even as they generate positive PR for Google. Experts say that by the time three months rolls around, Google has already extracted nearly all the potential value from users’ data, and from an advertising standpoint, data becomes practically worthless when […]

Apple Headlines for October 16, 2019

Today’s Apple news, all in a convenient video format! ©

It Currently Requires a Small Amount of Patience to Buy a New iPhone

Jason Koebler, in a Vice article bizarrely titled “It Is Currently Impossible to Exchange Money for an iPhone”. It’s bizarre because millions of people in the United States and around the world are buying new iPhones, often in exchange for money. But Koebler can’t buy a new iPhone — though, reading this, you’d imagine that […]

Apple TV+ inception

One of the biggest shows coming to Apple TV+ is The Morning Show, with Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell headlining a stellar cast. But, turns out, the name The Morning Show was already a real life show in Australia, so Apple renamed the down under version of the show to Morning Wars (here’s […]

Install Catalina? Here’s what that “Relocated Items” folder that just appeared is all about

Tim Hardwick, MacRumors: After upgrading to macOS Catalina, you may be surprised to discover a shortcut on your Mac’s desktop to a Relocated Items folder that wasn’t there previously. The generation of this folder is actually normal behavior when upgrading an older version of macOS to Catalina, but we’re highlighting it in this article because […]

Inside Apple’s long, bumpy road to Hollywood

This Hollywood Reporter take on Apple TV+ is entertaining, messy, and an excellent read. Though I take every word with a grain of salt, the overall writeup rings true for me. A few tidbits: The tech giant outbid Netflix for a soapy morning-show drama that would mark Jennifer Aniston’s return to television. Based loosely on […]

Apple TV app comes to Roku platform

Roku press release: For the first time ever, Roku users can add the Apple TV app via the Roku Channel Store to discover and watch movies, TV shows and more, including accessing their iTunes video library and subscribing to Apple TV channels directly on Roku devices. Starting November 1, Apple TV+, Apple’s home for all-original […]

Apple holds premiere “For All Mankind,” renews it for second season

We are just about two weeks away from the official rollout of Apple TV+. From the linked Apple press release: Beginning November 1, the first three episodes of “For All Mankind” will be available to watch on Apple TV+. New episodes will continue to roll out weekly, every Friday. And from this Deadline article: Ahead […]

CreativePro Video: Recolor Artwork with Pantone Swatches

In this week’s CreativePro video, Theresa Jackson shows you how to easily find and convert any color to the perfect Pantone color swatch using Illustrator’s Recolor Art. New videos every Tuesday on our CreativePro YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any! The post CreativePro Video: Recolor Artwork with Pantone Swatches appeared […]

Bloomberg: ‘Apple’s 5G IPhone Delay Stings as Next-Gen Devices Hit Shelves’

What a facile, bullshit article from Bloomberg. Where is the proof that the lack of 5G is “stinging” Apple in any way? By all reports, iPhone 11 sales are up over last year, not down. 5G is a niche technology this year, and the only phones that support it are niche phones. What Bloomberg doesn’t […]

Google Launches Pixel 4 Line and New Pixel Buds

Dieter Bohn of the Verge got to spend time with the new line of Google Pixel 4 phones and was particularly impressed with its new facial identification system: I’ll admit, it was a little jarring. Every phone I’ve ever used had some sort of secondary action between picking up the phone and getting into it: […]

Gig Services to Become More Costly As Investors Begin to Question Valuations

Derek Thompson, the Atlantic: Several weeks ago, I met up with a friend in New York who suggested we grab a bite at a Scottish bar in the West Village. He had booked the table through something called Seated, a restaurant app that pays users who make reservations on the platform. We ordered two cocktails […]

NFL player slams into photographer, checks in on her after the game

I’ve been on the sidelines of an NFL game as the “protector” of an NFL Films camera guy and it was terrifying. I’m a big guy but NFL players are huge and heavily armoured. Good to hear this shooter was OK and got the shot. ∞ Read this on The Loop ©

Wireless Pixel Buds: $180 and Not Coming Until Spring 2020

Nilay Patel: I just spent a few minutes with the new Google Pixel Buds hardware — the $179 truly wireless earbuds aren’t shipping until Spring 2020, and the units at Google’s fall hardware event aren’t actually turned on and working. So there’s no way to tell how they’ll actually sound, and how Google’s various software […]

The Verge’s First Look at Pixel 4 and 4 XL

Dieter Bohn: The other feature this local model enables is a new app: Recorder. It’s a voice recorder, but it also does real-time transcription right there as it records without needing to send anything to the internet. In a couple of tests, I found it to be much more accurate than the other real-time transcription […]

The life and times of a Backblaze hard drive

This is a silly bit of fluff and marketing but it’s fun and reading between the lines is interesting to see how companies like Backblaze go about their business. ∞ Read this on The Loop ©

Former Apple employees are making a deadbolt that you unlock with your phone, and it’s backed by Walmart

How many of you have or are interested in “smart locks”? I can see a specific use case for them but, at $250, that’s a way too steep for me. ∞ Read this on The Loop ©

(Podcast) Rebound 260: Hardcore Metaphor Podcast

This week, on the irreverent tech podcast that is all about the metaphors, we discuss Apple’s recent woes in China, plus our continuing experiences upgrading to macOS Catalina. Then there’s still time for games, games, games, as we mention a few that we’ve recently played before running down just a few more of the titles […]

Why Hagibis, Japan’s worst typhoon in 60 years, turned the sky purple before wreaking havoc

The storm was devastating and caused great loss of life. A lot of these social media photos “looked fake” or at least over-edited but there’s a scientific explanation for them. ∞ Read this on The Loop ©

∞ Everything coming to Disney+, from Snow White to The Mandalorian

[VIDEO] Got some time? Cause this official video (embedded in main Loop post) from Disney weighs in at about 3 hours, 17 minutes. Not sure they ever expected anyone to watch it, as much as they wanted to make a point about their back catalog. They’ve also been tweeting every single title in a seemingly […]

The wealth/poverty scale

Follow the link, scroll down the the chart. How many adults have a net worth between $1,000 and $10,000? Turns out, that’s the biggest bar on the graph, with 1.7 billion adults. And the smallest bar on the graph, with a net worth of $100 billion? They list them by name. ∞ Read this on […]

Poll: On your iOS device do you use Apple Maps or Google Maps?

Follow the headline link and vote. I tend to use both. If have a long drive ahead of me, I’ll visit both for route recommendations. If they disagree, it’s usually because one is aware of an accident or traffic problem that the other isn’t. And if I am looking for a local food recommendation, I’ll […]