This Book Tells You Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About adidas Sneakers

The adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection Book

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German publisher TASCHEN will soon be releasing a book detailing the storied history of adidas. Titled The adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection, the work spotlights 357 pairs of sneakers, including vintage models, previously unseen prototypes, and one-of-a-kind originals, while simultaneously showcasing designs from collaborators such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Raf Simons, Stella McCartney, Parley for the Oceans, and Yohji Yamamoto.

Some of the shoes featured in the book are ones worn by athletes that were then returned to make up the adidas Historical Archive, of which photographers Christian Habermeier and Sebastian Jäger have been visually documenting for years. The captivating images in turn reveal unique details on the sneakers including stains, tears, grass smudges, repair tape, and faded autographs, touching on the personal stories of each wearer.

The adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection also incorporates custom models created for various celebrities ranging from Madonna to Lionel Messi. adidas’ trailblazing techniques and materials are highlighted as well, namely its pioneering use of plastic waste.

You can learn more about The adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection on and pre-order a copy today. The book is due out in April.

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PZ Opassuksatit’s Wild Take On Love, Weddings, and Working with VETEMENTS

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is also serious business (see: the multi-billion dollar wedding industry). But in PZWorld Weddings, the bridal catalog conceived by art director and designer PZ Opassuksatit, love is weird. Like much of PZ’s work, it’s at turns absurd, bizarre, bonkers, and ironic.

Flip through the catalog’s pages and you’ll find a ceramic double toilet called “Share My Whole Life With You Chair,” a chair cover that doubles as a wedding dress, an onion ring (to make your loved one cry, presumably), and a necktie with “single” on one side and “taken” on the other (like switching your Facebook relationship status, but IRL).

The majority of these objects aren’t real — though some, like the “Amazing Compressed Ring Box T-shirt” by Doublet, actually made it into production — but they’re nevertheless emblematic of PZ’s one-of-a-kind perspective and absurdist sense of humor, which have led to the artist working with some of fashion’s biggest names, including a stint as visual designer for VETEMENTS. There’s the love-themed capsule collection she designed for Helmut Lang, installations at Dover Street Market, and most recently, art direction for the LVMH Grand Prize-winning label, Doublet. Last year’s sold-out PZWorld Weddings — a partnership between her Paris-based “experimental laboratory” PZtoday and IDEA Books — reads like a who’s who in fashion, and features contributions from Doublet’s Masayuki Ino, Colette’s Sarah Andelman, Alastair McKimm, and Virgil Abloh.

PZ credits her Thai upbringing with nurturing her sense of humor and distinctive, oddball style, and an aesthetic that pulls from a collage of media and references, including karaoke videos, late-night infomercials, post-Internet culture, and “people on the street.” “I was a total weirdo,” she says. “Growing up in Thailand, I loved how it was okay to be nonsensical in serious situations. I love to make people laugh and smile. Why not bring more love, joy, and laughter in fashion?”

To keep those post-Valentine’s Day vibes going, Highsnobiety caught up with PZ to talk about the recurring motif of love in her work, her accidental career as an artist, and working as VETEMENTS’ visual designer.

What was school like for you?

I was a total weirdo and not popular in school. I definitely wouldn’t have been in Regina George’s gang. But I was one to watch and full of surprises. I love being Thai. I grew up with a Thai smile on my face, with Thai “randomness,” and I love how Thai people can be totally nonsensical in serious situations. Weirdly, though, I never felt like I fit right in there. It’s like I was in a 23-year relationship but still asking myself, “Is this the one?” So I moved to Paris, where my heart whispered, “That’s the one” in just a week of being there. But I don’t see why I can’t always be best friends with my ex, you know?

How do you think your background informs your work?

I love to make people laugh and smile. This gives me my “real orgasm” [laughs]. I’m from a creative background. My grandfather was an architect, my father is an architect, my sister is an architect, my brother is a musician, and my mom is just a funny woman by nature. I really had a great time growing up. My parents let me dream it and do it!

When did you know you wanted to become an artist? Was there a moment when you realized you were one?

I never considered myself an artist. I studied fashion design and worked in fashion design. Later, I changed to art direction and image, graphic, and spatial design. But I still love to design objects, build small objects and big objects, tell stories, and be happy. But really, I think a lot of people didn’t know what I was actually doing, so they started to define me as an “artist.” But, to be honest, I can be anything. I can be your bitch.

Okay, you clearly have a great sense of humor. You also have an affinity for the bizarre and the ironic in your work. Where do you think this comes from?

Positive thinking. Even if it’s irony, it always comes from a good place.

You’re an artist, but you work largely in fashion. You’ve worked with VETEMENTS, Dover Street Market, and Helmut Lang, and most recently, Doublet. How did those relationships begin?

I joined VETEMENTS right after I finished at IFM [Institut Français de la Mode]. That was in 2015, a year after I moved to Paris. I worked there for almost three years. We were a small family. I was the first and really the only image and visual designer there back then, so it was a really great time. I worked on tons of new things I didn’t even know I would love: visual design, graphic design, book design, installations, events, invitations, small goods, and anything related to visual identity. It was like three years of a Ph.D. for me. I learned so much from my bosses and great team and met a lot of amazing people and friends for life. I’m starting to sound like I’m in a job interview [laughs].

After doing a number of projects with IDEA, Angela from IDEA asked me about doing my own book next. This was right after I finished at VETEMENTS. So voilà! I created my own book PZWorld and the PZtoday company. Then I worked with Ava Nirui on a Keanu Reeves fanzine, and right after that she involved me with Helmut Lang. That’s how the first collaboration with Helmut Lang happened and there will soon be a second one!

I have also had support from the Dover Street Market team and from friends touring the PZWorld installations around the world. I’ve met so many new people, one of them was [designer Masayuki Ino] at Doublet. And now there are more things to come! It’s very organic for me. Every time I meet new people, new friends, see things more and do things more, it always brings something else next. I’ve been super lucky to meet amazing, supportive people.

What do you love most about working in fashion?

It’s like getting to work on a theatre stage with a live audience. I like something you can touch.

I’d like to ask more about your work with VETEMENTS, a brand that has always proposed a very different idea of beauty and had a strong visual identity. How much of its aesthetic did you share when you started working with them?

It was like having a carte blanche for me at VETEMENTS in terms of visual identity. I really had full freedom to propose and develop my own visions and what I loved with Demna and the team. Being surrounded by people with similar vibes, who believed in the brand, and working with friends in a great team environment was just such a productive atmosphere. We were like a little family in Paris, always there to push each other in the best way.

You were responsible for the art direction at Paris Fashion Week’s most appetizing show, which was Doublet. How did you start working with the brand and its designer, Masayuki Ino?

I met Ino-san for the first time at DSM Ginza, at an open house. It was like finding your long lost brother, but with a different mother tongue. The funny thing was discovering we both wanted to be comedians when we were young. The first project we did together was the “Compressed Diamond Ring T-shirt,” which is part of my PZWorld Weddings book. I had the idea of my ideal wedding ring, so I asked him if he could help me produce my dream. And voila, it was a yes! So after that, we worked on other projects together, like store designs and the first Doublet fashion show in Paris. To be honest, I love working with the Doublet team; you can feel it’s only good-hearted and hard-working people.

The idea of “love” factors heavily in your work, from a capsule you created with Helmut Lang, to your book PZWorld Weddings, and an installation at Dover Street Market. What’s your particular fascination with love?

Love is such a joyful word. Why not bring joy and laugh more in fashion?

Generally speaking, how do you think our generation is doing when it comes to love and relationships?

I never have relationships [laughs].

Interestingly enough, you’ve said that you’d very much like to get married. Which part of marriage or weddings appeals to you most, and why?

Making a list of people to invite that you have to cut down, real human emotion, cake, wedding decorations, sleepless couples. But mostly, the happy moments and smiles on everyone’s faces.

Speaking of marriage, your book PZWorld Weddings proposes wild and wacky wedding solutions for people on a budget. What are your favorite items from that book?

I need everything from the book. But first, I need a date.

We’ll get to that soon. One thing I noticed in photos of everyone who visited your PZWorld Weddings installation at Dover Street Market is that they’re either laughing or have smiles on their faces. They look like they’re kids again for a moment, and it’s fantastic. How did this installation come about and what did you hope to achieve with it?

So cute of you to notice. It started with a very basic thought: What do I love from weddings? But make it “PZ.” A wedding cake dress? Cheesy proposal pizza boxes? The idea was to bring back the simple things you know, but with acid.

The sense I get from your work and your personality is one of overwhelming optimism. You believe in “I do” and “happily ever after.” I’m also thinking about your “Make the World a Better Place” booklet for Novembre Magazine. How do you maintain this positivity despite what’s happening in the world?

The purpose of my work is not to be optimistic or anything. I just tell the story I’m interested in and want to discuss, or even just to educate myself. But I speak it in my own way — less serious. Just like talking to friends while hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.


Hot Wheels Just Made It A Lot Easier to Land a Tesla Cybertruck

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck

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Mattel has unveiled a Hot Wheels replica of Elon Musk‘s much talked-about Tesla Cybertruck. Mimicking the overall look of the outlandish vehicle, the Hot Wheels-branded version comes in a 1:64 scale iteration and a significantly larger 1:10 scale rendition, both of which are currently available to pre-order.

The 1:64 version, which spans three inches and retails for $20, is roughly the size of a standard Hot Wheels car, capable of racing on or off the Hot Wheels track. The radio-control Cybertruck has two driving speeds of Chill or Sport and features recharging capabilities.

The 1:10 R/C Cybertruck also arrives with Chill and Sport driving modes, boasting functioning headlights and taillights. The Hot Wheels car has a telescopic tailgate that folds out into a loading ramp for the bed and a removable plastic body that reveals the interior of the vehicle. Priced at $400, the R/C Cybertruck even comes with a reusable cracked window vinyl sticker as a nod to when Musk accidentally broke the window during the truck’s reveal.

You can go ahead and pre-order the Hot Wheels Cybertruck replicas, which were designed with the help of Tesla. Orders are expected to ship in December 2020.


Justin Bieber Would Rather Eat Scorpion Yogurt Than Shave His Mustache

Last night, Justin Bieber stopped by The Late Show With James Corden to play “Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts.” During the segment, Bieber and Corden ate scorpion yogurt, cow tongue, bird saliva, and other gross things instead of answering uncomfortable questions.

For example, the “Yummy” singer chose to take a shot of a shrimp and chili pepper smoothie rather than saying which country has the worst fans ever. Meanwhile, Corden drank bird saliva to avoid having to pick between Bieber and Harry Styles. The highlight of the game though has to be when Bieber chose between shaving his mustache and eating scorpion-filled yogurt.

The singer had to take a moment. “I like my mustache,” he told Corden. So, he chose to eat the scorpion yogurt, but it was so disgusting he couldn’t even swallow it. In hindsight, Bieber probably should have just let Corden shave it, since he got rid of the mustache anyway.

Watch the entire episode above.


Travis Scott Previews Unreleased Pop Smoke Track After Rapper’s Death

Travis Scott performing on stage

Shortly after news broke of Pop Smoke‘s passing, Travis Scott took to Instagram Stories to share a personal tribute — a snippet of an unreleased track from the late rapper.

The snippet is only 14-seconds-long, but fans can hear Smoke spitting the word “Dior” a few times on (what seems to be) the first verse. It is currently unclear whether the unreleased joint is a collaboration between Pop Smoke and Scott, or a solo effort.

Should it be a collab track, the single would serve as their second link up following 2019’s “GATTI,” which was on Scott’s compilation album, JACKBOYS.

Check out Pop Smoke’s unreleased song below.

Pop Smoke passed away at the age of 20 in his Hollywood Hills mansion on February 19.


The Air Jordan 5 Is Officially a Golf Shoe

Air Jordan 5 Low Golf "Fire Red"

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Brand: Jordan Brand

Model: Air Jordan 5 Low Golf

Key Features: The upper of the Air Jordan 5 Low Golf is constructed using white leather. The sneaker is branded with red Jumpman logos on the reflective tongue and heel. A black midsole provides added contrast, leading down to a translucent outsole boasting golf spikes.

Release Date: February 28

Price: $220

Buy: Select retailers and

Editor’s Notes: There’s seemingly never been a better time for sneakerheads to get into golf, as we continue to see various footwear brands cooking up enticing golf designs a la Palace x adidas. Jordan Brand, for one, has been consistently adding to its golf lineup by creating fairway-ready versions of staple silhouettes. The latest to receive a makeover is the Air Jordan 5.

