Twin Problems of Unprofitable Customers and Services

I’ve been coaching some new CPA firm owners about how to build a profitable professional services firm. And to jump to the punchline? The twin tricks are avoid unprofitable customers and unprofitable services.

But many of the strategies and tactics apply to any small firm that sells services: haircuts, yard maintenance, legal advice, dry cleaning, construction and so on.

Accordingly, I thought it would make sense to share my coaching comments. And then also some other ideas that veteran managers and entrepreneurs suggest.

In the paragraphs that follow, I’ll sort of talk in terms of a CPA firm… but much what the follows applies to any service business.

But What is Profitability?

Let’s quickly start with definition of profitability, though.

I don’t mean (or necessarily mean) you get small business profits that let you drive some fancy car… or live in some expensive home or condo… or spend lavishly on toys and vacations.

What I mean by profitability is this. Your business, once you get it rolling, needs to pay you and your employees reasonable, competitive wages and salaries. And market-rate fringe benefits.

Your business also needs to pay an extra amount that represents a return on the capital you’ve invested in the business. This might include easily paying the bank on some loan.

Finally, the profitability needs to provide some cushioning. The operation needs to not run on a shoestring.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. And to make the math easy for everyone, I’m just going to use very round numbers.

Example: Assume other organizations pay someone who does your job $100,000 in salary and fringe benefits. Assume your small business requires $100,000 of fixtures, technology and working capital and you want to earn 20% or $20,000 on this investment. Finally, say you want $10,000 a year of cushioning. Profitability in this case means $130,000: $100,000 salary and benefits plus $20,000 return on investment plus $10,000 of cushioning.

And just to say this out loud? Sure. For some folks, profitability means bottom-line profits equal to $50,000. Or less. And then for some folks, profitability equal to $500,000 falls short.

The point is, profitability requirements vary. But a profitable small business pays its owner a salary, a return on her or his investment, and a little extra for cushioning.

The Two Lies Service Providers Tell Themselves

One comment related to profitability, too. You and I want to avoid telling two “profitability lies” to ourselves. Because either lie lets you or me pretend we don’t have the “unprofitable customers” problem. Or the “unprofitable services” problem.

Lie number one goes like this: On paper, a business makes the owner $50,000. But if the owner worked for well-run employer with good customers and clients and good products and services, she would earn $100,000.

In this situation, sure, the business “technically” shows a profit. But the owner actually loses (per the example) $50,000. Annually.

That makes sense, right? She earns $50,000 in her own business. But working someplace else, she would earn $100,000. That $50,000 lost income represents her business loss.

Lie number two resembles lie number one. And it goes like this: The business owner makes $50,000 running his own show. And that number works and counts as profitable. The problem here is the owner may not actually have one profitable $50,000 job but two $25,000 jobs.

In this situation, this owner may be selling his time at a giant discount and then making up the difference by working a million hours. That’s also not profitability. That’s self-exploitation.

And now, with that background, let’s quickly step through the strategies and tactics that small service businesses can often use to solve the unprofitable customer and unprofitable service problems…

Most of these ideas are pretty simple to understand. Note that not all will work or be available as options in every situation… But some large handful of options is often available.

Idea #1: Target Customers Who Understand Profitability

A first simple idea for dealing with unprofitable customers? Focus on and target customers or clients who understand profitability.

In other words, go for the folks who understand costs, expenses, revenue, overhead… and then also the impact of this stuff on the profitability of your relationship with the customer.

Probably this means business clients or customers.

Customers and clients want you and me to stay in business. So we can continue to provide them services. And savvy customers “get” we need profits.

Idea #2: Watch for Early Warning Signs

Something else easy to do? Watch out for any early warning signs that suggest a customer or client relationship may be one you or I want to avoid: abusive behavior, requests for undeserved credits and discounts and free services, general aggravation, or unpredictability.

Some people suggest only twenty percent of your or my customers or clients are actually profitable. (I don’t think that’s necessarily right as I’ll talk about later.) But surely many customers and clients aren’t practical or profitable to serve. So, stay away from the problems from the very start.

Idea #3: Homogeneity Helps

You and I want to do a lot of the same thing. Homogeneity in customers, products and services makes spotting problems easier. Homogeneity lets a firm optimize workflow. And homogeneity means a firm can create “hacks” and “work-arounds” for a smaller list of exceptions.

Note: This is a good place, I think, to mention my favorite fast restaurant, In-N-Out Burger, and a blog post we did to recognize and discuss their excellence: In-N-Out Burger a Masterpiece Business.

Idea #4: Say No to Price Shoppers

Service businesses don’t scale well. You and I get limited very quickly by the hours in a day.

Accordingly, you and I can’t compete on price. And we don’t want to work with people shopping on price.

If someone calls our CPA offices, for example, and the first question is “how much does it cost?” Yeah, we immediately disqualify the person. You should do the same.

A price shopper–someone who first looks at the price–has a high probability of being an unprofitable customer for a service business.

Idea #5: No One-off Projects

In some service businesses, like professional services and construction, clients or customers ask for special, customized projects that no customer or client has asked for before… and probably no customer or client will ask for again.

Almost no customer or client can afford a truly personalized service. Even the ultra-wealthy.

You and I want to avoid these “assignments.” Rather, we want to explore whether an existing service–already well-designed in terms of quality and value–works.

Idea #6: No Customer- or Client-led Design of Products or Services

A related point. Customers and clients should not design the product or service a firm delivers. Or the procedures or systems a firm uses.

Customers and clients design a “non-system” that works for their unique, special circumstances… and no one else… at high cost… and which delivers lower-quality results.

Note: You know a good model for product design? Henry Ford. See this blog post for more information: Henry Ford and the Problem of Customer-ization.

Idea #7: Sell Quality or Specialization

If you and I shouldn’t sell services based on price, how should we sell? I think we have two better options. We can sell on the basis of quality. Or we can sell on the basis of being specialists.

With tax return preparation, for example, one shouldn’t sell the cheapest return.

Rather, sell the more complex tax returns that someone can’t do themselves with TurboTax or similar software. Or sell a tax return for a niche of taxpayers with special issues and concerns.

Idea #8: Renegotiate Value Proposition

A great idea from a Harvard Business Review whitepaper, the Right Way to Manage Unprofitable Customers: For the inevitable low-profit product or service and the inevitable low-profit customer or client, discuss with them whether there’s a way to jack the value your firm delivers and so bump the price and the profitability.

A secondary advantage of this renegotiation? If it fails, the renegotiation can be the way we professionally and ethically and kindly wind up the relationship.

Idea #9: Divest No and Low Profit Customers and Clients

Another idea from the aforementioned Harvard Business Review whitepaper? You may be able to divest or sell or giveaway no-profit and low-profit clients and customers.

This weird reality? Customers or clients you or I can’t profitably serve? They may be great folks for some other “competitor.”

And by the way, the reverse is true too. Some customer or client that a “competitor” can’t profitably serve? That sort may work great for you or me. (See Idea #3 and Idea #5 for the reasons why this might be the case.)

Idea #10: Understand Unprofitable Customers and Services “Chronic”

A final helpful notion, I think. Unprofitable customers and unprofitable services represent a “chronic” problem.

No miracle cure exists. Accordingly, you and I simply need manage and mitigate these problems.

About the 80/20 Rule

If you poke around the web and blog-sphere researching the subject of “customer profitability,” you quickly encounter a theory. That theory? The notion that the 80/20 rule applies.

Restated in terms of customer or client profitability, the 80/20 rule postulates that 80 percent of a firm’s profits flow from 20 percent of its customers. Or from 20 percent of its products or services.

And then the “actionable insight” that falls out of this assertion: You and I need to identify the profitable 20 percent… and then cull the unprofitable 80 percent.

Let me unequivocally state I believe this is nonsense. In our service business, I know that more than 80 percent of our client relationships are profitable. Further, the few percent who are low or no profit?

Often, those clients are in transition. Maybe our firm hasn’t yet moved far enough up the learning curve to profitably serve the client. Or to deliver the service. (Which is our responsibility.)

Or maybe a long-time client is temporarily low or no profit due to some bad luck.

Here, however, is the other side of this issue. And boy is this awkward. Surely some service firms serve mostly unprofitable clients and customers.

So maybe, gosh I think probably, the 80/20 rule applies overall.

But that 20 percent of the market that’s profitable to serve? Smart firms target and capture a big share.

And then the 80 percent of the market that’s low profit or not profitable? Those clients and customers are getting served by service businesses who don’t yet know how to identify, capture and keep profitable clients.

A Closing Thought

A closing thought. The work of building up and then maintaining a collection of profitable services and profitable clients? It takes time. And we all need to show both patience and discipline.

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Paul Rodriguez and Nike SB Capture the Championship Belt In This Week’s Best Footwear Drops

If you were asked to describe last week’s goings-on in the world of sneakers with a single word, «frenzied» would be an apt choice. Between Paris Fashion Week, teasers, official announcements and collaborations from the biggest footwear companies and couture houses in the world, there was news enough to satiate a wide variety of palettes. All of that has led into this week — which itself boasts an extensive slate of appealing releases. However, amid all the chaos from the past seven days, it’s likely that something may have passed you by.

Although it was indeed Paris Fashion Week, there’s a strong case to be made that the proceedings on the footwear front were all about Virgil Abloh. The Off-White™ and Louis Vuitton frontman captured the headlines with a dynamic duo of kicks, officially unveiling his Off-White™ x Air Jordan 5 during the Off-White™ FW20 runway, then wearing a previously unseen Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 during the Louis Vuitton «Heaven On Earth» FW20 runway.

However, Abloh’s contemporaries put their best feet forward as well. Dior dropped the details behind its highly anticipated Jordan Brand capsule collection, sacai’s runway show revealed a wild stacked Nike silhouette named the Pegasus Vaporfly SP and Matthew M Williams’ ALYX 1017 9SM released its technical buckle-equipped Air Force 1 Highs. Luke Meier’s OAMC whipped up a never-before-seen adidas Originals silhouette and Valentino proffered a Onitsuka Tiger collaboration.

Never to be outdone, Kanye West premiered two new YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 colorways: «Cinder» and «Marsh.» His good pal Don C’s wife showed off a bright blue Just Don Air Force 1 themed around the upcoming NBA All-Star Game in Chicago. And we were given a look at Korean pop superstar G-Dragon’s second PEACEMINUSONE Air Force 1 collaboration as well. On a more somber note, it was announced that Opening Ceremony would be shuttering its retail operations, so HYPEBEAST took a look back at 20 of OC’s most memorable collaborative projects, running from sandals to Vans and more.

