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What Is a Business Line of Credit and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Featured image from Pixabay on Pexels A business line of credit is a flexible financial instrument that business owners can use to meet the financial needs of their businesses. For instance, the company might need working capital to purchase inventory or raw materials. Or the owner might want to improve the company’s infrastructure or take […]

How to Build on New Relationships After the Conference Is Over

Image by Brian Merrill from Pixabay  Speaking from personal experience, re-entry to the daily grind after a business conference is difficult. After all, you’ve had at least a day of networking and catered meals. Also, if you’ve attended a multi-day conference, there was no doubt lots of socializing. Plus, there was zero housework and potentially some sightseeing. When […]

Selling to Sellers: 5 Killer B2B Marketing Strategies for 2019

Photo by ShonEjai from Pexels As the noise of the Internet gets louder and louder your brand has to stay scrappy with its B2B marketing strategies. People are inundated with images, media, spam, and ads by the thousands every day. So how do you cut through the noise and grab potential leads? There are multiple guides and […]

Top 5 Business Introduction Templates for Startup Companies

Do you have an upcoming meeting with your startup investors? Are you planning to introduce your startup business at an event? How about creating a business introduction video for social media consumption? A Compelling Business Introduction Video Will Capture Eyeballs No matter what your exact business requirement is, engaging business introduction videos will grab far […]

How Will a Business Degree Advance Your Career?

Photo by Brandi Ama Doyal from Pexels Do you know you want to own your own business someday? Then a business degree is a wise choice for a wide range of reasons. Ultimately, the goal of a degree is to learn marketable skills. Perhaps just as important, however, a degree will give you the credentials to prove […]

Koble Survey Says Getting New Customers Is Number One Priority for Small Businesses

Koble an exchange helping small companies connect to bigger companies is out with it’s 2nd annual small business survey. One of the findings of the survey is that for small businesses one of their biggest challenges is getting new customers. I see this quite a bit as  I travel around the USA, speaking to thousands […]

10 Cool Desk Accessories to Boost Your Productivity

Who doesn’t love getting more done in less time? For the productive person who is committed to starting and finishing important tasks, here are 10 cool desk accessories that will make you feel like you’ve just upgraded your professionalism by a hundred percent. 1. Desk Organizer Minimalist desk organizers are among the best desk accessories […]

How the Bond Market Influences Currencies and Exchange Rates

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay The bond market has a significant role in determining the direction of currencies and exchange rates. Therefore, if you haven’t been tracking bonds as part of your trading, here’s a good primer on why you should consider the bond market. This is especially true for currency traders, since bonds influence […]

Small Team. Big Impact. Hiring and Managing Webinar on 7 May with Ramon and ComplyRight.

Hiring the right people, the right way is important. Managing your team and helping them grow your business is a challenge. On 7 May, on the occasion of Small Business Week join entrepreneur Ramon Ray, Jamie Lizott HR expert with ComplyRight, entrepreneur Becca Brown, The Sole Mates (featured on Shark Tank) and Robert Zabbia , The Zabbia […]

3 Important Considerations When Planning an Office Renovation

Photo by Eunice Lui from Pexels Many people consider the office where they work their “second home” because they spend most of their time there daily. Therefore, if you’re considering an office renovation, it’s best to do some careful planning. For example, considering how important the office is, it is key to focus on its design in […]

Should You Transfer Ownership of Your Trademark to Your Company?

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay There are two ownership options when registering your trademark in Australia. You can register under your name, or you can register under the name of your business. There’s no one correct answer. Your circumstances will indicate which option best suits you. However, there have recently been changes to the legalities […]

The Benefits of Creating an Employee Productivity System

Featured image by Christina Morillo on Pexels Do you want to help your employees to be more productive? Then an employee productivity system is what you need. You might be running a small business, or maybe yours is a large company. On the other hand, you could be launching startup with only a few employees. […]

Finding Your Alignment Within to Grow Your Business

When you start to think about a business coach, most people question how will the coach help with my marketing strategy, or help manage my customer relationships better but Yvonne Dodd is no regular business coach.   My conversation with Yvonne was beyond transformational and confirmed that your life and your business are not separate […]

Deadlines Got You Down? Master the Art of Appointment Setting

Photo by from Pexels If you want to be more productive it’s imperative that you master the art of appointment setting. This skill will allow you to be more punctual. Even better, it will also lead you to more success in your business. In this post we explain how. Hire Professionals to Help You with Appointment […]

How Fear Stops Your Success.

I was recently speaking to a friend of mine who said he wanted to go to the gym. But two things were keeping him back. The first thing was his fear of this particular gym. He didn’t like some features of the gym and was afraid that it wasn’t safe. Second, he didn’t like the […]

How to Get Right Videos in front of the Right People

Trena Little is a YouTube Strategist whose mission is helping you create the right videos and getting them in front of the right people who are going to hire you. She says just throwing any video up isn’t going to get you a good return on investment. Trena’s been tackling YouTube strategy for a little […]

4 Clear-Cut Clues It’s Time to Expand Your Business

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re reading an article about when to “expand your business,” there’s a good chance you’re ready to take your business to the next stage in its evolution. As you know, timing is everything. Growth will always be a risky proposition—scale too early and you could jeopardize your business. However, […]

My Small Business Is Ready For Growth – What Do I Do Next?

You’ve had some success with your small business. Now what? It’s time to think about growth.   Your first moves toward expansion can seem intimidating, but this shouldn’t keep you from pursuing larger business goals. You have to establish clear plans to leverage proven technology, finance, and market acumen. An entrepreneur that establishes a foothold […]

Credit Score Isn’t The Only Factor to Focus on When Applying for a Business Loan

In order to obtain a business loan, many (if not most) loan providers will take a hard look at your credit score. That makes sense since your personal credit score and your business credit score are fairly strong indicators to lenders as to whether or not you’re a reliable borrower. Your credit score(s) will serve […]

Working Remotely Offers Opportunities You Might Never Have Imagined

Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash Today, there are many business opportunities that will allow you to earn a respectable income in exchange for your hard work from home. In this article, we look at the concept of working remotely from home. Why Working Remotely Makes Sense If you decide on working remotely from home, you’ll enjoy […]

How to Use the Internet to Help You Ace Your Assignments

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels On your way to becoming the entrepreneur you dream of being someday, you will likely need to take a course or two. You might even decide to work on obtaining a degree. In either case, you’ll have some assignments from your professors. In this article, we offer some tips on […]

This blog is now a teenager: Thirteen years of Get Rich Slowly

Thie middle of April is a Big Deal in my world. The trees have nearly finished blossoming, which means my allergies will soon go away. We’re seeing more of the sun, which means the worst of my seasonal depression is behind me. Yesterday, on the 14th, Kim and I celebrated seven years as a couple. […]