Here we get an official look at the Air Jordan 5 Low Golf in the familiar “Fire Red” colorway, first worn by professional golfer Pat Perez a few weeks back. Primed and ready to hit the links, the performance-specific J’s are slated to arrive later this month as Jordan Brand continues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 5 silhouette.

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Bed J.W. Ford x adidas SS20 Elevates Their Collaborative Partnership

Bed J.W. Ford adidas SS20

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Brand: Bed J.W. Ford x adidas

Season: SS20

Key Pieces: While the three nylon garments in particular catch our eye, the go-to has to be the lengthy kimono-inspired coat in slide #1 in the bottom gallery.

Release Date: February 29

Buy: Select retailers and

Editor’s Notes: Japan’s Bed J.W. Ford and adidas have come together for their second collaborative collection, designed for Spring/Summer 2020. With the capsule due out next week, today we showcase an official lookbook for the co-branded range.

Bed J.W. Ford x adidas SS20 is led by a colorful assortment of apparel, which includes a long kimono-inspired coat, coaches jacket, full-zip hoodie, crewneck, and track pants. The long coat, coaches jacket, and track pants are crafted from nylon, as they boast co-branded adidas stripes. The two outerwear styles then incorporate unique details such as angled weld pockets and an internal carrying strap.

Complementing the apparel are two sneaker options in the Crazy BYW and Supercourt. Each silhouette is dressed in a neutral color scheme, allowing for matching outside of the current collection. The Crazy BYW is known for its mixed-material upper, while this particular iteration of the Supercourt features a collapsible heel inspired by ballet slippers.


Meek Mill Is a Notorious Ex-Con in Full-Length ‘Charm City Kings’ Trailer

Meek Mill Charm City Kings Trailer

After getting our first look just last month, Sony Pictures shares the full-length trailer for Charm City Kings starring Meek Mill. An adaptation of Lofty Nathan’s 12 O’Clock Boys documentary, the film is directed by Angel Manuel Soto and executive produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, as the script was co-written by Barry Jenkins of Moonlight.

Charm City Kings tells the story of a teenager who goes by Mouse (played by Jahi Di’allo Winston). Set in West Baltimore, Mouse wants nothing more than to be a part of the city’s dirty bike scene. This leaves him feeling an intense pull from two opposing forces, however. On one side there is notorious ex-con Blax (played by Meek Mill), and on the other is a concerned detective (played by William Catlett). Mouse’s mother (played by Teyonah Parris) fears her son will follow in the footsteps of his older brother who lost his life due to gang involvement.

Press play below to watch the first full-length trailer for Charm City Kings, which releases in select cities April 10 and nationwide April 17.


Eminem Discusses Racism in the Music Industry on New Royce da 5’9″ Track

Eminem performing

A new Eminem feature has surfaced today, courtesy of Royce da 5’9″‘s new album, The Allegory. While the guest appearance isn’t noted on the tracklist, he does, however, lend his vocals to track number 15, which is titled “Perspective – Skit.”

The tune finds the 47-year-old emcee discussing racism and hip-hop’s impact on society over a relaxing instrumental. He touches on hip-hop being a “mixing pot” and how virtually every type of music was created by black people.

“But you’ve got people of all races, like, coming together and helping shape this from the ground up,” Eminem begins. “So now you got little white kids growin’ up with black idols. And you got black kids growin’ up with white idols. And you got — it’s just this whole mixing pot. Nothing has brought more races and more people from all different walks of life together than hip-hop.”

From there, he addresses the influence of black people on different types of music saying, “Damn near every form of music, period, was created by black people.” Em follows it up by referencing Chuck Barry and Rosetta Tharpe, before pointing out that Elvis Presley was widely considered to be revolutionary and the king of rock ‘n’ roll because he was merely a white man performing that type of music.

Eminem closes out the feature by speaking on the struggles of being a non-white kid in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. “If I’m a black kid, growing up in say the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, whatever, right? And I’m looking on TV and nobody looks like me and it’s very stereotypical and I’m looking at fuckin’—I’m looking at toys and everything is white, the fucking action figures are all white. The fucking superheroes are all white. Like maybe there’s one or two black superheroes mixed in there with mostly white. I don’t how I’d grow up and not have a chip on my shoulder,” he says.

Press play below to hear what Eminem has to say on Royce da 5’9″‘s “Perspective – Skit.”


Датская Ecco выкупила своего российского дистрибьютора

Датская обувная компания Ecco выкупила своего российского дистрибьютора ООО «ЭККО-Рос», сообщают «Ведомости».

Источники издания рассказали, что обувной производитель Ecco завершил сделку по покупке 100% своего российского дистрибютора ООО «ЭККО-Рос». В Федеральной антимонопольной службе подтвердили, что одобрили сделку.

Представитель «ЭККО-Рос» комментировать сделку отказался. В Ecco Group не ответили на запрос «Ведомостей», но на сайте группы опубликовано сообщение о покупке «ЭККО-Рос». Там указано, что председателем совета директоров российской компании станет Мишель Крол — исполнительный вице-президент Ecco.

Основанной в 1994 году компания «ЭККО-Рос» принадлежат 222 магазина в России, 13 в Казахстане, пять в Белоруссии, по два в Узбекистане и Киргизии, а также по одному в Армении и Азербайджане.

О том, что Ecco планирует купить «ЭККО-Рос» впервые стало известно в ноябре 2019 года, когда датская компания подала соответствующее ходатайство в Федеральную антимонопольную службу.

К концу 2018 года Ecco управляла 2,25 тыс. магазинов в 99 странах мира. Глобальная выручка ритейлера составила €1,3 млрд (91,68 млрд руб.), прибыль — €135,88 млн (9,58 млрд руб.). Выручка «ЭККО-Рос» в том же году увеличилась на 5,24%, до 12,5 млрд руб., чистая прибыль — упала на 71,46%, до 153,33 млн руб.

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Сообщение Датская Ecco выкупила своего российского дистрибьютора появились сначала на


В «Перекрёстке» резко вырос спрос на носки, наборы для бритья и коньяк

В торговой сети «Перекрёсток» резко вырос спрос на носки, наборы для бритья и коньяк, сообщает пресс-служба крупнейшего ритейлера России X5 Retail Group.

Компания сравнила продажи товаров за неделю перед 23 февраля и за аналогичную неделю в январе. Продажи носков перед праздником выросли на 102% при росте количества уникальных покупателей на 36%. При этом сильнее всего увеличились продажи средств для и после бритья (+240% и +225%), а также мужских подарочных наборов со средствами для ухода за телом (в 3,5) раза.

В то же время, значительно выросло число уникальных покупателей гелей для душа (+267%) и дезодорантов (+293%), но количество продаваемого товара из этих категорий увеличилось значительно слабее — на 32% и 23% соответственно. В компании это объясняют тем, что мужчины перестают покупать эту продукцию перед праздником, а вместо них ей начинают интересоваться женщины.

Также в «Перекрёстке» значительно вырос спрос на импортный коньяк — на 179%. В то же время, количество уникальных покупателей практически не изменилось, увеличившись лишь на 6%. Покупки российского коньяка и водки растут менее заметно — на 48% и 15% соответственно при увеличении числа покупателей на 16% и 17%.

Подписывайтесь на наш канал в Telegram, чтобы первыми быть в курсе главных новостей ритейла.

Сообщение В «Перекрёстке» резко вырос спрос на носки, наборы для бритья и коньяк появились сначала на


Подлый народишко не даёт освоить 4 миллиарда

Знакомьтесь, это мэр Ставрополя, член президиума регионального политического совета партии «Единая Россия» Андрей Хасанович Джатдоев. Он очень хочет построить в городе развязку за 4 миллиарда рублей.

Фото: @andreydzhatdoev

Настолько хочет, что ему мерещится, будто вместо местных жителей в Ставрополе орудует банда геев-оппозиционеров, которая просыпается перед каждыми выборами:

«Итак! Вчера увидел в интернете, что кто-то против чего-то петицию составил. Подумал: «Опять парад!» Нет. Не парад. Не они. Хотя, как посмотреть… Стал разбираться кто и против чего. Разобрался. Недавно прошла «публичка» по вопросу резервирования земли под возможное строительство дорожной развязки ул. Ленина-Кулакова. Стандартная ситуация. Мы часто бронируем землю под школы, детские сады, дороги, спортивные комплексы. Цель- чтобы никто случайно не прихватил землю при прокладке коммуникаций или под что-то другое. Было активное обсуждение, не во всём одинаковые мнения. Так публичка и должна проходить. Ну точно-не вяло! Подавляющее большинство проголосовано за резервирование. Шла прямая трансляция в интернете. Ничего не скроешь.

Кто же был против и из-за чего? И кто потом, проиграв вчистую на слушаниях, устроил массовый выброс о неких протестных настроениях в интернет? Ой! До боли знакомые лица. Обычно они мирно дремлют до начала выборной кампании. А тут… Что? Пора? Сколько раз мы это уже проходили! Тактика всегда одна и та же: повод не важен, главное засветиться. При этом одевается маска правдолюбца или рубахи-парня. Одевается не на долго, а то вдруг прирастёт! А если разобраться: им, на самом деле, глубоко плевать и на город и на нас с вами. За свою жизнь они и палец об палец для него не ударили, кирпича одного не положили. Всю жизнь захламляли город листовками, а наши мозги всякой ерундой. И ведь иногда получалось же! А потом опять: маски долой и в спячку! Отвыкли мы уже от этого, и привыкать больше не хочется. Глупо агитировать за развитие города. Его надо просто развивать. Агитировать против развития-вообще полный бред! Работать надо, а не ерундой заниматься! Я так думаю! Уверен, что не одинок в этом мнении…»

Самое интересное, что на упомянутых мэром публичных слушаниях горожанам даже не показали проект. То есть они попросту не понимали, за или против чего выступают.

Мэрия Ставрополя заранее решила размежевать городскую землю так, чтобы построить на пересечении проспекта Кулакова и улицы Ленина огромную 4-миллиардную развязку. Но что именно будет на этой земле, никто не знает, потому что проекта в глаза никто не видел. А-ха-ха! Мы сымитируем обсуждение проекта, которого нет, а потом будем выдавать результаты слушаний за истину в последней инстанции. А когда местные жители справедливо возмутятся, будем обвинять их в раскачивании лодки. Гениально!

Сейчас это место выглядит так – перекрёсток двух 6-полосных дорог на западе города. Карманные архитекторы рассказывали на слушаниях, что развязка избавит Ставрополь от пробок, но это, конечно, не так. Достаточно взглянуть на опыт Москвы, чтобы понять, что пробки станут только больше, поскольку увеличится количество машин.

Местные жители составили петицию против развязки, её подписали уже 600 человек. В ней говорится о том, что строительство развязки нанесёт ущерб Ботаническому саду (он действительно примыкает к перекрёстку), а также уничтожит сразу 3 троллейбусных маршрута.

Но самое важное – ставропольцы даже не знают, на что именно мэрия собирается потратить 4 миллиарда. Проекта нет, строительство развязки совершенно никак не обосновано, это просто желание мэра.

Тут можно вспомнить, что Джатдоева, кстати, народ не выбирал. Прямые выборы мэра в Ставрополе давно отменены, так что его назначили депутаты гордумы. Чтобы вы понимали, Ставропольская городская дума состоит из 30 человек. Из них 27, как и сам Джатдоев, представляют «Единую Россию».

Так что на мнение жителей Промышленного района мэру плевать, он изо всех сил будет приплетать выдуманную оппозицию, чтобы потратить 4 миллиарда именно так, как ему надо.


Mozilla запустила VPN-сервис для Android и Windows 10

Компания Mozilla запустила собственный VPN-сервис для Android и Windows 10 под названием Firefox Private Network VPN. Он платный — стоит $4,99 в месяц. Но в компании утверждают, что в отличие от бесплатных аналогов, он не фиксирует сетевой трафик пользователей и не запоминает историю посещённых веб-ресурсов. Кроме того, он обеспечит высокую скорость соединения: пользователь сможет одновременно подключить пять устройств и использовать серверы, расположенные более чем в 30 странах. Есть и бесплатная версия, которая работает только для браузера Firefox и ограничена на 12 часов в месяц. Напомним, в России недавно началось жесткое регулирование VPN-сервисов, из-за чего некоторые из них (например, Avast SecureLine VPN) ушли с российского рынка.