Last but certainly not least, HYPEBEAST dug deep into the influence and lore behind the tremendously influential Nike SB Dunk for the latest installment in our ‘Behind the Hype’ video series. Nike Golf and Nike Soccer rolled out tremendous technical innovations, and Nike Basketball showed off its BHM PEs for LeBron, Kyrie, Giannis, KD and PG.

Got everything? Good. Take a breather if you need, and then let’s dive into the best footwear drops descending this week — it’s set to be another big one.

Nike Air Foamposite One «Lava»

Release Date: January 19
Release Price: $230 USD
Where to Buy: BSTN
Why You Should Cop: This fiery Foamposite One features a flaming lava print that covers its synthetic shell, beating back the chill of the winter months with its red-hot detailing.

CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 «Rose Gold Silk»

Release Date: January 21 (Juice China), January 25 (Juice LA)
Release Price: $250 USD
Where to Buy: Juice Store
Why You Should Cop: CLOT’s latest silk-coated take on the Air Force 1 offers an elegant rose gold hue and intricate traditional Chinese patterns on its tear-away upper. It was even launched by way of a clever campaign starring Donnie Yen, the actor/martial artist best known for his work in the Ip Man series.

Paul Rodriguez x Nike SB Dunk High Pro

Release Date: January 21
Release Price: $125 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: Paul Rodriguez has been a part of the Nike SB team for a staggering 15 years, so the Swoosh Brand’s skateboard subdivision is saluting his service with this special SB Dunk High. Paying homage to P-Rod’s Mexican heritage and love of boxing, the design paints the street skating savant as a tenured championship fighter.

Nike LeBron 17 «I Promise»

Release Date: January 21
Release Price: $200 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: LeBron James is aiming to revolutionize education in his hometown of Akron with his «I Promise» school, so these new «I Promise» LeBron 17s equip a kaleidoscope-style colorway that’s inherently optimistic in nature plus heartfelt messages inscribed on the laces. In short, these shoes are a salute to one of the King’s most noble ventures.

Air Jordan 4 «Black Cat»

Release Date: January 22
Release Price: $190 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: Back for the first time since it originally released in 2006, the Air Jordan 4 «Black Cat» is one of the most beloved non-OG AJ4 colorways. Stark and simple, it cuts an undeniably striking look — and this retro release nails all the little details.

Air Jordan 13 «Chinese New Year»

Release Date: January 23
Release Price: $190 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: Set for a Western release after hitting Eastern shelves at the top of the year, the Air Jordan 13 «Chinese New Year» is covered in celebratory touches, the most notable of which is the debossed coin print on its upper. These embellishments are accented further by a lively tan and pink colorway.

adidas UltraBOOST «Chinese New Year» Pack

Release Date: January 24
Release Price: $180 USD
Where to Buy: adidas
Why You Should Cop: Five is often better than one, so adidas is celebrating the Chinese New Year with five brand-new UltraBOOSTs, all of which feature bold CNY-centric prints and patterns. Consisting of three different UltraBOOST 20s and two UltraBOOST DNAs, the collection combines lifestyle looks and performance tech in true UltraBOOST fashion.

Nike PG 4 «Black/White»

Release Date: January 24
Release Price: $110 USD
Where to Buy: Nike
Why You Should Cop: Paul George may be battling his way back from a hamstring injury, but his signature Nike line is rolling along unimpeded. This «Black/White» colorway follows up last week’s «Gatorade» style, and combines a high-tech Air Strobel cushioning unit with a simple-yet-effective style, aiming to let its on-court exploits do the talking.

size? adidas BC Trainer

Release Date: January 24
Release Price: £75 GBP (approximately $98 USD)
Where to Buy: size?
Why You Should Cop: size? is no strange to exclusive makeups of the adidas BC Trainer, and this new «Navy/Green» colorway continues the partnership in style. Inspired by a vintage adidas training shoe, it presents a crisp retro look that’s true to the original, even if its name has been changed due to licensing rights.

Nike ACG Zoom Terra Antarktik

Release Date: January 24
Release Price: $220 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: The Nike ACG Zoom Terra Antarktik combines all the wintertime performance tech you could ask for — think GORE-TEX, Zoom Air and a grippy outsole — with a futuristic style that looks like something Errolson Hugh would have created when he was heading up ACG. It’s also set to be available in three colorways, so even the most picky purchaser will be able to find a pair that suits their fancy.

Pigalle x Converse Chuck 70 «Lightning Storm» & «White/Barely Volt»

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: $120 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: Pigalle founder Stéphane Ashpool’s love of basketball is well-known, but he combined it with another one of his passions — music — on this two-pack of low-cut Chuck 70s. One features a crackling, vivid lightning print while the other offers a layer of faint technical fuse film. Both also celebrate Pigalle’s recently completed Nike Grind basketball court in China, a playing surface constructed of rubber recycled from over 45,000 pairs of used shoes.

NEPENTHES x Reebok Workout Plus

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: $120 USD
Where to Buy: Reebok
Why You Should Cop: NEPENTHES and Reebok’s signature styles are brought together perfectly on this Workout Plus. Modified by a shaggy suede midfoot overlay and just enough special branding, the regarded retailer has given the timeless trainer just enough collaborative flair.

Raised by Wolves x Saucony AYA «Asphalt Jungle»

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: $130 USD
Where to Buy: Saucony
Why You Should Cop: Set for a full global release after a limited drop last week, Raised By Wolves’ Saucony AYA «Asphalt Jungle» is inspired by Chad Muska’s memorable skate footwear from the ’90s. It also features a cheeky, partially hidden stash pocket on the tongue so you can conceal your valuables.

Air Jordan 9 «Hyper Blue»

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: $190 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: A fresh take on the silhouette donned by Michael Jordan’s statue outside the United Center, the Air Jordan 9 «Hyper Blue» combines a base that’s both stark and smoky with sporty blue accents. There’s even hi-vis reflective details on the laces to ensure that you stand out.

adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 «Yeshaya»

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: $220 USD (Men’s), $180 USD (Kids), $150 USD (Infants)
Where to Buy: adidas
Why You Should Cop: Blessing the West after gracing the East mere weeks ago, Kanye West and adidas’s YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 «Yeshaya» presents an angelic mixture of light toned hues on its upper and signature BOOST comfort in its midsole. Even the name is worthy of praise: «Yeshaya» is Hebrew for «God is salvation.»

Nike Air Max 1 «NYC Chinatown»

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: $130 USD
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS
Why You Should Cop: Celebrating the official start of the Chinese New Year, the Nike Air Max 1 «NYC Chinatown» salutes Manhattan’s bustling Chinatown district. This homage is presented with a medley of bright firework colors, Chinese character detailing and a Chollima — a winged horse that’s prominent in traditional Chinese mythology — on the heel.

White Mountaineering x adidas LXCON

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: TBC
Where to Buy: adidas
Why You Should Cop: By replacing its laces with technical buckles, White Mountaineering has taken the adidas LXCON from casual lifestyle silhouette to technical marvel. The dynamic duo is more than just snaps and straps however: WM has also added bold colorways and special branding, making for a style that’s more than the sum of its respective parts.

PUMA x Chinatown Market Future Rider

Release Date: January 25
Release Price: $120 USD
Where to Buy: PUMA
Why You Should Cop: A compelling combination of old and new, Chinatown Market and PUMA’s co-crafted Future Rider is equal parts serious and light-hearted. Technical materials and a heritage construction meld with CTM’s signature cheeky yellow hues for a shoe that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

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NILøS FW20 Presents Its MMXX//IAMTHAT Biotechnological Lookbook

Japanese label NILøS releases its latest lookbook, this time approaching its oversized outerwear garments and use of synthetics in a more dramatic approach.

Revolving around the theme of biotechnology and its injection into society, the MMXX//IAMTHAT lookbook reveals a collection of outerwear pieces — jackets, sweaters, shirts and bottoms are most discernible — that all retain a futuristic, dystopian outlook on fashion. Silhouettes take on the shape of blobs and look overgrown in nature, while the use of prosthetic noses and ears touch on the biotechnology angle. Tones remain muted and dark, while pops of color occasionally strike as graphics and prints. Functional aspects appear in the form of drawstring bungie cords and straps, contrast zippers and more.

The brand releases notes, translated from Japanese, which remark on the collection and its theme of biotechnology:

Biotechnology takes place at the atomic level, extracting and replacing DNA to design new life.

I wonder how the creature born from the womb of sophisticated, kneading genetic manipulation can recognize their own existence.
How do these beings that differ completely from those moulded by millennia of natural selection perceive this deviation. This is the feeling that fascinates me. How can there be a god for these beasts?

Could it not be that these living beings are the leaders inserting us into a dystopia?
Could it not be that they are accelerating the destructive swelling of our bloated and tetanized social structure?

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NILøS MMXX//IAMTHAT Fall — Winter2020 #niløs

A post shared by NILøS; (@nils_emptyset) on

View the MMXX//IAMTHAT lookbook in its entirety above and learn more about NILøS’s previous FW19 lookbook that released last summer.

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Moncler Genius Drops Latest 1 Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli Collection

Pierpaolo Piccioli‘s new collection as part of Moncler’s ambitious Genius Project fuses the language of couture with African patterns and textiles. Using Moncler’s functionality as the tie that binds while utilizing nylon laqué as the collection’s material of choice, Piccioli’s bold silhouettes celebrate the beauty of movement and African artisanship. «I am after a balance of dreaminess, extravagance and soulfulness,» Piccioli says. «I involved Liya Kebede, who is an active supporter of African artisans with her label lemlem, in the process, creating something true to her, to Moncler and to my own sensibility. Connecting diversities is my idea of inclusive creativity,» Piccioli says.

The collection fuses time-honored traditions and places it in Moncler’s modern, fashionable landscape. Piccioli’s vision features ballgowns with trains, hooded jackets and sculptural capes that envelop the body to convey the feeling of couture. The fresh and unexpected looks blend couture forms with typical Moncler nylon renders. «I was honored to be a part of this creative process, bringing together heritages that at first glimpse seemed so different but when unexpectedly combined, create something so rich and new, redefining beauty and reminding us that there are no borders in life,» says Liya Kebede.

The collection is available from January 20 in Moncler boutiques, the Moncler site and selected stores worldwide.


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Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Will Not Feature Mushu

After months of speculation, live-action Mulan director Niki Caro has confirmed that the film will not be featuring Mushu, the talking red dragon originally voiced by Eddie Murphy in Disney’s original 1998 animation. In the original, Mushu is self-appointed as Fa Mulan’s guardian, devoting himself to protecting and guiding her as she attempts to pose as a male soldier in the Chinese army.

Mushu was absent in the movie’s first official trailer that landed last December, and now Caro has shared with Digital Spy why they decided to leave the memorable character out of the film altogether:

I think we can all appreciate that Mushu is irreplaceable. You know, the animated classic stands on its own in that regard. In this movie, there is a creature representative – a spiritual representation of the ancestors, and most particularly of Mulan’s relationship with her father. But an update of Mushu? No.