См. также: Топ 10 — Антивирусы для бизнеса


i will write a high quality SEO 1000 words unique article for $3

Irresistible and original SEO article writing is the greatest way to grow your blog/website, engaging your audience an develop a successful trademark.
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most of my time is structured to write projects based on your request.
I can assure you
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by: SEOpiezzey
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Super Fast High Retention Safe Promotion Non drop for $2

Provide High Retention Safe Quality Video Promotion

SERVICE of Features :

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After placing order, Cancelation of that order will not be accepted. Don’t make your page private or remove or Link changed after placing order, Order will be immediate marked as completed. No cancelation or refund will be provided for them.

by: worldviews
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Provide Bestest Music Promotion for Music Track for $5

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4000+ Orders — Ultimate Ranking Your Website — Top Google Results for $12

Google first page guaranteed, Guaranteed Google first page ,Guaranteed first page Google
Boost Your Website Ranking with Guaranteed Higher Ranking Strategy. PageRank tells how important a page is, relatively speaking,compared to other pages. Ranking on the first page will guarantee you more
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I willaccess your website and optimize it for Google first page and other search
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by: Shipa
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Install divi theme and import your chosen divi layout for $7

Hi there,

Are you looking for someone who can install DIVI theme then you are at the right place?
I am a wordpress website developer and designer with more than 4 years of experience in designing and developing wordpress websites.

What we offer in this gig :

-Divi latest theme.

-Divi Theme Premade Layouts.

-Latest Updates Automatically Arrives.

Have any questions just message me and get respond as soon as possible.


by: wordpressguy1
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I will create 2d animation marketing video for your business sales for $15

Hello Friends, My name is Alvin, I am the founder of Alvin.Co.NetworkI wanted to reach out to make sure you know just how vital video is for the growth of your business, as well as to share some information about what Alvin Network can do to help you satisfy your video needs. Video is ever growing because it’s the best way to quickly and concisely relay information to your audience. In fact, web pages with video convert up to 80% more often according to WordStream. Every business needs to be utilizing video in their day to day businesses.That’s where I believe our team at Alvin.Co.Network can be a great help in unlocking your business’ maximum potential with video. We use the latest technology to produce quality videos, fast. We can even help you setup branding and marketing campaigns with your videos. Please, take a look at our services at your earliest convenience and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
Watch This  Alvin.Co.NetworkBest Regards, Alvin

by: psocial
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I can extract audio file from any video for $5

I will create any audio or video file for you in any format, you just name it.

Also, I can extract the audio from the video and deliver it to you.

Just for $5 per file

For audio the available formats are in high quality:

1. MP3

2. AVI

3. AAC Audio

4. QuickTime

5. Waveform Audio

6. Window Media

by: yahya0707
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I will Create a Live Action Video with Script and Voice for $20

Looking for a Live Action video for YouTube, Social Media or your Website?

You have landed at the right place.

Order this service now and I will provide you with a high quality, mesmerizing, engaging and exciting video for your product, service, business or promotion.

Get in touch to have a look at some of my work samples.

What you get?

For $20 you get:
Script Writing (up to 225 words ~ up to 90 sec video)Voice Over (1 voice artist — American, Australian, Indian, African or British accent — I will send samples for selection)AnimationUnlimited revisionsBackground MusicLogo AdditionContact info AdditionFull HD DeliveryCommercial Rights TransferCharacter Customization
Time Needed:

Script: 1 dayVoice Over: 1 to 2 daysAnimation: 1 dayRevisions: 1 day
Why hire me?

I am a a full time animator and script writer. So, my compete focus is on making high quality videos as per your requirements. I have been making videos for over 7 years now.

What I need from you?

If you have a script and/ or voice, please send over and I will take it from there. If you want me to write a script as well, please answer the below for me to have a deeper understanding and make a video accordingly:

What the video will be about?If there are any specific points you want me to add to the video, please send over.Related website URLPlease confirm length of video you are looking for.Male or female voice. Please confirm accent as well.Please send logo
Multiple Language Videos

I can make videos in over 40 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and more. The prices vary as per the language and requirements. Please get in touch for a custom quote.

Have Specific Requirements?

Simply send a message and I will get back with details as well as price.

Get a Live Action video for your business today. Order now.

by: Mikestone
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I will create an InfoGraphic Video up to 90 seconds for $5

Do you have problems with numbers? Data in particular? Well, you need an infographic video just like the in sample above.

Order his service now and I will provide you with an engaging video with all numbers and data shown in an exciting manner.

What you get?

Basic $5 service includes:

AnimationUnlimited revisionsBackground MusicLogo AdditionContact info AdditionFull HD DeliveryCommercial Rights TransferCharacter Customization

Script (up to 225 words) and/ or voice over (up to 90 sec) to be provided by you.

Service Extras:

Script Writing: $5 (up to 225 words ~ up to 90 sec video — Unlimited revisions)Voice Over: $10 (1 voice artist — American, Australian, Indian, African or British accent — I will send samples for review and selection)
Time Needed:

Script: 1 dayVoice Over: 1 to 2 daysAnimation: 1 dayRevisions: 1 day
Why hire me?

I am a a full time animator and script writer. So, my compete focus is on making high quality videos as per your requirements. I have been making videos for over 7 years now.

What I need from you?

If you have a script and/ or voice, please send over and I will take it from there. If you want me to write a script as well, please answer the below for me to have a deeper understanding and make a video accordingly:

What the video will be about?If there are any specific points you want me to add to the video, please send over.Related website URLPlease confirm length of video you are looking for.Male or female voice. Please confirm accent as well.Please send logo
Multiple Language Videos

I can make videos in over 40 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Hindi, Bengali and more. The prices vary as per the language and requirements. Please get in touch for a custom quote.

Have Specific Requirements?

Simply send a message and I will get back with details as well as price.

Get an animated explainer video for your business today. Order now.

by: Mikestone
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100 live USA local citations and business listings for local seo and Link buidling for $15

***..Local SEO Services,Top Quality and High Authority USA Local Citations and Directories..***

Hi, I’m Nusfi with 3 years of experienced Latest SEO and Local SEO Guide.

I will manually add your business in top and high PA, DA, PR Usa Local Citations and directories submission 100% manual work. So, do you want to get your business rank higher? Then you must need to do local citations for your business.

I have best directories submission lists for any country like USA, AUS, UK, CA, India and others..

Why me?
Up to 100 USA High authority local listings with consistent NAPQuality Citations with Hours and LogoLocal IP100% Manually GuaranteedMoney-back guaranteeNo Duplicate CitationsLogo/Image Share inside ListingSocial Link Share Between CitationsFull Reports with login information (excel File)
Which details I required

Business Name
Social Links
Owner Name

Full Reports with login information, you can check my previous work before placing order

*******Contact Me*******

by: nusfii
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data entry, typing or data extraction for $5

Welcome To my Gig

Hello, My name is Shahid Malik and I am Certified with Microsoft work
d Specialist. I am an expert data entry worker. I provide you a quality  services in this field.

If you need to collect data from any site OR any web directory OR any document like PDF, word or scanned file, You can choose me.

My services includes

✔ Excel data entry
✔ Typing work
✔ Copy typing
✔ Punjabi typing
✔ Excel Spreadsheet
✔ Excel VBA
✔ PowerPoint Presentation design
✔ PowerPoint Templates
✔ Office design
✔ Microsoft Office
✔ Ms Office
✔ Pivot tables
✔ Data Mining


✔ Data Entry
✔ Document formatting
✔ Microsoft office
✔ Document editing
✔ Typing
✔ Microsoft excel
✔ Data mining
✔ Virtual assistant
✔ Data collection
✔ Word to pdf
✔ Pdf Conversion
✔ Adding product in eCommerce store
✔ Image to word or excel
✔ Data entry operator
✔ Data Entry Typing Work
✔ Data Mining 
✔ Internet Research

✔✔✔Available 24/7

I can deliver your order within the deadline with 100% accuracy.

I would love to hear about your project’s requirements.
Just leave me a message.


by: shahidiqbal
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We will do 100 Pbn Backlinks With High Domain Metrics for $10

we will do 100 Pbn Backlinks With High Domain Metrics.About This GigPBN backIinks are like goldmines in SEO. If you are looking for bulk quantity spammy links, then this service is not for you. This service is exclusively for webmasters who want natural links with relevant content on High authority websites. These high domain metrics links can definitely boost your SERP in Google.Our PBN is a premium, restricted access network that provides high quality PBN links from authoritative websites.I will manually build 10 UNIQUE HOMEPAGE PBN backIinks on Extremely Domain Authority (DA) & Page Authority (PA) Domains. We also have custom PBN package depending on keyword difficulty factor.Features:All Iinks are Dofollow, Permanent, homepage Iinks100% unique manually spun human readable article100% Manual links hence safe for work.High metrics TF/CF DA/PA 15+ 100% Assured.100% Google Passed backlinks.Guaranteed indexing through premium indexer.For any questions regarding this service, you can ask me anytime

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I will write and publish your content on DA93 traffic 14M for $120

Hi Respected Sir/Mam!

Are you really serious about your online business and want to search engine visibility? you must need to do off-page SEO of your website. Well, you are in the right place.

Do you want to Guest Post on high quality and Higher Domain Authority DA-PA TF-CF Blogs?

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Hand-writing unique articles related to your main niche with A Quality Link — Outstanding Results!

my blog is A DA 93 Real Blog (feel free to contact me for samples and more data).14M unique visitors every month.
boost your domain authority and his value

Permanent Links.Do-Follow Links.650 words Hand-Written Article. Live Links REPORT.Most Advanced Link Building service of #2020.Most Reasonable Prices.

If you are to provide me an article:
It must be 100% uniqueIt must have at least 650 words.It can have maximum 2 links inside.
Satisfaction is Guaranteed:

— 100% PERMANENT post

— Unlimited revisions until you’re satisfied

— All niches accepted (except gambling/illegal sites)
This is a great gig. Order now and see your rankings skyrocket.

by: mddy003
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Write a high quality and SEO optmized article of 500 words for $10

Iam an experienced content writer and possess expertise in writing creative
articles, technical articles, app reviews, technology news, financial news,
e-commerce descriptions, how-to articles, case studies, blogs, e-books and much
more. I have five years of experience in writing content for many US, UK, and
Australian domains.

Iam Google Analytics certified professional and I have thorough knowledge about
Google Adwords, websites page rank, keyword ranking, and search engine
algorithms. I will provide you unique and high-quality articles. Those will be
100% Copyscape passed and SEO optimized as well. The articles delivered by me
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Iagree with all your terms and conditions. I can deliver this project within the
deadline and at a reasonable cost. My hourly or article rate is negotiable and
we can discuss about that in our further talk. I deal only through this
platform. Looking forward to work with you for the long term.

by: vinaygunjal123
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I will Write And Publish DA 80 health blog for $10

Buy health Niche Guest post on High Authority site DA80 Traffic 1K+

Only $5 you will get guest post on DA 80 Idea Fit Da 83
health blog

I will write 250 words article and publish on my health blog Da 80, Pa 70 Do follow Link .

Why choose us over other guest posting services?

1. We are working with clients all around the world.
2. We have been in business for 6+ years with 100% feedback.
3. You are dealing with a UK based company.
4. We write the article for you!
5. Our process is backed by experience with hundreds of campaigns in a wide range of niches.

How you benefit from our Guest Posting service?
1. Increase your search engine rankings
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5. All blogs are niche relevant and have good metrics

What you will Get:-
1. 250 words Hand written Articles
2. High DA/PA 80 Domain Blog
3. 15 Social Media Share
4. Do-Follow back-link

Suitable For:

Weight loss, food and diet, lifestyle, diseases, herbal treatment, natural cures, hospitals, doctors, health equipment, product reviews, Ayurveda, massage, kids health, medicines, addiction, women, men, and much more…

by: irshadseo
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I will write 3x 600 word articles for Blog post. for $8

Need a GOOD SEO article writer at affordable rates? If you are TIRED of weak website content that doesn’t add anything to your bottom line, you NEED to order my Gig to add some LIFE to your website!

Compelling and original SEO article writing is the greatest way to grow your blog/website, engage your audience and develop a successful brand.