A fan theory circulating the web had also assumed that the phoenix seen in the film’s trailer might be the new version of Mushu, but Caro also ruled that theory out quickly. “The dragon is representative of the masculine, and the phoenix is representative of the feminine,” she shared. «In a movie, in a story that so much explores gender fluidity, I thought that that was a really nice and appropriate way to go.»

Fear not, however, as Caro also noted that various memorable scenes from the original animation have been transferred over to the remake in a “very faithful” manner, such as the matchmaker sequence from the 1998 original.

Mulan is slated to hit theaters later this year on March 27 and will star Yifieu Lu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, and more.

For more related news, National Treasure 3 is officially in the works.

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Take a First Look at the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 «Flax» & «Sulphur»

With 2020 quickly gearing up to be another big year for the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, we now have a first look at the rumored «Flax» and «Sulphur» colorways of the popular model.

Leading the duo of Earthy looks is the «Flax» colorway which centers around a tonal light-brown Primeknit upper accented by a similar tone post-dyed monofilament side stripe. Continuing the monochromatic design is a matching sockliner, textile trim and weaved laces. Elevating the shoe is a light grey BOOST encapsulated midsole paired with a light brown rubber outsole.

The «Sulphur» colorway features a dusty yellow Primeknit upper with a reflective post-dyed monofilament side stripe. Contrast on the shoe comes in the form of a bright orange sockliner and textile trim. Rounding up the design of the upcoming look is a matching BOOST encapsulated midsole and rubber outsole.

Catch a first look at the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 «Flax» and «Sulphur» below.


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For more footwear news, take an on-foot look at the adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 «Cinder» and «Marsh.»

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How Child Care Tax Credits Work

Anyone who has to pay for daycare for a child knows that the cost of quality child care can be crazy.

After your mortgage, it could be your biggest bill of the month.

It’s not uncommon to spend more than 15% of your income on care. To put that in perspective, the U.S. government defines “affordable care” as costing no more than 7% of family income.

Fortunately, the U.S. Tax Code offers an incentive that can offset at least a portion of those costs. Here’s what you need to know about the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

What is a Child Care Tax Credit?

The Child and Dependent Care Credit helps working families pay expenses for the care of their children, adult dependents, or an incapacitated spouse.

You calculate the credit by taking a percentage of the expenses you paid to a care provider. That rate depends on your adjusted gross income (Line 8b of your 2019 Form 1040).

However, there is a cap on the total expenses you can use to calculate the credit. If you pay for the care of one qualifying individual, you can use up to $3,000 of costs to claim the credit. If you pay for the care of two or more individuals, you can base the credit on up to $6,000 of expenses.

If your employer provides dependent care benefits that you don’t have to include in your taxable income, you have to subtract the amount of those benefits from your expenses before calculating the credit.

How to Qualify for the Child Care Tax Credits

There are several rules you need to follow to qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

Rule #1: Only for Working Individuals and Families

You must pay for the care of a child or dependent so you (and your spouse if filing jointly) can work or actively look for work. If one spouse works and the other is a stay-at-home parent, you’re not eligible to claim the credit.

To limit this credit to working families, the IRS requires the taxpayer to have “earned income.” Earned income includes wages, salaries, tips, and earnings from self-employment. If your only income comes from a pension or annuity, Social Security benefits, unemployment compensation, or investment income, you won’t be able to claim the credit. For a more in-depth discussion of what does and doesn’t count as earned income, see IRS Publication 503.

Publication 503 also explains a special rule that applies if your spouse is a full-time student or incapable of self-care.

Rule #2: Eligible Care Providers

Many different types of care arrangements qualify for the credit. Care provided in your home counts, as does care provided in the home of the caregiver, at a childcare center, nursery, or day camp. Tuition expenses at a K-12 school aren’t eligible for the credit but the cost of before- and after-school care is allowable.

The care provider can’t be your spouse, the parent of the child, another one of your children who is under the age of 19, or another dependent whom you or your spouse may claim on your tax return.

You’ll have to identify the care provider on your return by providing the person or organization’s name, address, and Social Security or Tax Identification Number.

Rule #3: Care Provided for a Qualifying Individual

People tend to think of the Child and Dependent Care Credit as a credit to offset childcare costs. But for this credit, the definition of a qualifying individual is a little broader. You can calculate the credit based on expenses for:

  • Your child who was under the age of 13 when the care was provided
  • Another dependent of any age, if they are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves
  • Your spouse who was mentally or physically incapable of caring for themselves and lived with you for more than half the year

How Much to Expect in Tax Savings

The credit amount ranges from 20% to 35% of your allowable care expenses, depending on your adjusted gross income (AGI). The higher your income, the lower your percentage.

Those percentages appear on Line 8 of Form 2441, the form used to calculate and claim the child care credit.

The maximum percentage of 35% is only available to people with AGIs of $15,000 or below. So the maximum credit available to a person who pays care expenses for one qualifying individual is $3,000 times 35%, or $1,050. For two or more qualifying individuals, the maximum credit is $6,000 times 35%, or $2,100.

The percentage starts to decrease once your AGI goes over $15,000, but it doesn’t phase out entirely. If your AGI is above $43,000, you’ll at least get to claim 20% of your allowable expenses.

For example, say your AGI is $75,000, you have two children under the age of 13 in daycare, and your total care expenses for the year were $10,000. Since you have two qualifying individuals, you can use $6,000 of those expenses to calculate your credit. Because your AGI is above $43,000, the percentage you use to calculate the child care tax credit is 20%. So, your available tax credit would be $6,000 times 20%, or $1,200.

Another important thing to note is that this is a tax credit, as opposed to a tax deduction. Tax deductions lower your taxable income, so their value depends on your tax bracket. On the other hand, a tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of tax you owe.

Say you calculate your tax return without any credits and have taxes due of $1,600. If you apply the $1,200 Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit to your tax bill, you owe $400 instead. That makes the child care credit a valuable tax break for anyone paying for eligible care expenses.

Other Child-Related Credits and Deductions to Consider

If you can’t claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit or are looking for more ways to reduce your tax bill, consider these tax credits and deductions.

Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit is worth up to $2,000 for each dependent child under the age of 17 at the end of the tax year. To qualify for the credit, your dependent must have lived with you for more than half the year, and you must have at least $2,500 of earned income.

The Child Tax Credit phases out for high-income taxpayers. If you are single with an AGI over $240,000 or married filing jointly with an AGI over $440,000, you won’t get any benefit from claiming this credit.

You can learn more about the Child Tax Credit in IRS Publication 501.

Credit for Other Dependents

If you have a dependent who doesn’t meet the requirements to claim the Child Tax Credit, such as a college student or elderly parent, you may be able to claim the Credit for Other Dependents. This credit is worth up to $500 per dependent but has the same phase-out limits as the Child Tax Credit.

Medical Expense Deduction

If you paid for health insurance and other health care costs for your dependents, you might benefit from the deduction for medical expenses.

Medical expenses are included in itemized deductions. So to get a benefit, your total itemized deductions, including health care costs, state and local taxes, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions, must be greater than the standard deduction available for your filing status.

For 2019, the available standard deductions are:

  • Single and Married Filing Separately: $12,200
  • Married Filing Jointly: $24,400
  • Head of Household: $18,350

In addition, you only get to deduct medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your AGI. Eligible expenses include:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance premiums
  • Doctor visit co-pays
  • Prescription drug costs
  • Amounts paid for eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Lab fees

For a complete list of eligible expenses, check out IRS Publication 502.

If you and your family are in relatively good health and have access to employer-subsidized health insurance, that can be a difficult threshold to meet. However, parents of children with special needs may have more expenses that qualify.

Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) benefits low- and moderate-income workers, with larger credits available to taxpayers who have children.

Your maximum EITC depends on how many qualifying children you claim on your return. For 2019, the maximums are:

  • $6,557 with three or more qualifying children
  • $5,828 with two qualifying children
  • $3,526 with one qualifying child
  • $529 with no qualifying children

For more information on the EITC, including income limits, check out IRS Publication 596 .

Adoption Credit

If you adopt a child during the tax year, the Adoption Credit is worth up to $13,810 per child.

Qualified adoption expenses that can be used to calculate the credit include:

  • Adoption fees
  • Court costs and attorney fees
  • Traveling expenses

The Adoption Credit phases out for taxpayers with modified AGIs between $207,140 and $247,140 in 2019.

Dealing with taxes can be tedious and frustrating, but taking advantage of the Child and Dependent Care credit and other tax breaks can help offset the high cost of raising children. Take the time to research the tax credits and deductions that apply to you so you can minimize the amount of tax you’ll owe or even increase your tax refund.

How Child Care Tax Credits Work is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich.


Best Coast Announce New Album ‘Always Tomorrow’ With «Everything Has Changed» Music Video

Best Coast is back. The Los Angeles, California duo comprised of guitarist and vocalist Bethany Cosentino and fellow guitarist Bobb Bruno are set to release their fourth studio project Always Tomorrow on February 21, 2020 courtesy of Concord Records. The visual for the band’s latest single «Everything Has Changed» was directed by Ryan Baxley and features a takedown of the canned stale studio smiles from late-70’s game shows.

It’s been five years since 2015’s California Nights. Best Coast initially debuted the album announcement with the video for its lead single «For the First Time». This record aims to tackle themes of newfound sobriety, gratitude and growth through all of the ups and downs of Best Coast’s decade in the music business.

“After we finished the album cycle for California Nights, something terrifying happened to me. I felt creatively paralyzed. I couldn’t write music. There was so much bubbling inside of me, so many things happening, so much to process, but I couldn’t get any of it out,» Cosentino said in a press release in regards to feeling creatively stunted following the success of the band’s last album. «I was miserable and felt like nothing was ever going to change. One day, I locked myself in my closet and I forced myself to write, and out came “Everything Has Changed.” The song was like a vision of life I wished I was living; ultimately, that song was prophetic — describing the life I would soon be living. Always Tomorrow is the story of where I was and where I am now, as well as the struggles I am still learning to identify and figure out.»

Watch the video above and see Best Coast’s upcoming tour dates followed by the upcoming tracklist for February’s em>Always Tomorrow. In other music news, listen to H.E.R.’s «Slide» Remix.

Beast Coast Tour Dates:
2/27 — Palm Springs, CA — The Alibi (with Lunch Lady)
2/28 — Los Angeles, CA — The Novo
2/29 — San Francisco, CA — Regency Ballroom
3/2 — Portland, OR — Wonder Ballroom
3/3 — Vancouver, BC — VENUE
3/4 — Seattle, WA — The Showbox
3/6 — Salt Lake City, UT — Metro Music Hall
3/7 — Denver, CO — Ogden Theatre
3/9 — Minneapolis, MN — First Avenue
3/10 — Evanston, IL — SPACE
3/11 — Chicago, IL — Thalia Hall
3/13 — Detroit, MI — El Club
3/14 — Toronto, ON — Phoenix Concert Theatre
3/15 — Montreal, QC — Corona Teatre
3/16 — Boston, MA — Royale
3/18 — Brooklyn, NY — Brooklyn Steel
3/19 — Washington, DC — 9:30 Club
3/20 — Philadelphia, PA — Union Transfer
3/21 — Carrboro, NC — Cat’s Cradle
3/23 — Nashville, TN — The Basement East
3/24 — Atlanta, GA — Terminal West
3/25 — New Orleans, LA — The Joy Theater
3/27 — San Antonio, TX — Paper Tiger
3/28 — Austin, TX — The Mohawk
3/29 — Dallas, TX — Granada Theater
3/31 — Phoenix, AZ — Crescent Ballroom
4/1 — San Diego, CA — The Observatory North Park
4/2 — Santa Ana, CA — The Observatory (w/ FEELS)

For more music news, Gab3 and Killy collide on pop punk-fueled anthem, «Fast Life.»

Read more at HYPEBEAST


Promise me a Land — Israel and Palestine Photography by Clément Chapillon

Promise me a Land, a photographic reportage by Clément Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.

Clément Chapillon is a French documentary photographer with the passion to explore a link between the land and the people. ‘Promise me a Land’ is his latest photographic project focusing on the region of Israel and Palestine.

In a dazzling photographic reportage, the French photographer shows us the people and the land of this conflict-ridden region. Whether Israeli Jews, Arabs, Palestinians or Druze—they all draw their strength and personality from its soil. This unique region is characterized by its long history as well as the hills, the dry deserts, valleys, and waters, be they salty surfaces, lakes or sea. Below you can find a selection of photographs. For those of you who want to see the full project, do not hesitate to visit Clément Chapillon’s website.

Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.
Promise Me A Land, a photographic reportage by Clement Chapillon about the region of Israel and Palestine.

All images © by Clément Chapillon. Feel free to browse through our popular Photography section to find more work shot by talented photographers from all over the world.

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This Week on ‘The Toss Up’: Patrick Mahomes Shines in Comeback Victory, Richard Sherman’s Charity Foundation, & More

The Toss Up is Highsnobiety’s weekly update on everything NFL and the go-to for top playmakers and tastemakers. This edition highlights Patrick Mahomes’ monumental comeback victory, rookie Nick Bosa’s huge game on defense, Za’Darius Smith’s state-pride inspired pregame outfit, A.J. Brown’s cleats, and how Richard Sherman is preparing students for success in the classroom.

Mahomes and Bosa are this edition’s First Down and Top Rookie players. Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to a monstrous comeback over the Houston Texans. Last year’s MVP went 23/35, throwing 321 yards and scoring 5 touchdowns in a win that sends them to the AFC Championship two years in a row. Bosa, a San Francisco rookie defensive end, played a huge role in the 49ers’ victory. The former Ohio State Buckeye had two crucial sacks and six solo tackles in a game where the 49ers’ defense shined.

This edition’s Fit Report and Cleat Check players are Za’Darius Smith and A.J. Brown. Smith, a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, showed some Wisconsin state pride by wearing a Milwaukee Bucks Cream City alternative jersey and matching fleece zip-up. A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans’ rookie wide receiver, brought flare to his cleats, wearing a pair of sleek zebra-print Nike cleats in the upset win over Baltimore.

Richard Sherman is this edition’s Off-Field MVP. The 49er is usually known for his defensive prowess on the field, but it’s Sherman’s charitable work off the gridiron that caught our attention this week. The cornerback created the Richard Sherman Family Foundation to help students from low-income families prepare for educational success. Sherman and his foundation have now raised over a million dollars, landing Sherman a nomination for this year’s Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.

Check out The Toss Up for more on the best stories, outfits, and players around the league.


From Budget Friendly to Bottega Veneta, These Holders Make a Case for AirPods

AirPods are no longer niche. Apple sold 60 million pairs in 2019. The revenue from AirPods alone hit $12 billion — more than Spotify’s entire business. Yesterday’s meme is today’s gold mine.

And they just keep getting better, too. The recently-released AirPods Pro have vastly improved sound quality, they’re comfortable as hell, are sweat and water-resistant, and have excellent noise cancelation. In fact, the AirPods Pro has three different modes – normal, noise-canceling, and transparency, which means it allows you to hear some isolated sounds.

Ok, so maybe the wealth-mocking AirPod memes are warranted — yes, they’re expensive. But if you do get your hands on a pair, you’ll want to keep them as secure as possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our very favorite AirPods cases to keep your snazzy earbuds safe and sound.

Chinatown Market comes through with a day-brightening option, adding its signature smiley to yet another must-have accessory. A trusty brand, at a steal? Yes, please!

As you know, we’re all about balance. Which is why we’re taking you from a sub-20-dollar AirPods case to one by Italian fashion house Prada. To be fair though, there’s not much you can cop from Prada at this price, so it might be worth an investment.

More black leather, but this time courtesy of 3.1 Phillip Lim. Like the Prada option, this also comes with an engraved logo, letting you show some love for Lim.

Milan streetwear label Palm Angels provides plenty of opportunity for brand appreciation with a case that boasts a logo-printed lanyard attached.

Back to the budget-friendly side of life with an AirPods case from high street retailer Urban Outfitters. This one keeps it simple in terms of design but comes in a color that’ll make it hard for you to misplace those dinner-sacrificing headphones of yours.

Looking to show off more than just a little? This woven leather AirPod case from Bottega Veneta is pricey but pretty. It also comes with a detachable strap so you can turn it into a shoulder or crossbody pouch, and then show it off some more.

Yes, the AirPods Pro are sweat and water-resistant, but if you’re worried and want to keep them extra protected, this silicone case is both waterproof- and shock-resistant.

Silicone is durable, so durable that it’s a great material for creating a resilient shell for a pricey bit of kit. These cases from Mintapple are super affordable at less than 20 bucks and come in 13 different colors.

Hey, if you’re into pink, you’re into pink. We don’t judge.

Our designated Selects section features products that we love and want to share with you. Highsnobiety has affiliate marketing partnerships, which means we may receive a commission from your purchase.


Highsnobiety Commemorates Paris’ Best Falafel Restaurant With Latest Collab

Visit the original post to see all 7 images from this gallery.

Regarded worlds over as the French capital’s premier falafel restaurant, L’As du Fallafel has grown to become synonymous with the city’s culinary scene. Flaunting recommendations from the likes of Lenny Kravitz, the restaurant’s reputation proceeds it as a staple among locals and tourists.

Appreciating how the restaurant’s influence has become so much more than its humble Rue des Rosiers beginnings, Highsnobiety has chosen to commemorate this phenomena with a selection of co-branded garments and accessories. Featuring sweaters, T-shirts, and headwear, the capsule is the ideal staple for any right-minded foodie.

The L’As du Fallafel x Highsnobiety capsule will be available from January 22 on the Highsnobiety Shop, with it available to explore ahead of official release via the button below.

To celebrate L’As du Fallafel’s latest fashion venture, Highsnobiety hosted a special event at the restaurant earlier this month, drawing an all-star crowd including the likes of colette’s Sarah Andelman and Poggy. Scroll through the gallery below for a retrospective look at what went down.


Telfar Clemens Talks to Us About His Collaboration With Gap

Visit the original post to see all 7 images from this gallery.

One of the biggest moments at Paris Fashion Week Men’s wasn’t actually a show, a ‘fit, or a celeb sighting – it was an announcement. Gap is collaborating with Telfar, and the news broke Thursday night at a surprise Telfar party at Gap’s Trenchet store.

The store was transformed into an after-hours club and featured performances by Yves Tumor, SOPHIE, Hirakish, Hawa, CRYSTALLMESS, Sega Bodega, and Total Freedom. The party attracted the likes of Dev Hynes, Honey Dijon, Kate Moss, Stefano Pilati, and Violet Chachki, among many others.

While the collection itself will drop later this year, the two brands have shared a remixed logo that incorporates Gap’s and Telfar’s (see above). The collaboration, above all, unites both Gap and Telfar’s shared vision for democratic and accessible fashion, and we’re excited to see a fresh take on elevated basics.

To get more details on the forthcoming collection, we spoke to Telfar Clemens and John Caruso, head of adult design at Gap.

Telfar Clemens [TC]: Gap was a huge inspiration for us. It represents ubiquity. The campaigns when we were growing up: everyone in khaki, everyone in vests. The idea of “basics” is really core to how we design, the idea of accessibility, and the vibe that the clothes are for everyone. It feeds directly into our motto: “not for you, for everyone.”

The idea that someone like me can find something addressed to them at the mall is really exciting, because that wasn’t the case growing up. Like, your parents have no excuse to not let you buy that halter top!

TC: We’ve always had this obsession with what’s normative and what’s normal. Instead of opposing it, our attitude is about transformation. Fashion is cool and gives you certain freedoms, but we want to be part of the fabric of everyday life for everyday people – that makes the clothes real for us. The bag has started to achieve that; Gap gives us the platform to do that with clothes.

TC: The core is already there. We are going to look at our archives and theirs and think about how to create quintessential garments that are new, but that people are ready to wear – even if they don’t know it.

TC: Khaki, cargo, puff, tank tops, halters, the most iconic basics, underwear!

Telfar Clemens and John Caruso

John Caruso [JC]: I’ve been following Telfar for a while now and have always been a fan of what he was doing season after season, especially with his denim collections. I see Telfar Clemens as a designer who is redefining what American style is, so I was excited to meet with him in early 2019 to discuss a potential partnership. When we met in person at his studio, I instantly knew we needed to work together. The shared excitement about a collaboration, the nostalgia he had for old Gap ads I had brought along, the design ideas we discussed, and the opportunities we each saw in a partnership together. At Gap, it’s important for our collaborators to share our brand values, have cultural and global relevance, and help drive us forward, and Telfar checked all of those boxes and then some. We are very excited to work together on this collection.

JC: Telfar Clemens has developed a remarkable brand that has successfully reimagined American fashion, and we are excited to come together to design a collection that pushes the boundaries and explores fashion in a new and unexpected way. Denim has always been a huge part of the Gap brand DNA, so personally I’m the most excited to see what design perspective he will bring to that category, but to also see what he does with Gap staples such as the pocket T-shirts.

JC: Gap is known for classic American style: clean, confident, comfortable, and accessible wardrobe staples that celebrate freedom of expression. Telfar approaches design in a similar way, creating a wardrobe rooted in universal basics and affordable garments that can be worn in unique ways for everyone. Plus, Gap and Telfar have a shared philosophy of equality, accessibility, and democracy, making the brands natural partners for this project.