For your articles to rank on Google’s first page, they must be of super content writing quality. The key to getting the attention of search engines is content – top quality website content!

**I am a professional article writer with well over 1,000 clients with varying needs in different parts of the world**

I take your keywords and craft 3×600 word SEO articles or blog posts from your keywords. The materials I make will pass Copyscape premium and written in an engaging and personable way 100% grammatically correct.

HIGH-QUALITY content at very affordable rates. 

I offer 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy!

Best Gig for Adsense approval, You will get what you want at the right price.

by: amandeep0143
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Apps And Web UX UI Design With Creative Mockup for $5

I will design UX UI Design with a creative view in just 5USD!

✓ 100% unique & high-quality mobile app design ( Please check my portfolio below & you will love it )✓ Professional and user-friendly UI/UX design

What I will provide to you?

The Best Quality Mobile App DesignCreative and Custom UIPNG, JPEG source files.Fast service Fast communicationProblem-solving suggestions.

by: JohnRizvi
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Category: Graphics & Logos
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Get 1st Page Ranking with Real Traffic By White hat SEO for $80

**************Get 1st Page Ranking with Real Traffic By White hat SEO****************

I can provide you quality Off-page SEO work for your website. I provide TOP 10 Result for your Business in Google. I will use purely white hat methods to get more sales, traffic & leads.

Rank1# Google with the committed Time frame. Grow your online business via Search engine Optimization. It is the best way to increase online business at a low cost.

I have 9 years’ experience “SEO” is the process of making your website more appealing to the search engines. I promise with you that I will Give Good Result with 100% satisfaction and all backlinks will be Relevant with as place Target.

Here is what I can do for you:

Mix Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks
High Authority Websites Links Contextual Backlinks
Live Links
Social Media Links
Submit Your Website To Search Engines
Create a Business Page
Comments Backlinks
Submit To Local Directories
Website Audit Report
Full Report
All Manual Work, No software
Please, inbox me before ordering to avoid any friction in the future. !!

by: manojpaul1985
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I will design and develop a WordPress Website using Divi theme which is included for $125

If you are looking for someone who can design the State of the Art, Astonishing, Stunning Website for your Business or Brand to promote your Product and services or Looking for an online portfolio to boost your self.

I will be your WordPress Specialist to Design Divi WordPress Website, who can Develop, Design, Customize, or Redesign your website and give it a new look using one of the Best themes. i.e., Divi Theme.

In this package, you will get a 5 pages website using Divi theme with lifetime update.

> Services I offer
This Gig Is all about Divi
Divi Theme installationDivi CustomizationBuilding Professional and state of the art website using Divi.Fixing issues you are having with DiviCustomize the layoutCustom CSSConfigure Logo, Favicon, Fonts, Colors, Header, Menu, Footer
Special Features:
☛ Lifetime update-able theme

☛ Redesign website

☛ E-Commerce Functionalities

☛ MailChimp Integration

☛ Social media share
☛ Social Media Profiles☛ Contact/Popup Form

☛ Google Map

☛ Yoast SEO & Speed Up
☛ Live Chat Bot
☛ 30 days support

Please contact me before placing the order to discuss and understand your needs properly, So you get satisfying results.

by: uxmankazmi
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I will create a custom and typography tshirts designs for you in just 5 hours for $5

I’m professional t-shirt designer, working for EBAY AND OTHER WEBSITES and I do merch for bands (rock, metal, punk, pop, hip-hop, rap).
I offer here exclusively t-shirt designs for bands and online stores.

I offer original, custom & high-quality Designs! Print-ready high resolution .png, .tiff, .jpg .ai or .psd files at commercial use!
I provide vector files as well (If you need vectors- please message me about it at early stages).

I offer:
-Original & Custom Artwork (no vectors or somebody work!) Everything is done by me.
-JPG mockup
-PNG transparent printing file
-FREE Source File (.psd with layers or .eps ).

Available Extras:

— Source File ( .psd with layers or .eps ) for FREE!
— Extra Fast delivery for $40

Please contact me before ordering to set up a details of your idea!

by: taimoorali11
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I will do Guest Post on Google News Approved Website DA 40 for $50

All to Respected buyer
If you have a business or News blog and want to get organic traffic from Google, this guest post can help you the best as you are about to get a dofollow link from a real News and business blog.Keep in mind, one link from a high domain authority site is better than thousands of links from low authority sites.

Why should you purchase my service?

Permanent Dofollow link GuaranteedBoost Organic TrafficGet ranked on Search EnginesGoogle News Approved Your article will be index in Google News

by: iRadheGupta
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I will be your remote assistant on anything , customer, data entry for $1

I will be your virtual assistant 1 usd per hourI will be your virtual assistant, online consultant, reply to your emails, manage your social media handles, jivo chat consultant or any related work.Whole day charge is 10 usdMonthly charge is 300 usdwe can schedule for any number of hours or days or years.
Following services are included in my gig:-Data EntryCustomer support servicesOnline moderation.Data MiningExcel Data EntryData ScrapingCopy Paste WorkData ConversionPDF to Excel or WordJPEG to Excel or WordTyping in Excel or WordBusiness Card EntryData Collection from Linkedln/InstagramAny virtual assistance.

by: ikeeben
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200 Niche Relevant blog C0mments Manually Hand Written With low obl for $7

100% Niche Relevant blog Comments Manually Hand Written With low obl
I am maheen seo i will provide Manually Niche Relevant Blog Commenting service to our clients to boost Ranking their sites in SERP.

Niche Related Manual & Quality Backlinks that help boost traffic, increase rankings, and build authority. With years of experience I know exactly what type of manual backlinks do, it takes to quickly increase
your online visibility.

Quality links is the most important part of SEO, and to do that my service is standing right next to you shoulder to shoulder, So you can
achieve your goal more easily. We work hard for your success.100% relevant blog as you site’s nicheAll high-quality nofollow backlinks
All work made from human manually
Unlimited Url’s and Keyword’s accepted for diversity
All Languages Acceptability
24/7 Customer Support
Detailed Excel Report on Order Completion
Any question to feel free to contact me.

by: maheenseo
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CIT Bank Savings Builder $300 Bonus – New and Existing Customers (2020)

Bonus refreshed, bigger bonus, new promo code. CIT Bank has refreshed their Savings Builder Account deposit bonus. The bonus has increased to up to a $300 cash bonus depending on deposit amount, and it is open to both new and existing customers. The bonus is on top of the interest rate, currently 1.75% APY (as of 2/4/20) at their top tier for qualifying accounts. Unfortunately, if you did an earlier bonus, you are not eligible for this one:

PLEASE NOTE: Existing Customers enrolled in a Savings Builder bonus promotion prior to January 17, 2020, are not eligible for this promotion.

New deposit bonus details. For new customers, you must first open a new account with at least $100 and promo code Spring20 at this link. If you already had an existing account as of 2/19/20, you need to first officially enroll in this offer via the “Let’s get started” button at this link for existing customers. After doing that:

  • A new deposit of $25,000 to $49,999 within 15 calendar days of your open/enrollment date will get you a $150 cash bonus.
  • A new deposit of $50,000+ within 15 calendar days of your open/enrollment date will get you a $300 cash bonus.

New accounts will have to maintain this balance for 90 calendar days following the end of the 15-day Funding Period. However, existing accounts will only have to maintain this balance for 30 calendar days following the end of the 15-day Funding Period. The shorter holding period for existing customers is nice, but remember it has to be additional money new to CIT Bank. This is their definition of “starting balance” when measuring new deposits for existing customers:

The balances of all the customer’s individual Savings Builder accounts, any joint Savings Builder accounts in which the customer has ownership, if not already enrolled in the bonus promotion by another joint owner as of February 18, 2020.

They will deposit your bonus within 1 to 5 business days after the Funding Period, but it will be on hold (can’t withdraw) until 7 days after your minimum holding period of 30/90 days to make sure you satisfy the requirements.

Effective APY. Here are the effective interest rates you could get as either a new or existing customer:

  • For a new customer earning either the $150 bonus on $25,000 or $300 bonus on $50,000, which also qualifies you for the 1.75% APY rate, that works out to a total 4.15% APY for 90 days (2.4 + 1.75).
  • For an existing customer earning either the $150 bonus on $25,000 or $300 bonus on $50,000, which also qualifies you for the 1.75% APY rate, that works out to a total 8.95% APY for 30 days (7.2 + 1.75).

Note this is somewhat optimistic as you will probably add a several days of holding time unless your deposit lands at the very end of the 15-day funding period. Still, it’s always nice to stack a cash bonus on top of an already competitive interest rate. This promotion is scheduled to last through May 30, 2020. There are no minimum balance fees, no monthly service fees, no inactivity fee.

Savings Builder high interest qualifications reminder. This a unique savings account with two ways to qualify for their highest interest rate tier. You need ONE of the following in each Evaluation Period:

  • Maintain at least one single monthly deposit of $100+, OR
  • Maintain a balance of $25,000+.

Everyone earns the top tier rate for the first monthly “Evaluation Period”. Then, if you meet one of the requirements listed above during the first Evaluation Period, you’ll earn the top rate for the next monthly Evaluation Period. If you don’t meet a least one of the requirements, you will receive the base interest rate during the next Evaluation Period. They have an indicator in your online account that confirms that you have qualified.

One option that I did is to set up an automatic monthly transfer from my checking account to this account for $100 and satisfy the requirement on auto-pilot. (I can always transfer additional funds in or out as needed.) More details in my previous full review.

Bottom line. CIT Bank has refreshed their Savings Builder Account deposit bonus with a bigger bonus. You can get up to a $300 cash bonus depending on deposit amount, and it is open to both new and existing customers. Unfortunately, if you’ve done a Savings Builder bonus already, you are not eligible for another one. The bonus is on top of the interest rate, currently 1.75% APY (as of 2/4/20) at their top tier for qualifying accounts. These types of bonuses help me earn higher interest rates even when rates are dropping.

“The editorial content here is not provided by any of the companies mentioned, and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone. This email may contain links through which we are compensated when you click on or are approved for offers.”

CIT Bank Savings Builder $300 Bonus – New and Existing Customers (2020) from My Money Blog.

Copyright © 2019 All Rights Reserved. Do not re-syndicate without permission.


Яндекс.Маркет начнет применять единый подход к расчету минимальной стоимости клика

С 25 февраля минимальная стоимость клика на карточке товара в Яндекс.Маркете будет рассчитываться так же, как и на остальных местах показа, — индивидуально для каждого предложения. Сегодня при расчете минимальной стоимости клика на Маркете используются две формулы. Одна — для предложений на карточках товаров, вторая — для предложений на всех остальных местах показа: например, в поиске Яндекса и Маркета. Со следующей недели начнет  применяться единый подход: формула для карточек станет такой же, […]

Сообщение Яндекс.Маркет начнет применять единый подход к расчету минимальной стоимости клика появились сначала на

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How Wes Anderson Made Cinema Costume a Style for the Everyday Man

Wes Anderson’s career in cinema needs no introduction. Nothing short of illustrious, the American filmmaker has crafted a style so unique, the world couldn’t help but be gripped. Alongside their distinct visual style and affinity for mischievous, even whimsical narrative, Anderson’s films are a feat in fashion.

Ensuring each character is dressed to the nines, the modern-day auteur enriches his cast’s style with his own need for experimentation and play. The outfits Wes Anderson chooses are so hypernormal, that this very normality almost makes them excessive. The cuts are expertly tailored, the accessories seemingly box fresh, and everything ironed to perfection.

Ever since the release of Bottle Rocket in 1996, Anderson has essentially helped make cinema costume an attainable stylistic resource for the everyday man. Despite others having popularized key silhouettes — think Steve McQueen’s leather A-2 jacket, or Travis Bickle’s M-65 field jacket in Taxi Driver — Anderson was one of the first to extend past this singularity, stipulating full outfits and color codes.

Fast forward to today, and productions such as The French Dispatch prove how dependent his cinematic success is on fashion. Despite Anderson’s film drawing parallels to his child-like outlook on the world, each new outfit is as a grown-up, sartorial masterpiece, supported by his infinite capacity for story and play.

Concealing a lot of his jokes inside each character’s clothes and style, the fashion of his films is a perpetual exaggeration, softened with elegance and an unwavering wit. From Zero Moustafa’s drawn-on mustache complementing The Grand Budapest Hotel’s failed attempts at being a luxurious establishment, to Jason Schwartzman’s yellow bathrobe in Hotel Chevalier doing much the same, Anderson is an incontestable style icon.