Demna Gvasalia Confirms Balenciaga Is Returning to Haute Couture

Demna Gvasalia is returning Balenciaga to its couture roots. The artistic director told Vogue that a couture debut will take place in July for the fall 2020 season.

Balenciaga hasn’t produced an haute couture collection since 1968, the year Cristóbal Balenciaga himself closed his atelier. Now, Gvasalia intends to bring “the modern vision of Balenciaga back to its sources of origin.”

In a statement, the designer explained: “Haute couture is the very foundation of this house, so it is my creative and visionary duty to bring couture back. For me, couture is an unexplored mode of creative freedom and a platform for innovation. It […] offers another spectrum of possibilities in dressmaking.”

Gvasalia’s announcement signals a deeper engagement with Cristóbal Balenciaga’s original ideas and ethos. Described by Christian Dior as “the master of us all,” he revolutionized women’s fashion with never-before-seen shapes in the mid-20th century, such as the “ballroom hems” of the early 1950s, the “semi-fit” lines of the mid-50s and the introduction of the “sack dress” in 1957.

Since he joined Balenciaga in 2015, Gvasalia has worked closely with the Balenciaga House archives to look at the original designs of Cristóbal Balenciaga to maintain artistic integrity in cut, shape and material. Now, he’s going a step further, “replicating the original salons at Balenciaga’s historical address at 10 Avenue George V.”

Cédric Charbit, President and CEO of Balenciaga, explained that the return to couture is both economically and environmentally viable. “What I feel is right about couture today is the approach is sustainable,” Charbit said, before adding, “We don’t make things that won’t be kept forever.”


Higher Education And Your Business

If you own a business, you might think it is far too late for you to go back to school. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pursuing higher education as a business owner can do wonders for both your business and your team. In fact, there is nothing holding you back and everything to gain for your business success through higher education.


Here are five ways that advanced higher education can help your business grow.

Higher Education Improves Your Skills

One of the main advantages of additional education is an improved skill set. This is especially true for managers. Unfortunately, managers often get promoted to higher positions without ever receiving extra training or education. This can make the managers feel overwhelmed and unsure and is reflected in their work. A recent study found that over 50% of managers say they have never received management training. This most certainly costs your business in the long run.

You Can Continue Working

One of the main reasons adults do not engage in higher education is because they can’t afford to take the time off from work. Because of the growth of online education, earning a degree does not require you to leave your company in the hands of others. You can study while you work. Also, many courses are only a few weeks or months long. So, you don’t need to dedicate years to acquire additional qualifications.

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Higher Education Builds Confidence

Learning new skills helps boost confidence. As we mentioned before, many managers feel unsure about their skillset. However, when they receive extra training, their confidence grows and they are more likely to be successful. This has obvious benefits for your business. Better productivity. Professional success. In addition, your self-esteem and happiness levels also increase. Research shows that people who train for their dream jobs (and then work in those jobs) are significantly happier than those who do not.

Creating New Possibilities

Education opens up new possibilities for you in your career. After all, an additional qualification makes you more qualified! However, many people think that on the job training is just as valuable, so they forgo education. However, in order to be promoted well and advance through your career additional education communicates your motivation to improve. That kind of confidence attracts more business!

Education Makes Employees More Valuable

Higher education does not only benefit managers; it can also benefit employees who want to improve their performance. Learning an extra skill set will make the employee (and therefore, the team) more efficient and productive. Supporting education also helps employees feel more motivated and passionate. This is very important, as a recent study found that over 80% of employees feel disengaged at work. That’s four out of five employees. Further education can help to reduce feelings of disengagement. 

For instance, if you run a healthcare department, and one of your employees gets a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, your whole team improves. The newly educated employee can take on more advanced healthcare roles and responsibilities. This eases pressure on other employees, and it makes the team more cohesive and productive.

Finally, higher education for employees improves employee retention. Over time, promoting uneducated managers leads to unproductive employees and high employee turnover. Turnover alone costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Therefore, promoting and completing additional education ensures that your business is being managed well. A win-win situation!

The post Higher Education And Your Business appeared first on Business Opportunities.


How to Throw a Coachella-Worthy Festival

Coachella is a festival that makes a ton of money. We’re talking more than $100 million in gross profits. Known for Instagram selfies and trending new artists, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a well-attended, huge event.


However, if your event company is thinking about trying to host a music festival, it’s not as easy as you might think. You have music talent to wrangle, logistics to figure out, security detail to hire, and parking issues to fix.

But if you’re ready to jump in and learn more about how you can make a big impact with your festival, keep reading. We can’t guarantee Coachella levels of success off the bat, but we promise these tips will lead to a great event.

Know Your Timeline

Look, all great events take time. It takes months to book musical talent, vendors, and the venue itself. If you’re trying to plan a big event, it may even take a year. What’s more, marketing the event and selling tickets takes time, too.

Figure Out Your Ticketing

For the best guest experience, it’s important that it’s easy to buy tickets for your event and move around within the event. For example, you might want to consider giving your guests cloth wristbands with integrated RFID technology if you really want to make your event stand out.

Also, specialized bracelets can give people access to VIP areas and other in-festival experiences. It’s a way to make the event seamless for attendees, so people can focus on making memories.

Calculate How Much Space You Need

Besides the actual stage where the talent will perform, you’re also going to need to figure out where the bathrooms will go, where vendors will go, and campground locations.

Establish the Budget for Your Festival

Don’t let your festival turn into the Fyre Festival. It’s important to get a mix of up-and-coming local artists in addition to a big act or two. You don’t want to go over your budget by splurging where it doesn’t make sense. You’ll also need to consider hidden costs like permits, any vendor costs, and insurance.

Decide on the General Flow of the Festival

People attending your event need food, beverages, trash cans, access to first aid, merchandise, and restrooms.

Hire Security and Erect Barriers

You need security for a lot more than putting a stop to pesky teens trying to climb over barriers to get into your event for free. You also need to make sure the crowd stays safe and there are no unruly people making the festival dangerous for others. It’s also a good idea to put up a tent or a few tents where people can get first aid, report theft or lost and found items, and so on.

Start the Marketing Campaign for Your Festival

In order to make a return on your event, it’s important to establish your marketing strategy early on in your advertising efforts. For example, you’ll need social media advertising, ads in your local paper, email marketing, and digital advertising.


It’s also a good idea to team up with the public relations people for the talent you’re booking for the event. They can help to coordinate your advertising efforts.

festival attendees

Festival Planning Is Unique

Festival planning isn’t necessarily like other events such as weddings or parties. It’s a highly specialized and involved form of event planning requiring expertise in organization and management. It’s critical to have industry experience and so you can network with people who can connect you to the talent and staff required for the event.

Before you decide
to host your own musical festival, it makes sense to try and partner up with an
experienced group of planners at national and local festivals to gain
experience. Plus, the people you meet during those work experiences may become
a pool of professional talent you can draw from when you’re planning your


Planning a music festival is a huge undertaking, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It involves a huge investment of time and money to successfully pull off.

However, if you have the experience and professional network to tap into for an event, it can be fun and rewarding. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan your event marketing. Then stick to a strict budget, and be sure to account for hiccups.

It’s important to be flexible because events are prone to mishaps like bad weather, cancelled musical acts, and other such “acts of God.” But by using this list, you’ll be able to put on a successful festival that attendees will be talking about for years to come.

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Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait Confirmed as Real After Decades of Debate

A self-portrait has been proven to be completed by none other than Vincent Van Gogh, after decades of back-and-forth debate as to its creator.

According to Artnet News, the artwork — aptly known as «Self-Portrait (1889)» — was concluded as done by Van Gogh himself, despite critics drawing speculation to missing elements commonly found in Van Gogh’s other work, an unmatched style, bleak color palette and more. The conflicting arguments stem back all the way to 1970.

The Norwegian national museum Nasjonalmuseet has had the painting since 1910 and, to conclude the matter once and for all, invited Amsterdam experts in 2014 to finalize their findings. After inspection of key elements, a conclusion was made that the work was completed not only by the Dutch painter, but also during his time suffering from psychosis, making «Self-Portrait (1889)» a highly significant piece in Van Gogh’s career.

To date, the piece would be the only artwork completed while he suffered from the mental disorder, thus depicting him at a time of discontent and illness. Van Gogh Museum senior researcher Louis van Tilborgh stated the heightened importance of the piece, that “although Van Gogh was frightened to admit at that point that he was in a similar state to his fellow residents at the asylum, he probably painted this portrait to reconcile himself with what he saw in the mirror: a person he did not wish to be, yet was.»

The portrait also draws a connection to a letter he wrote to his brother Theo on September 20, 1889, as «an attempt from when I was ill» and in a mental institution in Saint-Rémy of the same year. The painting’s origin thus explain the less-bright-more-gloomy color palette, defeated demeanor, and lifeless expression found within.

«Self-Portrait (1889)» is presently housed at Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo, Norway.

In other art news, a billionaire banker has been caught smuggling a Picasso painting worth $29 million USD.

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‘Dragon Ball Z’ Narrator Brice Armstrong Passes Away at 84

The anime community loses a highly-respected member of its universe today, as voice actor Brice Armstrong has passed away at the age of 84.

Known mostly for his narration of the stateside version of the Dragon Ball Z, Armstrong was also the voice for characters in the DBZ series; Captain Ginyu and Lord Slug, specifically. Most fans will remember his booming, deep narration voice and ability to vary his vocals to fit the needs of the anime. Talent agency Mary Collins Agency even recalls a time when veteran «voice actor» James Earl Jones even complimented the vocalist, staying «I wish I had your vocal control.»

Besides Dragon Ball Z, Armstrong was also responsible for voice acting on Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupin the Third, Case Closed and others. Cause of death has been concluded as natural causes, and Brice sadly leaves behind his family of six children and nine grandchildren. A donation fundraiser for Armstrong’s favorite charity has been set up, to which can be donated in lieu of flowers.

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First-Ever Produced 2020 Corvette C8 Sells at Auction for $3 Million USD

The much-praised and highly controversial new Chevrolet Corvette has begun its life cycle in the automotive world, and its first major highlight befittingly involves the first ever C8 ever made.

On January 19, Barrett-Jackson auctions of Scottsdale welcomed the first ever produced Chevy Corvette C8 — proven with VIN ending in 001 — at the starting price of $200,000 USD but quickly climbed in heart-pounding intervals until it hammered at $3 million USD, a jaw-dropping 50 times its retail price of $59,995 USD. While first production vehicles are very much often auctioned to collectors and firms, the purchaser Rick Hendrick — collector and owner of NASCAR team Hendrick Motorsports — bought the rare car with intentions for all the proceeds benefitting the Detroit Childrens’ Fund. And while the red car shown at the auction was just a representative, the actual car to be built as VIN 001 will contain the Z51 performance package and arrive in black on black with special GT2 seats.