To shine some light on the pieces that served to make his characters so fantastically stylish, we have rounded up a selection of stills from our favorite Wes Anderson movies, pairing them with a curated list of products you can shop today.

Max Grobe: The Darjeeling Limited follows three emotionally stifled brothers trying to reconnect a year after their father’s passing as they ride railways across India to meet their mother. Starring Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman, it may as well have been called Men With Distinct Noses.

The Darjeeling Limited did for gray suits what The Matrix did for trench coats, as well as emphasizing the characters’ suppressive personalities against the colorful backdrop of the Indian countryside.

Wes Anderson tapped Marc Jacobs (who was artistic director of Louis Vuitton at the time) to create the gray flannel suits for the main characters as well as the vintage-style monogrammed trunks. The heavy — but perfectly aged — luggage acts as a central metaphor in the film about letting go of one’s emotional baggage, as you can see in the short clip below.

MG: Anderson’s first foray into stock animation saw the director employ his twee and anachronistic aesthetic into animal puppets, which only served to emphasize Anderson’s eye for fabrics, patterns, and color combinations.

Among the shrunken corduroy suits worn by the titular character, there were also some very wearable looks, notably from the villainous Rat voiced by Willem Dafoe. Rat’s casual combination of straight-leg denim and stripy knitwear makes a strong case for high-contrast outfits — although it is borderline Where’s Waldo. As for translating this look from the screen and into real life, I would pair it with a thick-heeled chunky boot, as below. 


John Locket: The driving force behind The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou — besides a blood oath for revenge against the mythic jaguar shark — is teamwork, in all its dysfunctional and idiosyncratic glory. As with most teams, a uniform is involved.

In the case of Zissou & Co., it’s a mix of 1970’s-era baby blue turtlenecks, track pants, custom adidas sneakers, and neoprene dive suits that wouldn’t look out of place on the runway. Everything is tied together with a simple red beanie, which serves as an homage to sea-faring legend Jacques Cousteau (along with just about every other motif in the movie). But the film’s standout outfit is Zissou’s tux-beanie combo, that really pops during Anderson’s signature slow-mo finale through the back streets of Italy.

Adam Barnard: In addition to Bottle Rocket being the debut feature for brothers Luke and Owen Wilson, the film highlighted the more amiable sides of normcore fashion.

Despite Dignan — the scheming reprobate played by Owen Wilson — sporting a shirt far too expressive for the wider normcore community, it is Luke Wilson’s character that deserves an accolade for being so unapologetically basic (in a fashion sense). Sporting a pastel camp collar shirt, gray suit-like pants, and a pair of white dad sneakers, protagonist Anthony Adams is a bonafide normcore god.

AB: Financed by Prada, the Castello Cavalcanti short film is a masterclass in Wes Anderson wit, cluttered with non-offensive stereotype plays.

As Jed Cavalcanti — the failed race car driver played by Jason Schwartzman — crashes his car in an Italian village, he spends the majority of his time justifying his poor performance. Despite coming in last, his outfit is primed for pole position. As he walks away and demands “a shot of the local hooch,” we are treated to a look at Jed’s full-body leather suit… in yellow!

AB: The Royal Tenenbaums is one of Anderson’s biggest hits, with its clothing playing a particularly important role. Running hand-in-hand with the film’s narrative, the styles are as varied as the talents and personalities of each family member.

Although disparate, the interplay of each character’s unique style is a physical representation of their personalities blending. With this unsuspecting collage of styles mainly supported by Margot, Richie, and Chas Tenenbaum, Owen Wilson’s Eli Cash cannot be overlooked as the film’s best dressed character. Cash is a shinning example of Western-inspired outfit mastery.

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Passive income ideas you can try today

Earlier this week, J.D. wrote about what he calls the biggest truth in personal finance: You can’t get rich through frugality alone. As Liz at Frugalwoods says, “You can’t frugalize income you don’t earn.” Income is one-half the fundamental personal-finance equation, and it’s probably the most important half.

J.D. advocates a three-pronged attack for boosting income: becoming better educated, becoming a more valuable worker, and learning to negotiate salary. But I think he’s missing a fourth important income source: the proverbial “passive income”.

I know, I know. Passive income has a bad reputation. Actually, passive income has a terrible reputation. And deservedly so. The Land of Passive Income is populated by scammers, hucksters, and charlatans. “Hey, little boy, wanna buy my course?” (Sorry, no links. They’re easy enough to find without us helping them.) That’s too bad because legit sources of passive income can be a great way to make more money.

What is Passive Income?

First up, let’s be clear: Actual passive “passive income” (as pitched by the scammers) is a lie. It doesn’t exist. When we talk about passive income, we’re talking about ways to make minimal money with minimal effort. Does that make sense? And it’s a supplement to your main income, not the primary source.

To me, passive income is money that’s earned, usually on a recurring basis, without a significant time investment.

For example, if you own a rental property that brings in $1500 each month, but only requires two or three hours of time to manage, that’s (mostly) passive income. Most nine-to-five jobs are the opposite of this. The income you earn is tied closely to the amount of time you spend at the office.

That’s not to say that passive income doesn’t require effort, though.

Often, there’s a lot of upfront work required before income can become passive. Using the same rental property example, before you can make any money, you have to purchase and renovate the property, and spend time advertising and interviewing potential tenants. All of that takes time and money.

Or, take J.D.’s book as an example. When I asked, he told me that he spent four months working full-time in 2009 and 2010 to write Your Money: The Missing Manual. That’s not passive! But he hasn’t touched the thing since then, and he continues to receive $50 checks every month. That is passive.

Passive Income Ideas You Can Try Today

Some degree of passive income is possible — and without shyster shenanigans. In this article, I’ve compiled 40 passive income ideas for you to consider. Not all of these passive income ideas will be right for you. In fact, maybe none of them will fit you. That’s okay. But I’m willing to bet that many GRS readers will find at least one source of inspiration here that they can use to help increase their income…even if it’s only a few dollars per month.

Passive income ideas involving personal finance choices

Pay Down Your Debt

Debt reduction isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they’re looking for ways to increase their income. But it should be.

Monthly payments on anything from high interest credit cards to expensive car loans can be a real drain on your bottom line. Sometimes the easiest way to improve cash flow is not to make more money, but to lower your expenses.

I recommend that you start by totalling up your debt, and then look for ways to pay it down more quickly. Depending on your situation, you might consider combining everything into one manageable payment, by taking out a consolidation loan. If you do have a large car loan payment, and are feeling stuck, you might be better off in the long run cutting your losses, and downgrading to a more modest vehicle.

(Need more help? Here’s our guide on how to get out of debt.)

Invest in a High Interest Savings Account

There’s no longer an excuse to have your cash sitting in a checking or savings account not accruing interest. These days, you can find a ton of online savings accounts offering a solid yield. Everything about this income is passive. In most cases, you can open an account within minutes from the comfort of your living room, have your funds transferred in, and start earning interest on your cash savings almost immediately. You won’t get rich with a savings account, but it’s a great way to get your emergency fund working for you. Here’s a list of some of the top savings accounts available today. Remember that rates are subject to change:

Invest in Certificates of Deposit

If you are interested in earning a higher yield on your money than a savings account will offer, without the volatility that comes with stock market investing, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) can be a nice alternative that will earn passive income. CDs are commonly offered by banks and credit unions, and allow you to invest your money for a fixed time period, from just a few days to several years. Typically, the longer you lock in your money, the higher the return. CD yields should keep pace with inflation, with the downside being that you don’t have access to your funds on a day-to-day basis. What they do give you is a source of passive income without the risk.

Earn Income in a Checking Account

Checking accounts are not known to be a place where you can earn income, that’s what savings accounts and other investments are for. But these days, there are a growing number of checking accounts that will pay you a tiny percentage yield on your balance. While it may only be a couple of dollars here or there, it can help to negate some of the other fees you might incur on your account.

Robo-Advisor Investing

AI technology has reduced the amount of effort required to do so many things, including investing. You no longer need to meet face to face with an investment advisor to build a suitable investment portfolio.

Nowadays, you can sign up with a robo-advisor like Betterment, or Wealthsimple, and have a customized portfolio ready in minutes. From there, you’re on your way to building passive investment income. Of course, you’ll need to provide your robo-advisor with the pertinent details, such as your investment objective, risk tolerance, and investment time frame, but from there, your money will be invested in a hands off, low fee ETF portfolio that is automatically rebalanced on a regular basis.

Recommended robo-advisors

Invest in Dividend Stocks

One of the ways publicly traded companies return value to their shareholders is in the form of dividends. One of the best ways to create passive income is by buying stocks that have a history of paying dividends. As the value of your investment grows, your dividend will also grow, creating a steady source of passive income.

If you stick with it long enough, you may earn enough to live off of the dividend income, while leaving your capital to appreciate in value as share prices rise. The combination of dividends and capital gains makes for a great 1-2 punch of passive income. With most discount brokerages like E-Trade and Charles Schwab now offering free stock trades, investing in the stock market has never been more affordable.

And here’s our introduction to dividend reinvestment plans.

Invest in a REIT

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are an easy and affordable way to invest in a well diversified real estate investment portfolio. The income from a REIT is even more passive than owning a rental property, because you don’t have the upfront work of finding tenants, not to mention the ongoing maintenance. A REIT is similar to a mutual fund, in that you purchase units of a REIT. Income comes in the form of profit earned by the REIT. Companies like Fundrise have made REIT investing even easier with their crowdsourcing approach, allowing you to get started for as little as $500.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-peer lending, otherwise known as P2P lending, is an online platform that matches lenders and borrowers. Here’s how it works. Individuals, or in the case of a lender like Worthy, small businesses, borrow money from hundreds, even thousands of individual lenders, who have pooled their money together. Once the borrower repays their loan in full, the lender gets their principal investment back, along with interest. Because they lack the high overhead of traditional brick and mortar lenders, peer-to-peer lending companies are able to issue loans at lower interest rates, while providing better than average returns for investors. Here are a few of the more well known P2P lending companies:

Peer-to-Peer Lenders

Use a Rewards Credit Card

One of my favorite ways to make passive income is by using a rewards credit card. Every month, I run the majority of my spending through my travel credit card, which in turn earns points that I can use to pay for flights, hotels, car rentals, you name it. The card also comes with private airport lounge access, and a full suite of complimentary travel insurance.

Of course, credit card points will only benefit you if you are able to pay off the balance in full every month. If not, the interest you’ll pay will far exceed any points you’ll earn towards free travel or cash back. If you don’t already have a travel rewards credit card, or aren’t happy with yours, check out our handy travel credit card comparison tool.

Passive income ideas involving residual income

Buy Vending Machines

Vending machines have been around forever, and they remain a tried and true way to earn passive income. You’ll need to check on your machines regularly and keep them filled with product, but otherwise there’s little to no work involved in the day-to-day operation. If you can find the perfect locations for your machines, it’s like having your own personal ATM. Vending machines can vary from a simple gumball dispenser, to a snack or soda machine.

Rent Your Space

If you have a spare room in your home, or an entire house you can make available to guests, you can earn passive income by renting out your space through sites like AirBnb and VRBO. This is a great way to get your property working for you, and for the most part, the income is passive. You don’t even have to worry about marketing, as the sites you list on will bring your customers to you. Your job is to decide when and how often you want to list, and that the space is clean and ready to accept guests.

Buy a Rental Property

There are a number of ways you can create passive income with real estate, one of them being to own a rental property. Often, the lowest barrier to entry is to keep your existing home as a rental when you move. Not everything about owning a rental property is passive, mind you. You’ll need to look after any required maintenance, and of course, screening potential tenants takes time. But if you can find a solid tenant for your rental, you should be able to sit back and watch the money roll in.

Here’s our guide to getting started with real-estate investing.

Purchase a Self-Storage Facility

With the industry now approaching $40B, self-storage facilities have become a massive business in the US. While there is a large upfront investment required, if you have the resources, building or buying a self-storage facility can be a great way to earn passive income. The revenue is recurring as well, with most customers renting units on a monthly or annual basis.

Display Ads on Your Car

Did you know? There are companies that will pay you to wrap your car in advertising. If you don’t mind driving a billboard on wheels, Wrapify will pay you upwards of $100/week to display advertising on your car. The amount of passive income you’ll make will depend on how far you drive, and where you live. By connecting to an app on your mobile device, Wrapify can track your mileage as you drive.

Rent Out Your Car

The sharing economy has brought about plenty of side hustles that make it possible to earn money by letting others use your stuff. Take your car for example. If you have a late-model vehicle sitting in your driveway for hours at a time, you can make some extra cash by renting it out on an app like Turo.

Turo connects vehicle owners with people who need a car to drive, and are looking to avoid the high prices that car rental agencies charge. The nicer your car, the more money you can charge. The best part is that Turo does most of the heavy lifting, by bringing customers to you, and managing the payment and insurance component of the transaction.

Rent Out Your RV

Owning a motorhome is enough to stretch most people’s budget, but thanks to companies like Outdoorsy and RVShare, you now have the option of renting out your RV when it’s not in use. They connect you with renters via a mobile app, and you get to set the price, and the time period when your RV will be available. With an average rate of around $200/day, you could even make enough money to pay for your own RV adventures.

Rent Out Your Boat

If you own a nice boat, you can list it on sites like Boatsetter, and rent it out to someone who will use it for fishing, sailing, or watersports with friends. Depending on how passive you want this to be, you can choose to captain the boat, or leave it for your guests to manage on their own. Like RVs, boats are a luxury item that don’t often get used, making this an ideal passive income source. I ran a couple of searches on Boatsetter and GetMyBoat, and found rates in excess of $1000 for a full day.

Rent Out Your Stuff

We’ve covered cars, RVs, and boats, but the list of things you can rent out doesn’t end there. You can list cameras, tools, even sports equipment on a site like Peer Renters, and make money by renting them out to people who perhaps can’t afford to purchase the items outright, or just have a limited use for the item.

Passive income ideas involving residual income

Sell Handcrafted Goods on Etsy

If you are crafty, you can sell your creations on Etsy, a massive online marketplace for handcrafted goods. Depending on the amount of labor involved in making your product, this might be a less passive form of income, but Etsy allows you to expand your reach beyond local craft shows. Whether it’s handcrafted jewellery, clothing, soap, or kids toys, Etsy places your creations in front of a global audience.

The former Mrs. Money Mustache uses Etsy to earn extra income.

Design and Sell T-shirts Online

Through marketplaces like Merch by Amazon, you can make your own t-shirt designs and sell them online. What makes this a great side hustle is that there is little to no upfront cost. You simply upload your designs, and Amazon fulfills your orders on-demand, including shipping. You earn a royalty for every shirt that’s ordered. All you need to do is come up with a great design that will sell.

Dave from Accidental FIRE designs and sells t-shirts online. (J.D. says he wants a few of these!)

Become a Rideshare Driver

If you have a decent car, enjoy driving, and don’t mind interacting with people, you can make decent money by driving for a rideshare company like Uber, or Lyft. One nice thing about this side hustle, is the flexibility. You choose when and how often you want to work. Of course, this income source isn’t purely passive. You’ll need to trade your time to make money. That said, there are plenty of jobs out there that are a lot more labor intensive than chatting with customers as you shuttle them around town.

Last year, our pal Josh Overmyer shared the pros and cons of becoming a rideshare driver here at GRS.

Get Paid to Shop Online

Websites like Rakuten (formerly Ebates) pay you to shop online. When you shop at your favorite retailers directly from the Rakuten website, you’ll earn up to 20% cash back, which is paid to you via a monthly check or PayPal. You can also redeem your rewards for gift cards to your favorite stores. Sign up for Rakuten, and start earning passive income while you shop.

Complete Online Surveys

Let’s be clear, no one will ever get rich by taking online surveys. In fact, there are a lot of scams out there that are nothing more than a complete waste of time. But if you have some time on your hands, and you just want to make a few extra bucks, online surveys can help. You can complete surveys while doing other things, like watching TV, or riding on the bus. Survey Junkie and Swagbucks are two of the more reputable sites out there.

J.D.’s girlfriend has tried online surveys. Her verdict? They’re fun and you can make some extra money while watching TV, but you won’t get rich with them.

Earn Songwriting Royalties

If you love to write music, you can create passive income by recording your songs and then publishing them through a variety of channels. You earn royalties anytime your music is played on streaming services like Apple Music, or Spotify, or played on the radio. You can even license your music for TV, movies, and videos without the backing of a major record label. Companies like Tunecore and CDBaby work with independent artists by publishing their music worldwide, then collecting and paying out any royalties that are due. This is a great passive income stream that can last for many years.

Purchase Music Royalties

Perhaps your talent isn’t to write music. That’s ok, you can still get into the music royalty game by purchasing the rights to song catalogues owned by other artists. Royalty Exchange is an online auction that allows you to bid on existing music catalogues. These are songs that are already earning regular, passive income for their current owners. When you purchase music royalties, you’re buying the future cash flow, which is purely passive income.

Photo Licensing

Photographers can build passive income by selling stock photos online. You’ll need to produce lots of content to earn a decent amount of money, but it can be a nice supplement to other, more labor intensive work, like wedding or family photography. One benefit to stock photo licensing is that you can sell the same pictures to many different buyers. There are no shortage of stock photo websites where you can sell your work. Dreamstime and Snapwire are just two of the more popular stock photo sites out there.

Record an Audiobook

One of the best ways for content creators to increase their income is by releasing their content in as many formats as possible. For example, if you’ve written a paperback book, or even an ebook, you’ll want to consider recording an audiobook version. There are no shortage of people who prefer listening to books instead of reading them. You can record the audio yourself, or pay someone else to do it for you. Once your audiobook is ready to go, it can be available for purchase online for years, making it the ideal passive income source.

Sign up for Sleep Studies

To some, this may seem like the dream way to earn passive income, no pun intended. Sleep researchers need test subjects for their studies, and it’s a gig that can pay very well. That said, it’s not as easy as it may sound. Often, participants are required to put on hold many of their daily routines ie. social media, extracurricular activities. If this is something you think you’d like to do in the name of science, you can begin by searching this government website for available opportunities.

Sell Your Data

I’m personally not a fan of this passive income idea, because I value my privacy, but there are companies that will pay you to share your smartphone data with them. For it to work, you need to install an app on your phone that records your activity throughout the week. The money isn’t great, $5 or $10/month, but if you’re open to this kind of thing, it certainly qualifies as passive income.

Passive income ideas involving the internet

Buy an Existing Website

If you prefer to start earning passive income instantly, you may want to consider purchasing an existing website or blog that’s already generating cash flow. This is a great way to get involved in an online business without having to build it from scratch. There are thousands of websites available for sale through online marketplaces like Flippa, and in many cases, these businesses are already producing a positive cashflow every month.

Of course, the more income they’re producing, the higher the purchase price. On average, you can expect to pay a 2-3X multiple on the annual income earned by the website. Also, it’s important that you do your research before you buy. Make sure the monthly income is stable, and that the potential is there for continued growth. Also, I recommend sticking with a niche that you understand, and have some expertise or prior knowledge of.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names is a bit like trading on the stock market. The goal is to buy low, and sell high, but there can be some risk involved. There are people who earn good money buying domain names that they believe will increase in value over time, with the hopes of selling at a profit. If this sounds like a passive income strategy you’d be interested in trying, here are some tips on selling domain names for profit.

Of course, you could always be like J.D., who owns dozens of domains that he’ll never use. Silly man.

Start a Blog

Whenever I write about blogging as a way of making money, it’s usually good for a few raised eyebrows. It seems everyone is starting a blog, hoping to make money. Can it be done? Absolutely, but you need to be willing to play the long game.

Over time, it’s possible to create multiple passive income streams with a blog, through affiliate marketing, or display advertising, for example. But building a blog from scratch is anything but passive. You’ll need to be consistent in creating new content, and spend time promoting your blog. One of the best things about blogging is the low barrier of entry. If you have a computer and a wifi connection, you can get started for as little as a few dollars per month.

But maintain realistic expectations. Even this website doesn’t produce a full-time income at the moment!

Start a Podcast

It seems everyone has a podcast these days, and while many people do it out of pure enjoyment, there’s a lot of money that can be made. As you build a reliable following, you can begin selling advertising via sponsorships to brands that wish to get in front of your audience. Make no mistake, there’s a lot of work involved in finding guests and conducting interviews, but the opportunity to build a passive income stream is there. One way to reduce your workload is by outsourcing tasks to writers, podcast editors, and graphic designers.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you can consistently create videos that people want to watch, you can build an audience on Youtube. This is important, because with an audience, you can begin to make money, by joining the YouTube Partner Program. Most of your earnings will come from ads, which are aired within your video content, however, there are more ways to make money. YouTube can also drive traffic to your website and social media channels, making the passive income opportunities endless.

Sell Digital Products/Downloadables

Thousands of people earn passive income by creating digital products that people can download and use. From spreadsheets to productivity tools, calendars and checklists, the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve created your winning product, you can make it available for download on your own website, or through a third party platform like Gumroad.

Develop an Online Course

If you have expertise in a specific area, rest assured there’s someone out there willing to pay you for your knowledge. You can create an ebook on the topic, or develop an online course, and then sell it on your own website, or on an online learning marketplace like Udemy. No skill is too small to share with others. You could sell a course on creating a killer resume, starting a podcast, or how to travel hack a trip to Europe. With online courses, most of the hard work happens early on, when you’re creating the content. From there, with an effective marketing strategy, you’ll have yourself a nice, passive income stream.

When J.D. created his Get Rich Slowly course in 2014, it took several months of full-time work. But when he was finished, he had a nice source of passive income.

Run Website Display Ads

If you have your own website, you can sign up to have ads displayed within the content on your site. The most well known ad service is Google Adsense. Adsense displays ads that are relevant to your site content and that match your visitors preferences. When guests engage with an ad, you make money. Also, the higher your site traffic, the higher your income. What I like about display ads is that it really is passive income. Once your ads are set up, there is no work involved, leaving you to focus on what you do best, which is run a great website.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have your own blog or website, one of the best ways to make passive income is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s product or service, and earning a commission whenever a sale is generated directly from your recommendation. The most well known affiliate program may be the one run by online retail giant Amazon, but there are thousands of other companies with programs of their own. Affiliate income takes time to build, but if you’re successful, it can be one of the best ways to make passive income.


Dropshipping is a form of e-commerce where the seller doesn’t hold the product, instead, it’s shipped to the customer directly from the supplier. The seller’s job is to find products to buy at a wholesale price, and then sell them at the retail price, by advertising them through an e-commerce store, like Shopify. When orders are placed, they go directly to the supplier who ships the product to the customer. The seller profits from the spread between the retail and wholesale price. Dropshipping has become very competitive, but if you can find a product that people want, and sell it at a profit, there’s lots of passive income to be made.

Learn to Outsource

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you have a tendency to want to control all aspects of your business. After all, no one else understands it like you do, nor is anyone else as invested as you are. But the problem with doing everything yourself is that the money you make becomes anything but passive.

Many business owners burnout simply because they’re not willing to outsource tasks to others. These days, it’s easy to hire a virtual assistant, or other freelancers who can perform a wide variety of tasks. This frees up time for you to focus on doing the things that only you can do. Upwork and Fiverr are good places to start looking for freelance talent.

Final Thoughts on Passive Income

Back in 2007, when this blog was young, J.D. reviewed Don Lancaster’s 1978 book, The Incredible Secret Money Machine, a book loved by J.D.’s father. (The book is now available as a free PDF from the author’s website.)

The book’s premise is simple: Create a series of “money machines” that generate a steady supply of “nickels”. Although the book is overtly about creating small, hobby businesses, it covertly embraces the “passive income” mentality. Lancaster urges readers to create lifestyle businesses that require minimal effort to maintain.

I hope this list of passive income ideas can act as a source of inspiration for some of you seeking to build your own money machines. You won’t get rich with any of these suggestions, but you could find a way to produce a stream of nickels to supplement your income. That’s not so bad, is it?

There’s no shortage of ways to make passive income. What’s interesting, is that most of the ideas I’ve come up with are things that you can do online, from the comfort of your home. Of course, it’s important to remember that passive doesn’t mean easy. There can be weeks, months, even years, of hard work that goes into building an income stream. And sometimes your effort won’t pay off. (J.D.’s girlfriend tried to start an online business a few years ago. If it had worked, she would have had a stream of nickels. She only got pennies instead, so decided to shut it down.)