The highly anticipated 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is beginning to reach the hands of reviewers internationally, and critics have touted it for its daring move to a mid-engined layout for the first time in its lineage. The base car contains a 6.2-liter LT2 V8 engine that produces 490-495 horsepower — depending on the Z51 package or without — and pushes all of its power to the rear wheels. Compared to its predecessor, the car is expected to hit 0-60 times of 2.8 seconds.

Learn more about the C8 Corvette and in other automotive news, check out the «Fuji Speedway» special edition Toyota Supra by Gazoo Racing.

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RIOT FACETASM Is the Core Brand’s Approach to Carefree Style

Japanese fashion label FACETASM pulls the veils off of its latest line, entitled RIOT FACETASM.

While the core line will continue to exist, RIOT will differ in that the design style will slightly vary from FACETASM’s often playful, «runway-ready» approach to couture. While both brands highlight the expressionism that it prides in its clothing, RIOT wants the owner of the pieces to — according to the press release — «enjoy wearing the clothes and forget about any troubles, even in this bustling everyday life.» The brand’s feather insignia also cements this, symbolizing lightness and freedom to a public which may overemphasize the clothing and styling seen today.

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RIOT FACETASM LAUNCH JULY 2020 #riotfacetasm #riot

A post shared by RIOT FACETASM (@riotfacetasm) on

Within the line’s first lookbook, we’re presented with more relaxed fits and cuttings, giving a loose and airy feel to the jackets, hoodies, shorts and more. The focused outerwear feels very much «everyday» with styling cues hitting upon military design-inspired pockets and hardware, contemporary fashion with lapels and collars, sports-wear with long drawstrings, etc. Color palettes arrive in orange and turquoise, but not forgetting black and blue. Designer Hiromichi Ochiai wanted to hark on his teenaged years for this first collection, inspired by the 1980s Tokyo fashion scene.

RIOT FACETASM will officially launch in July 2020, with a worldwide release at FACETASM stockists. While no footwear was presented within this reveal, FACETASM last worked with Jordan Brand on a colorful edition of the AJ1 for Holiday 2019.

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How to Prepare for a Business Photo Shoot

Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels

Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? Then hire a good professional photographer to do a photo shoot for your business. Moreover, make that investment pay off by taking care of the finer details ahead of time. In this post, we share some tips about how to do that.

Does Your Business Need a Photo Shoot?

Whether for your social media posts, printed brochures, your company’s LinkedIn profile, or your own website content, professional photos are a must-have. Moreover, they are one of the easiest ways for your business to make a good impression.

The image you’re trying to convey will vary depending on the type of business you own. For example, a restaurant will have a very different style from that of a law firm.

There’s no one-size-fits-all policy with when it comes to professional photo shoots. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for every business wanting to create a great first impression via the use of images.

What Should You Expect?

Most professional photographs are either headshots or photographs taken from the waist up. They can be taken in a studio, at your choice of locations, including at your workplace.

How you choose to do your photo shoot will come down to what you feel is most natural and relevant for your business. Returning to the restaurant example, a photo of a chef wearing an apron and photographed inside your kitchen will be more appropriate than having them wear a suit and tie against a white background.

How Should You Prepare for a Professional Photo Shoot?

Think About What You Want to Convey About Your Business

Consider what kind of vibe you’d like your business to give off. Is your business serious or silly? Traditional or relaxed? The tone you choose will come across not only in your outfit and the location, but also in your posture and facial expressions.

Trust your photographer to do a photo shoot that brings out the best in you, but don’t be afraid to say what you want. Some people prefer being photographed from a certain angle that they believe to be more flattering. Many also don’t like to show their teeth when they smile.

Feel free to practice in front of a mirror before the actual shoot. Remember that even some photo shots of food take a long time to get ready for photos.


Prepare Your Clothing, Hair, and Makeup

If you have the budget for it, hiring a stylist for your professional photo shoot can really help make the images pop. What’s more, it’s not just women who wear makeup during shoots. Even professional male models and actors benefit from the help of a makeup artist. The right makeup artist will make skin look clear and bring out certain features.

Clothing for your photo shoot will depend on your profession. However, a classic office outfit, such as a skirt and blouse for women or a navy blue suit for men, is usually the go-to for corporate shoots.

It’s often advised not to go crazy with colors, patterns, or jewelry. These things can be distracting in the final image. Professional hairstyles for both women and men are easy enough to find. However, don’t worry too much about shoes, as these are rarely seen in the photo anyway.

Hire the Right Photographer

At the end of the day, you’ll want a photographer who puts you at ease. You’ll also want someone who is professional and punctual, and, of course, who takes great photos. It’s not always about their fee or their level of experience. In fact, you can find many great photographers fresh out of training or even still in college who are eager for a corporate photo shoot.

Just because a photographer has 15 or more years of experience doesn’t mean they’ll fit your ideas or your budget. A fresh graduate might bring plenty of fresh concepts and an infectious level of enthusiasm that makes you feel relaxed. You can easily search for photographers online. Then look through their portfolios to find someone who matches your plans for a shoot.

A Professional Photo Shoot Can Put Your Business Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

In this age of selfies and a flood of digital images, having a professional do the job can make all the difference. So show your business in the best possible light by choosing the right professional to do your company’s photo shoot.

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Продам снег. Дорого!

Зима в этом сезонном году практически никак не завила о своих правах на трон, подарив Петербургу одну из самых бесснежных и тёплых зим. Вот уж не думал, что ноябрьская поездка к дружественному комплексу Илоранта, будет единственным снежным днём этой дождливой зимы. Возможно, всё из-за того, что товарищ Беглов всё лето усердно молился, дабы снова не наступить на ту же самую лопату, заботливо оставленную различными оппозиционерами. Возможно, просто Снежная Королева израсходовала весь лёд из генератора на приготовление алкогольных коктейлей для корпоратива национальной корпорации и теперь не осталось льдинок даже для Кая, поэтому он не может выложить слово счастье. Возможно, просто Арья Старк и правда уложила белых ходоков точным ударом клинка в грудину и теперь не веет холодом из-за огромной стены. Возможно, белые медведи настолько сильно трутся о земную ось, что снег просто не долетает до наших краёв. Возможно, Грета Тунберг настолько сильно хотела подтверждения своих слов, что теперь будет гораздо сильнее обвинять мировые корпорации в отобранном у неё снежном детстве. А возможно, в небесной канцелярии тупо закончился снег и поэтому его теперь раздают по талонам за хорошее поведение.

Вариантов может быть тысячи! Особые люди с дуршлагом на голове, видят в этом изменении бесчисленное количество заводов, которые разрушают тонкую экологию нашей планеты, другие находят следы испытания погодного оружия, а третьи выключают Рен-ТВ и просто идут гулять, надевая дождевик.


Но в последний день ноября никто и не думал, что зима обещает быть такой бесснежной. Мы активно искали в шкаву зимнии куртки, выкладывали на полку для шапок — варежки и ждали, ждали когда нас засыпет. Снег лохмотьями падал на ветки деревьев, городские службы спешно подготавливали технику и ожидали очередных снегопадов, но вместо этого город тупо залило дождями. Да разглядела небесная канцелярия танцы с бубнами администрации Беглова.


Так что я точно в тот день не думал, что буду скучать по снежному месиву и тающим снежинкам. Да о чём говорить, я даже машину в этом году всего один раз почистил от снега! Хотя в прошлом году бывало делал это по дцать раз за день. Недоумеваю, как илорантовский котик!


Если бы не обстоятельства, то взял бы мини-отпуск и укатил бы за снежным покровом на север Карелии. Там бы катался на оленях, их бы ещё и ел. А возможно наладил бы бизнес и начал отправлять снег в столицу фурами. Ну а что, в рамках масштаба встречи Нового Года в столице, Собянин мог бы и прикупить ценный ресурс.


Можно, конечно, было бы укатить и в северную Финляндию или Швецию, там с замороженными осадками проблем вроде как тоже не наблюдается.


Но вернёмся к Илоранте. В тот день снег приятно хрустел под ногами, а я натянул на свой котелок шапочку и кайфовал. Предвкушал зиму, которую так и не получил.


Так что это фото, похоже так и останется самым зимним в этом сезонном году…


P.S. Не знал куда вписать, но решил закончить пост довольно необычной композицией. На территории базы Илоранта есть довольно интересный арт-объект, где пара десятков Лениных марширует в сторону мавзолея. Вылезая из песка, эта армия направляется к храму забальзамированного тела под аккомпанемент шедевров социалистической музыки.


Смотрится это очень красиво, но несколько пугающе. Очень интересный арт-объект.


Хотите больше увлекательных историй? Тогда подписывайтесь на мой телеграм-канал, на инстаграм, ну или на Дзен, ведь там тоже бывают жаркие дебаты.

Что скрывает арка штаба?


Чисто московский Питер


Сказочный домик булочника

Подписаться на обновления
Я в других социальных сетях:

Все фотографии в этом посте сделаны мной, в противном случае указана ссылка на источник. Весь материал принадлежит автору, полная или частичная публикация без моего согласия запрещена. При подготовке статьи могли быть использованы различные источники, но слова и текст авторский. Разрешение на использование можно запросить по электронной почте. Если вы хотите разместить материал в своём личном блоге или социальных сетях, спрашивать разрешения не нужно, но пожалуйста, не забывайте ставить копирайт с активной гиперссылкой на оригинал.

По вопросам рекламы и предложений писать на почту

Нажимаем на кнопочки ниже и делимся с друзьями. Вам не сложно, мне приятно. Можно просто оставить комментарий.


ФАС разрешила Минпромторгу рекламировать российское вино без указания брендов

Федеральная антимонопольная служба (ФАС) разрешила Минпромторгу рекламировать российское вино без указания брендов, сообщает «Ъ».

В конце декабря 2019 года Минпромторг направил в ФАС просьбу разъяснить, в каких случаях возможно рекламировать акцию «Дни российских вин», которую министерство дважды в год проводит совместно с Минсельхозом и «Роскачеством». В 2020 году акции пройдут с 20 апреля по 31 мая и с 12 октября по 22 ноября.

В настоящее время рекламировать вино можно только в точках продажи. Также существуют послабления для вин, произведённых из российского винограда, — их можно рекламировать на выставках пищевой продукции и в ночное время на телевидении и радио.

ФАС рассмотрела запрос Минпромторга и пояснила, что ограничения законодательства не будут распространяться на «Дни российских вин», если в рекламе не будут называться конкретные компании и бренды. Таким образом, министерство может продвигать российское вино без каких либо ограничений.

В «Днях российских вин» примут участие производители (Alma Valley, «Абрау-Дюрсо», «Фанагория» и др.), ритейлеры (в том числе X5 Retail Group, «Ашан» и «Лента»). Общее число принимающих участие в акции торговых точек превысит 13 тыс.

Подписывайтесь на наш канал в Telegram, чтобы первыми быть в курсе главных новостей ритейла.

Сообщение ФАС разрешила Минпромторгу рекламировать российское вино без указания брендов появились сначала на


Asos начал тестировать технологию примерки в дополненной реальности

Британский интернет-магазин одежды Asos начал тестировать технологию примерки в дополненной реальности, сообщает

Технология See My Fit позволяет клиентам увидеть, как одежда различных размеров смотрится на людях с разной формой тела. В компании заявили, что стали первым ритейлером в Европе, тестирующим такую технологию.

В настоящее время клиенты Asos могут виртуально надеть 800 платьев на 16 моделей. Старший контент-менеджер компании Тим Кэри отметил, что после официального запуска приложения количество предметов одежды и моделей вырастет.

See My Fit создана компанией Zeekit, с которой Asos уже работал в 2018 году. Тогда ритейлер тестировал похожее приложение, но его функционал был более ограниченным.

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Сообщение Asos начал тестировать технологию примерки в дополненной реальности появились сначала на


Китай до конца года запретит неразлагаемые пластиковые пакеты в крупных городах

Китай до конца года запретит неразлагаемые пластиковые пакеты в крупных городах, сообщает BBC.

Согласно опубликованному пятилетнему плану, к концу 2020 году неразлагаемые пластиковые пакеты запретят во всех крупных городах Китая. К 2022 году запрет распространят на всю страну. До 2025 года из законопроекта исключат рынки, продающие свежие продукты.

В стране также запретят производство и продажу пластиковых пакетов толщиной менее 0,025 мм. Кроме того, после 2020 года предприятия общественного питания не смогут использовать пластиковые трубочки, а к 2025 году отелям придётся отказаться от бесплатных одноразовых пластиковых изделий. Индустрия общественного питания должна будет сократить использование одноразового пластика на 30%.

В 2008 году Китай запретил ритейлерам бесплатно раздавать пластиковые пакеты. Одновременно с этим в стране прекратили производство ультратонких пакетов.

В 2010 году жители Китая выбросили 60 млн т пластикового мусора. Общее количество отходов, собранных в стране в 2017 году, составило 215 млн т. Крупнейшая свалка в стране занимает площадь, сопоставимую с размером 100 футбольных полей. При этом её полностью заполнили на 25 лет раньше срока.

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Сообщение Китай до конца года запретит неразлагаемые пластиковые пакеты в крупных городах появились сначала на


Amazon разрабатывает технологию оплаты покупок отпечатком ладони

Крупнейший онлайн-ритейлер мира Amazon разрабатывает технологию оплаты покупок отпечатком ладони, сообщает со ссылкой на The Wall Street Journal.

По данным издания, Amazon разрабатывает кассовый терминал, позволяющий оплачивать чеки с привязанных банковских карт с помощью отпечатка ладони. При этом технология пока находится на раннем этапе, хотя Amazon уже начал сотрудничать с Visa и ведёт переговоры с MasterCard.

Источники американского издания уверяют, что компания рассчитывает на заинтересованность в технологии бизнесов с постоянным потоком покупателей, например кафе и ресторанов быстрого питания. Данные с терминалов компания может использовать для улучшения таргетирования онлайн-рекламы.

Кроме того, ритейлер запустит собственный кошелёк Amazon Pay. Кошелёк позволит оплачивать покупки не только на Amazon, но и в сторонних магазинах.

Подписывайтесь на наш канал в Telegram, чтобы первыми быть в курсе главных новостей ритейла.

Сообщение Amazon разрабатывает технологию оплаты покупок отпечатком ладони появились сначала на


Radiohead Generously Makes Its «Library» of Content Free

Indie rock band Radiohead has just updated its «infuriatingly uninformative» website and corrected it to be epic, by providing a slew of old and rare content to the masses, for free. is now labeled as the «RADIOHEAD PUBLIC LIBRARY» which, befittingly, contains the bands catalog of albums and singles. More notably however are the inclusions of rare events and performances, along with streams and music videos both released and unreleased. The band’s more recognized albums — OK Computer, Kid A, and Amnesiac — are available to purchase and stream of course, but earlier recordings predating Pablo Honey have been given the light of day, all the way back to their first EP entitled Drill. While currently it doesn’t seem to have any content tied to it (but the albums are available on Spotify, Drill EP streamable below) and is simply track lists and album cover art, the inclusion makes the archive that much richer.

Naturally the website is also home to a selection of merch, but surprisingly the members’ short film series The most Gigantic Lying mouth of All Time is embedded as well within the Hail to the Thief era, giving a glimpse into the creative, eccentric, and rather unorthodox minds of Thom Yorke and his bandmates during their careers in the early 2000s. Fans will also be delighted to find full sets streamable as well, such as the band’s 90-plus-minute live outing at Lollapalooza 2016.

Check out the RADIOHEAD PUBLIC LIBRARY to enjoy everything from the band, but if you prefer a more modern platform, Radiohead also released its full discography on YouTube as well.

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The Art Of Wearing Wild Pants

Pattern mixing–all in one garment. From Pentimento.

George Frazier’s classic essay “The Art of Wearing Clothes” is at its heart an argument in favor of conservative clothing. Anecdote after anecdote indicate the folly of flashy dress — Sir Walter Raleigh was a fool in a “doublet finely flowered,” Lord Buckingham literally dripped diamonds, Prince von Kaunitz needed four wig attendants. Frazier sets these men up to shine a light on the moment it all changed — for the better, in his view — with the arrival of Beau Brummel. The O.G. dandy cared deeply about clothing and allegedly changed three times a day, but he made showing off a far less showy affair. Post-Brummel, the desired state of men’s dress was “tasteful simplicity,” restraint, and “studied carelessness.”

To an extent, Frazier (or at least his writing) is the Brummel off our time. Whether they were influential or just prescient, his essays define modern style as subtle, personal, and within pretty traditional boundaries. Esquire published “The Art of Wearing Clothes” in 1960, on the verge of cultural (and fashion) upheaval. All of the style icons illustrated with the essay are depicted tailoring, and for the most part they’re very serious men: businessmen, politicians, plus Fred Astaire. What Frazier, a jazz critic, really added with his writing was an attempt to define cool.


Esquire’s best dressed men, 1960.


Frazier’s (and Brummel’s) pronouncements resonate today. Some of the snobbishness about getting the right clothes from the right places, and just being handsome and rich, we’ve begun to leave behind, but many men (including me!) still strive to dress subtly and within a prescribed set of rules, and to look like we care, but not too much. The average guy may not have read back issues of Esquire (or Put This On), but he knows that society generally wants him to look effortlessly cool.

Author Alexandra Rowland has a different perspective on this drive to fit in. In a dazzling rant last year on Twitter, they wrote:

BEAU FUCKING BRUMMEL… He is the *inventor* of the reason that many men today feel self-conscious in anything eye-catching or unique. Shapeless hoodies and jeans or cargo pants for everybody! A suit that looks exactly like everyone else’s! So we have THIS GODDAMN ASSHOLE swanning into Regency society, making everyone feel shitty about themselves unless they conform exactly to his standards. It is an artificial construction of casualness — “look exactly like everyone else, don’t stand out,” but to do that WELL, it requires you to put yourself at the ABSOLUTE CENTER OF YOUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Boys. My boys. What would be fun to wear? What would make you feel cute? Brocade waistcoat? Do it. Weird pants? Do it. Bright colors? PLEASE DO IT, Y’ALL ARE SO CUTE WHEN YOU WEAR COLORS.

Which brings me to my point: weird pants. Let’s wear them more. Most of the pattern and color in men’s clothing gets covered up — we buy bright shirts and silk ties but then hide them under gray tailored jackets; you only get a little window there to shine. We are a little more flexible with casual outerwear or graphic tshirts, which shift in and out of vogue. I have some weird tshirts, for sure.

But the overwhelming pants palette is neutral: indigo, gray, khaki, olive. Downright Brummellian. Some tartans, some cords, and the occasional go-to-hell pattern or embroidered animal, which is loud, sure, but acceptable at country clubs; it’s not weird. When I want to try something new with pants, it’s usually a slight shape/cut change, or adding details like a pocket here or a tab waist there.  We’re picky about trousers — a classic menswear tale is that the Duke of Windsor had his jackets made in England but his trousers in America, because he preferred American pants. I don’t like to cite the Duke, but me too, man.


Engineered Garments pants at Neighbor.


It makes sense that guys want versatile pants and get attached to particular cuts. Pants are one of the hardest fits to get right and when you’re taking chances on shirts and jackets, it’s helpful to hold the pants as a static variable. But once you move a bit beyond a denim wardrobe for casual pants, there are a lot of choices — mixed texture, bold colors, patterns, and even prints.

The safest way to bring weird pants into the fold is to keep the rest of the outfit relatively neutral–gray, white, or black shirts or outerwear. These are for sure not for business wear, so it’s best to keep the character of the other pieces relaxed, and avoiding anything too tailored or business-y. Weird pants can fit well with workwear or milsurp style, which is often neutral anyway, and the right sort of out-of-office vibe. Knits, too, should be on the rough-hewn side rather than finer, sleeker finishes. For shoes, plain leather bluchers strike the right balance, or something non-sneaker but extremely casual, like Clark’s Wallabees, or very simple sneakers.

More than other bold clothing, weird pants require committing to the bit. They’re a risk — a flowered strut in the direction of Sir Walter Raleigh. You’re wearing weird pants. You did it on purpose. There’s a chance you may get asked about them by a would-be Beau Brummel.


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One-off pants from Bode.

Gold cable cords from 18east.

More Engineered Garments, which has been making floral pants on and off for over a decade.

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Acne Studios FW20 Backstage!

Take a look at Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2020 backstage shot by Marc Medina during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

For the Men’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Acne Studios has explored the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence as a source of design inspiration.

It is amazing to see that Artificial Intelligence can be freeing as a creative tool. I wanted the collection to be alive with new possibilities for how we wear clothes, while also being grounded in strange reality,” says Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios.

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Dunhill FW20 Backstage!

Take a look at Dunhill Fall/Winter 2020 backstage shot by Marc Medina during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

The man in this collection is a cross between the preppy and the new wave, the establishment and the anti-establishment – it is not about making purely singular characters. Instead, it is about taking all those elements and putting them together, reconstructing and recontextualizing. I approached the collection in terms of process – dismantling it and putting it together in a different way. It is also about how to build and engineer clothing. It is a mindset that is not lofty, but it is exciting in its technicality. In many ways, it is a new view of deconstruction.” – Creative Director, Mark Weston

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Enfants Riches Déprimés FW20 Backstage!