Passive income takes time and effort. But if you’re patient, the payoff can be worth the effort.

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Ben Gorham & Peak Performance’s New Outdoor Collection Drops Soon on Highsnobiety Shop

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Peak Performance and Byredo’s Ben Gorham are launching a new outdoor-ready collection. The unisex, multi-functional SS20 outdoor collection is titled “Possessions of My Soul.”

Designed with the testing conditions of Riksgränsen, Sweden (200 km north of the Arctic Circle) in mind, the collection is engineered to protect from sub-zero temperatures, with heavy rain and wind that quickly shifts to blue skies and sun.

Fabric highlights include technical textiles and pure merino wools, with packability and lightweight construction at top of mind.

“I’d never really been exposed to nature before, until I got into skiing, climbing and cold-water surfing and it really opened my mind to a different lifestyleWe walked through every imaginable weather, up and down. We sat down to eat. We stood still to take a break, took in the views and discussed what you need and want when you’re out there. So, from the hike, the functionality was built.” says Ben Gorham.

“The garments fuse Ben’s eye for detail and passion for the outdoors, along with Peak Performance’s expertise in building technical garments, without compromising in style” adds Jeanette Francke, Creative & Marketing Director of Peak Performance.

The Ben Gorham x Peak Performance “”Possessions of My Soul” collection drops on February 27 from Highsnobiety Shop.


Прокуратура начала внеплановые проверки московских аптек из-за роста цен на маски

Прокуратура начала внеплановые проверки московских аптек из-за роста цен на маски, сообщает «Ъ».

Источник издания рассказал, что прокуратура Москвы начала внеплановые проверки аптек после того, как президент России Владимир Путин предложил лишать аптеки лицензий из-за завышения цен на медицинские маски.

Сотрудники ведомства изучают цены на препараты, соответствие нормам хранения, соблюдение сроков годности и проверяют другие возможные нарушения. Гендиректор DSM Group Сергей Шуляк отметил, что аналогичные проверки проводятся и в регионах.

Представители фармацевтической розницы подтвердили проведение проверок, но указали, что цены на маски растут из-за увеличения закупочной стоимости со стороны производителей. В свою очередь, производители повышение цен опровергли.

Сергей Шуляк указал, что большую часть производимых масок у производителей сейчас для собственных нужд по себестоимости скупают госорганы. Лишь малая часть производимых масок достаётся аптечным сетям, пояснил он, потому производители повышают цены, чтобы получать прибыль.

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Timotheé Chalamet’s New Kicks Cost Just $30 From Walmart

Hollywood darling Timotheé Chalamet has become something of a style icon in his brief yet illustrious career in the limelight. The New York-born actor is equal parts showman — practically made for red carpet movie premieres — and the relatable boy next door, as evidenced by his scuffed Vans and geeking out over having dinner with Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Pete Davidson.

Earlier this month, the Call Me By Your Name actor posted a seemingly innocent photo to his Instagram in which he was wearing a grey t-shirt, pastel pink corduroy pants (which are a big spring mood, by the way), and grey, mid-top sneakers. Nothing worth writing home about at first glance, except for the fact that Chalamet’s kicks are available at Walmart and Amazon, two retailers you wouldn’t expect a Hollywood star to be shopping for shoes at.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out the shoes are suede — not corduroy — sneakers by Swedish brand Tretorn, and retail for a very wallet-friendly $32 on Amazon. For us 9-to-5ers sitting at home, it’s always a pleasant surprise when celebrities (accidental or not) do something relatable that softens their sometimes too polished public image.

If you’re digging the way Timotheé Chalamet made his $30 sneakers look, you can get yourself a pair via the link below.

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LeBron James Hit With $33 Million Lawsuit Over “More Than an Athlete” Slogan

LeBron James Lakers

LeBron James and his athlete empowerment brand UNINTERRUPTED are facing a $33 million lawsuit from a youth organization claiming James and the company stole their “I Am More Than An Athlete” slogan, TMZ reports.

LeBron began using the mantra back in 2018 after Fox News host Laura Ingraham infamously told him to “shut up and dribble.” James responded by posting a picture on Instagram of a neon sign reading “I Am More Than An Athlete.” Since then, the slogan has been used frequently by the 35-year-old athlete and UNINTERRUPTED, as they have gone on to sign deals with Nike, ESPN, and NBA 2K.

Game Plan, the Maryland-based non-profit suing James and UNINTERRUPTED, claims they have been using the slogan since 2016 and subsequently trademarked in 2018. The organization insists LeBron first became aware of the “I Am More Than An Athlete” mantra in 2017 when Game Plan staffers wore shirts with the slogan to a Washington Wizards game against James’ team at the time, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“The attendance at the game gave Game Plan tremendous exposure, as it was able to gain attention from John Wall in front of his peers including the (arguably) most famous athlete in the world, as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, at the time, LeBron James,” the company said in a statement.

Game Plan ultimately claims they own the rights to the “I Am More Than An Athlete” slogan, leaving them entitled to profits equalling no less than $33 million. The lawsuit targets UNINTERRUPTED, Nike, Disney, and Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.

In response to the suit, UNINTERRUPTED told TMZ Sports, “The complaint filed by Game Plan today is meritless and contains numerous factual inaccuracies. UNINTERRUPTED owns prior rights in and to the ‘More Than An Athlete’ trademark.”


В Москве эвакуировали два торговых центра

В Москве из-за сообщения о минировании эвакуировали два торговых центра.

По данным Mash, в Москве из-за сообщений о минировании эвакуировали два торговых центра — ТЦ«Щука» и ТЦ «Мега Белая Дача».

В ТЦ «Мега Белая Дача» в разговоре с РБК подтвердили проведение эвакуации. Там отметили, что объект откроют для посетителей через час-полтора. В ТЦ «Щука» на звонки РБК не ответили.

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Яндекс.Дзен добавил в редактор новые инструменты для работы с видео

В редакторе Яндекс.Дзена появились обновления, призванные упростить жизнь тем, кто делает видео для платформы. Теперь авторы смогут: добавлять описание к видео (до 400 символов); ставить теги; видеть в окне загрузки превью ролика. Делать отложенные публикации. Кроме того, теперь Журнал Дзена с советами по ведению блога и новостями платформы будет находиться всегда под рукой, прямо в […]

Сообщение Яндекс.Дзен добавил в редактор новые инструменты для работы с видео появились сначала на

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Cement Your Single Status With McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Kit

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want their home to smell like the segmented ingredients of a fast-food burger, but has that stopped McDonald‘s launching a limited line of Quarter Pounder Scented Candles? Of course not.

The candle pack contains six scents in total, inspired by every element of a Quarter Pounder: Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, and 100 Percent Fresh Beef** (asterisks unexplained). McDonald’s advises you to burn them all at the same time for “maximum deliciousness.”

Each candle arrives in a glass container, takes around 25 hours to burn, and is crafted from soy wax blend, “fine fragrance,” essential oil, and cotton wick.

The pack will be available to buy soon from Golden Arches Unlimited, which is currently stocking other arch-branded merch such as a $25 2020 Quarter Pounder Calendar (which is pretty hilarious to be fair), pins, and mittens.


McDonald’s выпустил свечи с ароматами ингредиентов бургера

Фастфуд-сеть McDonald’s выпустила свечи с ароматами ингредиентов бургера.

Компания анонсировала коллекцию мерча к 50-летию «Роял чизбургера». В число товаров входят стилизованные футболки, календарь, кулоны, стикеры, значки, а также набор из шести ароматических свечей с запахом ингредиентов «Роял чизбургера» — говядины, булки, кетчупа, солёного огурца, сыра и лука.

В начале декабря стало известно, что сеть ресторанов быстрого питания KFC снова начала продавать поленья для каминов с запахом жареной курицы. Впервые компания начала продавать поленья под названием “11 Herbs & Spices Firelog” в конце 2018 года совместно с крупнейшим ритейлером мира Walmart.

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Сообщение McDonald’s выпустил свечи с ароматами ингредиентов бургера появились сначала на


Пятничный дайджест 235

Новости за неделю о дизайне, продуктах и инструментах


Microsoft выпустил новое приложение Office, объединяющее Word, Excel и PowerPoint:


Цели на 2020 для продуктового дизайнера 🇺🇸

Известная мебель, созданная архитекторами: 10 главных имен XX века.

7 принципов дизайна иконок.


Концепт первого беспилотного электромобиля Land Rover для общего пользования.


Онлайн генератор оттенков цвета.

Коллекция инструментов для командной работы.


Company Record
Smart Wall UI
Style Exploration

Предыдущий пятничный дадйжест #234

Чтобы ничего не пропустить, следите за RiverCity в Telegram

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«ВкусВилл» начал использовать для своей продукции маркировку «Светофор»

«ВкусВилл» начал использовать для своей продукции маркировку «Светофор».

Компания начала наносить на упаковку своих товаров маркировку полезности «Светофор». В первую очередь таким образом будут маркировать продукты, с составом которых сложнее всего разобраться. Первой промаркированной категорией стала кулинария, где её нанесли на 20 товаров.

«Мы выбрали кулинарию, потому что это сложносоставные продукты, в составе которых зачастую непросто разобраться. Мы первые из СТМ начали это делать. В дальнейшем вся наша кулинария будет представлена со “светофорными показателями”», — прокомментировала Любовь Ванеева из отдела маркировки.

Систему «Светофор» — добровольную маркировку полезности продуктов красным, жёлтым и зелёным цветами в зависимости от содержания в них соли, сахара и жирных кислот — Роспотребнадзор запустил с 1 июня 2018 года.

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Сообщение «ВкусВилл» начал использовать для своей продукции маркировку «Светофор» появились сначала на


Что скрывает обычный лифт?

Лифт — роскошь, доступная только самым богатым и обеспеченным жителям бывшей столицы! Сейчас в это сложно поверить, но когда-то эта малоизвестная диковинка становилась настоящим украшением любого дома, а разобраться в устройстве сложнейшей машины помогал швейцар. Это и правда была машина, подъёмная машина. Это сегодня мы скатились до вполне рядового и обычного названия лифт, потеряв красоту и значимость архитектурного объекта.

Считается, что первый лифт появился в Петербурге только в 1890 году. Ну не будем же мы изобретение Кулибина, поставленное в Зимнем дворце для Екатерины II, принимать за первую конструкцию лифта. Ведь подъёмное кресло, получившее в народе прозвище «императорский стул», практически не имело ничего общего с конструкцией самоходных лифтов, ибо в действие приводилось при помощи мускульной силы её придворных слуг. Хотя историки поговаривают, что подобная конструкция появилась во дворце ещё раньше, во времена Елизаветы Петровны.

фото с сайта

Чуть позже конструкцию стула в Зимнем дворце сменила настоящая кабина, но суть подъёмного механизма осталась неизменной, и в качестве тяговой силы выступал лакей, вручную тянувший тросы. Гидравлическая же система появилась только в 1886 году, так что именно этот момент можно принять за появления лифтов самоходного типа.

Ну а первый лифт в доходном доме появился в том самом 1890 году в доходном доме купца Елисеева, куда его внедрили по проекту архитектора Барановского, и поговаривают, что именно этот проект, а точнее лифт принесли ему прижизненную славу. Чуть позже шахту лифта гармонично вплели и в проект его второго доходного дома. Правда с тех пор осталась только шахта, а вместо исторической роскошной кабины с оформлением курсирует типовой лифт советской эпохи.

А вот самым древним из сохранившихся лифтов считается фешенебельная кабинка в доме купца Мертенса, расположившегося на Невском проспекте. Если помните, то Мертенс был меховым промышленником, богатейшим и широко известным в городе человеком. Неудивительно, что именно здесь в 1907 году появилась шахта с хрустальным лифтом. Кабина была отделана красным деревом, а в её глубине находился небольшой диванчик, обитый зеленой кожей. Правда и эта шайтан машина с изумительной кабиной дошла до наших дней только благодаря инициативе немецкой компании «Штейн». Они одни из первых компаний в Петербурге, кто решился взяться за реставрацию и модернизацию подъемных механизмов, ну а проект реставрации лифта в доме Мертенса и вовсе был номинирован журналом Elevator World на премию «Проект года».

Как сообщает газета Карповка, ссылаясь на слова реставратора Армена Епремяна, теперь в доме мехового магната на Невском работает лифт с современным механизмом. А вот кабину отреставрировали в соответствии с требованиями КГИОП: теперь она ничем не отличается от оригинала столетней давности. И настоящий хрусталь, и бронза, и чеканные узоры по латунным накладкам — все аутентично.

Уже вслед за этим подъёмные машины стали появляться и в других доходных домах Муяки, Хренова или жены Казакова. Последний лифт знаменит крайне малыми размерами — ездить в нем можно только в одиночку. Сегодня лифт работает, кабина и шахта сохранились в первозданном виде. Но для жильцов это скорее минус, чем плюс. Реставрацией механизма в доме жены Казакова никто не занимался, поэтому и о безопасности поездок в нем говорить нельзя.

Естественно самодвижущиеся подъёмные шайтан машины стали появляться и в коммерческих зданиях самых завидных компаний, например, в здании Первого общества взаимного кредита, в доме журналиста, в здании Волжско-Камского банка, в Доме Зингера или в торговом доме «Пассаж». В последнем, например, рассчитывали, что благодаря появлению изысканного подъёмного механизма получится облегчить воскресный шопинг для дворянской и купеческой элиты.

Правда говорить о повсеместном использовании лифтов не приходилось. Это всё ещё была диковинка, и позволить себе такую роскошь могли только самые богатые компании и элитные доходные дома. Стоимость установки лифтового оборудования в пятиэтажном доме колебалась от 3,5 до 5,5 тысячи рублей и зависела от степени декоративного убранства, что по тем временам было довольно увесистой суммой. Так что относился он не к категории необходимого обустройства, а к предметам роскоши. Появление такого устройства в доме моментально поднимало цену на стоимость аренды квартиры даже при условии, что проживали вы на первом этаже!

фото с сайта

Массовая же лифтизация города началась только в 1950-е годы, ну а пик пришёлся на 1960-е. Главным уродством тех лет стали каркасно-приставные конструкции, которые появлялись в тех домах, где по санитарным нормам полагалось наличие лифта, но не было никакой возможности установить его внутри здания. В первую очередь это коснулось домов старого фонда и так называемых сталинок. В других же домах лифты врезали где ни попадя, зачастую используя под эти нужды помещения бывших общественных уборных на черных лестницах.

Продолжение следует…

Глава I. Как крестьяне изменили Петербург?
Глава II. Кто отстраивал Петербург?
Глава III. Раньше строили лучше?
Глава IV. Как снимали жильё?
Глава V. Что такое хорошая квартира?
Глава VI. Да будет свет!
Глава VII. Идеальная квартира. Сколько комнат вам нужно?
Глава VIII. Мифы о каменном Петербурге
Глава IX. Кирпичный стиль – для бедных
Глава X. Какой-то «петушиный» стиль
Глава XI. Домовладельцы — злодеи дореволюционного Петербурга
Глава XII. Кто ответственен за облик такого Петербурга?
Глава XIII. Какашечно-канализационная тема Петербурга
Глава XIV. Обоссанный Петербург
Глава XV. История душа и ванной комнаты
Глава XVI. Ароматы Петербургских подворотен
Глава XVII. Сырой и влажный Питер
Глава XVIII. Отопление. Как люди жили в 14℃?

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Сырой и влажный Питер


Ароматы Петербургских подворотен


Канализационная тема Петербурга

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WHO DECIDES WAR Dishes Advice on Design and Running a Family Business

Ev Bravado takes over the studio with WHO DECIDES WAR partner in crime Téla D’Amore. The duo adopts a raw approach to sustainability with their brand as seen in the forms of layered denim and asymmetrical pieces that follow a strong streetwear sensibility. Before going into the quick hits, Ev reflects on the passing of Pop Smoke and the rapper’s infectious energy that carried through from personal hangouts to after parties during this past Paris Fashion Week.

To no one’s surprise, this week’s openers are a lineup of Supreme headlines. The streetwear giant has sized down on their accessories, introducing a controversial pack of $8 Oreo cookies for their SS20 offering (3:43). For the ultimate flex and extra storage protection, pair them with the branded Ziploc bag that’s also coming out in the drop. Of course, this means everyone will be a step closer to being a hoarder if they aren’t one already, and Ev is no exception when he says he’ll pass down his unopened Supreme burner phone. The controversial teasers continue with the Tupac hologram, which sees the late legend with Supreme boxers edited in.

Moncler and Rick Owens’ collaboration puts the hype in hyperbole as the Italian outerwear’s main line taps the American fashion designer to release a customized tour bus available for order along with clothing made for Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy’s west coast tour (8:51). Things only get more heated with the new Off-White x Nike Air Jordan 5s colorway that Virgil Abloh teased on his Instagram (10:43). Téla came through rocking them and telling everyone how they feel just as comfy as slippers. While Jian took five Ls on copping a pair, he and Ev got an in-person look at the unreleased colorway worn by Virgil at a panel during All-Star Weekend. Ev also talks about his position within a new class of creatives along with the importance of providing the younger generations with opportunities to pursue paths in design and his own initiatives tackling the issue.

The guest segment gets Ev and Téla discussing the launch of WHO DECIDES WAR and constantly pushing the brand to its greatest potential (17:20). After a decade of attending school and sustaining his brand, Ev brought his collection to Paris and welcomed the likes of Virgil to his show. Ev and Téla emphasize the importance of family in business and keeping their community tight now that WHO DECIDES WAR is stocked on SSENSE and MR PORTER and reaching even greater heights. Last but not least, they each put down a couple tips for getting into the creative industry and entering a winner’s mindset (26:41).

If you’re a dedicated Dropcast listener and fellow mule aficionado, you already know what’s next. Last week, Jian and Noah teased their upcoming mule collab with Italian footwear brand Diemme, which will be available exclusively at KITH (29:17). The release includes two pony hair shoes with custom soles, each designed by one of the hosts. Pro tip: pair them with the Highsnob socks which recently dropped on the Highsnobiety Shop.

Everyone is pumped for “What’d You Cop?” since the entire cast came home with closet additions from All-Star Weekend (30:35). Téla was gifted her first Chanel bag and perfume, copped a pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels, and the Off-White x Jordan 5s. Ev also got his hands on a pair of the Jordans, Public Enemy Pumas, and reupholstered some Rick Owens.

Remember to keep your eyes on Highsnobiety’s Instagram where the next QOTW will be posted, and leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.

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adidas Continues Its Superstar 50th Year Celebrations With All-Star Weekend Drops


This Is How Grimes & Elon Musk Plan to Stop Their Child Being Too Spoiled

Grimes and Elon Musk at the MET Gala 2018

In a new interview, Grimes reveals how she and Elon Musk are preparing for the birth of their first child. Throughout the candid conversation, she explains how they intend not to spoil the baby and the reason behind that mysterious “WarNymph” alter ego.

Speaking to The Face, the Canadian singer said that the avatar will allow her to stay offline in order to concentrate on motherhood. “Having a digital body allows me to keep working throughout the later stages of my pregnancy, and after I have my baby, so I can spend more time with them. It’s hard for me to do photoshoots and fit into clothes at the moment, but WarNymph is here in your magazine promoting my album for me.”

WarNymph is rather an act of “techno-feminism.” She reasons that “Everyone is living two lives: their digital life and their offline life. I want to untether my two lives from each other for mental-health purposes. A lot of my friends aren’t having babies because they’re worried about their careers, and we wanted to find a way to overcome this issue.”

As far as raising her child, Grimes plans to send them to live in the woods with her grandfather, so they don’t become too spoiled. “He’s very intense. Lots of physical labor in the cold and whatnot.”

In case you were wondering, she has no plans to party with her child, either. “Children need to get into raving, but I don’t think I’ll rave with my kid… I don’t think kids and adults need to rave together. I don’t have a problem with late bedtimes/​nocturnalism. Unless there’s some health risk I should know about. The baby has already been exposed to a lot of techno in the womb.”

Take a look at Grimes’ The Face cover below.


«Черкизово» и «Дамате» могут создать совместное предприятие для управления «Евродоном»

Крупнейшие производители индейки «Черкизово» и «Дамате» могут создать совместное предприятие для управления ГК «Евродон», сообщают «Ъ».

Три источника издания рассказали что ГК «Евродон» — некогда крупнейший производитель индейки в России — может отойти совместному предприятию групп «Черкизово» и «Дамате» — двух крупнейших игроков рынка индейки после того, как у «Евродона» начались финансовые проблемы.

С конца 2018 года «Евродон» принадлежит своему основному кредитору ВЭБ.РФ, который получил контроль над группой в результате корпоративного конфликта с её основателем Вадимом Ванеевым. Права по кредитам «Евродона» ВЭБ.РФ планировал продать Россельхозбанку.

Один из собеседников издания предположил, что покупка «Евродона» совместным предприятием «Черкизово» и «Дамате» может быть выгодно для всех сторон. По его мнению, таким образом кредиторы избавятся от непрофильного актива, а «Черкизово» и «Дамате» получат страховку от появления на рынке третьего независимого игрока.

Подписывайтесь на наш канал в Telegram, чтобы первыми быть в курсе главных новостей ритейла.

Сообщение «Черкизово» и «Дамате» могут создать совместное предприятие для управления «Евродоном» появились сначала на


Экс-помощницу Дворковича задержали за взятку в виде турпутёвок на 4 млн рублей

Задержана Анастасия Алексеева — бывшая помощница вице-премьеров Аркадия Дворковича и Антона Силуанова. По версии СКР, американец передал ей взятку в виде двух путёвок на курорты. В 2018 году Алексееву уволили за слив закрытых данных журналистам.

Следственный комитет обвинил бывшую сотрудницу аппарата Правительства РФ Анастасию Алексееву в получении взяток на 4 млн рублей в виде туристических путёвок. Суд 20 февраля рассмотрит ходатайство об аресте чиновницы.

По версии следствия, Алексеева в 2015–2016 годах получила взятки от некоего гражданина Якушкина. Взамен она должна была совершить «действия в пользу взяткодателя». Взятка представляла собой билеты и путёвки на отдых — на новогодние каникулы 2016 года в Таиланд и на майские праздники в Доминикану. Стоимость каждой из путёвок оценили в 2 млн рублей.

Посредником для передачи взятки выступил гражданин США Джин Спектор. Ещё один фигурант дела — некий россиянин по фамилии Белоножка, также подозреваемый в посредничестве.

В 2015–2016 годах Алексеева была помощницей вице-премьера РФ Аркадия Дворковича, который покинул кабмин в мае 2018 года. Алексеева осталась в правительстве и перешла в секретариат министра финансов Антона Силуанова.

В ноябре 2018 года Алексееву уволили из правительства за слив журналистам служебной переписки, сообщал РБК.

Фото: Flickr, CC BY 2.0

У «Секрета фирмы» есть страница в Instagram. Подписывайтесь!

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Минобороны купит автомобиль за 30 млн рублей

Минобороны объявило о покупке легкового автомобиля за 30 млн рублей. Машина нужна для «обеспечения служебной деятельности» руководителей министерства.

На приобретение машины выделили 30 млн рублей. Это не рекордные траты Минобороны на транспорт: в 2019 году министерство купило премиум-автомобиль за 146 млн рублей.

Тендер на покупку новой машины обнаружил Никаких подробностей, кроме цены, не опубликовано — аукцион пройдёт в закрытом режиме. Деньги на машину Министерству обороны дал неназванный субъект РФ.

Заявки на участие в тендере будут принимать до 26 февраля, а сама машина должна приехать в Минобороны к 10 ноября 2020 года.

В последнее время регулярно появляются сведения о миллионных тратах Минобороны. В частности, ведомство заказало беспилотники на 30 млрд рублей.

Ранее Минобороны купило бизнес-парк К2 в Новой Москве. Объект на Калужском шоссе обошёлся ведомству в 3,19 млрд рублей. Министерство получило два девятиэтажных здания площадью около 20 000 кв. м каждое, а также земельный участок площадью 118 000 кв. м.

Кроме того, траты Минобороны связаны со строительством Главного храма Вооружённых сил РФ, который откроют 9 мая 2020 года в подмосковном парке «Патриот». 318 млн рублей выделено на «продукцию религиозного назначения» и изделий из гипса. Ещё 25 млн рублей потратят на закупку икон, мозаики и мебели. В октябре 2019 года Минобороны потратило 30 млн рублей на двери для храма.

Фото:, CC BY-SA 4.0

У «Секрета фирмы» есть страница в Instagram. Подписывайтесь!

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