Take a look at Enfants Riches Déprimés Fall/Winter 2020 backstage shot by Marc Medina during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

The show took place at The American Cathedral on Sunday, January 19th, 2020. Clean, classic tailoring with tonal layering and complementary color clashes. Looks with bold color palettes were anchored and romantic with the accent of sterling silver rose pin.

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Palomo Spain FW20 Backstage!

Take a look at Palomo Spain Fall/Winter 2020 backstage shot by Marc Medina during Paris Fashion Week, in exclusive for Fucking Young!

This season Alejandro Gómez Palomo took his inspiration from the concept of Ecstasy seen from two different perspectives: the religious and mystic one, with Catholic references and the work of ‘El Greco’, and the physic one, with the raves and recreational drugs, to surprisingly mix them. He has also chosen a very new color palette which includes the vivid colors of ‘El Greco’s paintings and is unveiling a very special collaboration with Swarovski.

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Fashion Trust Arabia Announces First Round 2020 Jury

On the last day of Paris Fashion Week Men, a special reception was held at the Embassy of Qatar in Paris, in honor of all FTA members marking the announcement of the Judging Panel. The evening was co-hosted by FTA Founder Tania Fares, Carine Roitfeld, Elie Saab, and Farida Khelfa and Mrs. Eman Al Kuwari, wife of the Ambassador of Qatar to France. The Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA), is a charitable organization supporting emerging talent in the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region and focuses on scouting, funding and nurturing design talent while bringing global awareness to its burgeoning fashion industry.

Twenty-five finalists will showcase their collections in Doha, Qatar on 25th March 2020 to FTA’s Judging Panel, who will then select the 5 winning designers from the shortlisted finalists. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony that same evening, under the patronage and presence of HH Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, at the newly opened National Museum of Qatar, designed by renowned architect, Jean Nouvel. The five winning designers will receive a financial grant of up to $200,000, a one-year mentorship program from the London-based global luxury retailer, as well as specialized guidance on sustainability from Maison de Mode. will also stock the FTA winners’ collections, providing a crucial platform for the entire world to discover these winning designers.

Last marked the first edition with a judging panel made up Victoria Beckham, Natalie Massenet, Alexander Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg, Antoine Arnault, and Remo Ruffini to name a few.

For 2020 Judges are:

Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-Chairman & GM of New World Development
Aimee Song, Influencer and Best-Selling Author
Alber Elbaz, Fashion Designer
Carine Roitfeld, Editor-in-Chief and Fashion Director
Christian Louboutin, Shoe Designer
Daniel Arsham, Artist
Elie Saab, Fashion Designer
Elizabeth Saltzman, Celebrity Stylist
Farida Khelfa, Model
Gaia Repossi, Jewellery Designer
Laura Brown, InStyle US Editor-in-Chief
Marc Jacobs, Fashion Designer
Mario Sorrenti, Photographer
Michele Lamy, Entrepreneur & Business Partner Rick Owens
Naomi Campbell, Model
Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director, Balmain
Pierpaolo Piccioli, Creative Director, Valentino
Thom Browne, Fashion Designer
Tory Burch, Fashion Designer
Yoon Ambush, Fashion Designer & Dior Homme Director of Jewellery
Giancarlo Giammetti, Founder & Honorary President of Valentino

Meanwhile, the recently introduced FTA Advisory Board will create a shortlist of 25 finalists from all applications for the 2020 Awards. Advisory board members for this year’s prize include Sarah Andelman, Tim Blanks, Carmen Busquets, Jefferson Hack, Natalie Kingham, Gianluca Longo, Sara Sozzani Maino, Sofia Guellaty, Julie Gilhart, Sarah Mower and Fabio Piras.

Find out more at

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Гейм-конференция зимы Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020 открывает свои двери

20- 21 января в Лондоне пройдет Pocket Gamer Connects.

В течение двух дней 2 500 участников со всего мира соберутся в The Brewery, чтобы услышать более 310 докладчиков мирового уровня, которые выступят в рамках 25 треков. Они поделятся инсайтами и советами по всем вопросам касательно игровой индустрии. Там будут представители таких компаний, как Rovio, Supercell, Facebook, Tencent, King, Wargaming, Zynga и другие.

Среди новинок 2020 года будут два мероприятия, посвященных блокчейну, ПК и консолям. На Blockchain Gamer LIVE! — огромное количество контента и докладчиков, которые поделятся своим опытом, в то время как Big Screen Gaming — сосредоточен на всех аспектах игр на ПК, консолях и XR.

Вас также ждут инди-питчи и отличный нетворкинг посредством системы встреч Pitch & Match, SpeedMatch, Investor Connector, и Global Connects Party.

VRGeek будет следить за данным мероприятиям и обязательно даст вам знать, если на нем будет анонсирован действительно интересный VR-проект.

Запись Гейм-конференция зимы Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020 открывает свои двери впервые появилась VR geek.


Увеличилось количество людей, использующих голосовых помощников для шопинга

Около 35% потребителей уже имеют в доме голосового помощника, а 23% планируют приобрести его до конца 2020 года. Среди наиболее популярных его применений — звонки, проигрывание музыки и шопинг. Об этом говорится в исследовании рынка аудио 2019 г., проведенного Qualcomm, — разработчиком беспроводных средств связи. В опросе приняли участие 6 тыс. человек, живущих в Китае, […]

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Суд разделил иск Яндекса к Афише на три отдельных производства

Поданный 30 декабря в суд по интеллектуальным правам иск Яндекса к входящей в Rambler Group «Компании Афиша» был разделен на три производства. Как следует из информации в картотеке арбитражных дел, два из них зарегистрированы 17 января, еще одно — 15 января.  Известно, что ранее, в декабре«Компания Афиша» направляла в Палату по патентным спорам претензию из-за […]

Сообщение Суд разделил иск Яндекса к Афише на три отдельных производства появились сначала на

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Google: домен – это самая важная часть URL

В сентябре 2018 года стало известно о том, что команда Google Chrome работает над заменой URL. Что именно должно отображаться вместо URL-адресов, разработчики пока не решили, но некоторые участники SEO-сообщества предположили, что Google может удалить доменные имена из поисковых сниппетов. Это мнение прозвучало в комментариях к заявлению о редизайне десктопной выдачи. Однако в Google его […]

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Яндекс расширил географию размещения DOOH более, чем в 3 раза

​Для размещения цифровой наружной рекламы в Директе теперь доступны еще 150 поверхностей оператора наружной рекламы Gallery в Екатеринбурге, Новосибирске, Красноярске, Краснодаре, Волгограде, Воронеже, Иркутске, Нижнем Новгороде, Саратове, Уфе, Хабаровске и Челябинске. Всего на сегодняшний день в Яндекс.Директе рекламодателям доступно почти 800 поверхностей в 15 городах России. Размещать свою рекламу на цифровых наружных носителях можно через […]

Сообщение Яндекс расширил географию размещения DOOH более, чем в 3 раза появились сначала на

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Декриминализация имени Даши Букиной

Кадр из сериала «Счастливы вместе»

Сегодня Преображенский районный суд Москвы вынес приговор Наталье Бочкарёвой, которую народ знает по роли Даши Букиной в сериале «Счастливы вместе». Актрису оштрафовали на 30 тысяч рублей за то, что в сентябре 2019 года, когда её машину остановили гаишники, у неё с собой было 0,69 грамма кокаина. Она признала свою вину, но избежала судимости по «народной» 228-й статье.

Самое интересное, что о штрафе вместо уголовки ранее попросило следствие, а прокурор и судья с этим согласились:

«До Бочкаревой перед судом выступил дознаватель, который поддержал собственное ходатайство и указал, что Бочкарева загладила вину «путем перевода средств в благотворительный фонд Евгения Воскресенского».

Прокурор тоже не возражает против судебного штрафа — для России это относительно новый вид наказания, заключающийся в денежном взыскании, при котором человек не получает судимость».

Тут хочется спросить: А ЧТО, ТАК МОЖНО БЫЛО?

Поймите меня правильно, я вовсе не призываю посадить Букину-Бочкарёву. Наоборот, я очень рад, что суд в кои-то веки вынес адекватный приговор и не стал отправлять человека за решётку. Штраф мог бы быть раз в 10-20 больше, если бы она была под кокаином за рулём, потому что человек, управляющий автомобилем в таком состоянии, общественно опасен. В крови Бочкарёвой следов наркотика не нашли, так что, думаю, решение суда вполне справедливое.

Но нельзя ли судить так всех, а не только популярных актрис?

В 2018 году по наркотическим статьям в российских тюрьмах сидело 136 000 человек – более четверти всех заключённых. Очень многих задерживают с небольшим весом лёгких наркотиков (скажем, марихуаны) для собственного потребления, но им часто шьют производство и сбыт, либо сажают на срок до 3-х лет как «хранителей», потому что статья 228 УК РФ это вполне позволяет.

То есть формально это преступление небольшой тяжести, но посадить на три года тебя всё равно могут. Этим обстоятельством очень любят пользоваться полицейские, которые подбрасывают наркотики, чтобы «закрыть» неудобного активиста, улучшить статистику раскрываемости и продвинуться по службе либо просто выудить взятку.

Хочу напомнить, что лёгкие наркотики в России надо полностью легализовать, а хранение небольших объёмов остальных – декриминализировать. Ни обществу, ни государству не было бы никакой пользы, если б «Даша Букина» отправилась в колонию на три года.

Сегодня в российских тюрьмах гниют десятки тысяч людей, осужденных по 228-й статье. Например, потребители той же марихуаны, которых взяли с двумя граммами для себя, но следователи быстренько записали их в дилеры, а обвинение и суд с радостью с этим согласились. Если эти люди выйдут из тюрем, наше общество станет только здоровее.

Безусловно вредные табак и алкоголь у нас почему-то продаются в каждом магазине, а вот марихуана считается страшным наркотиком. А ведь государство могло бы зарабатывать на «конопляных» акцизах так же, как оно сейчас зарабатывает на сигаретах и водке.

Тем не менее я рад, что появился прецедент. Если обычных людей тоже начнут просто штрафовать вместо того, чтобы рушить им жизнь, Россия сделает огромный шаг вперёд.


Artem Shumov Fall/Winter 2020

Russian menswear designer Artem Shumov presents the new Fall-Winter 20-21 collection captured by Mario Grey. The designer explores the dualism of the phenomenon of globalization, which simultaneously leads to a loss of identity and a search for individuality in different cultures. The collection combines tradition with modern technology: a gray wool suit and a classical blue coat, a native ornament trench-coat made from a Balinese hand-crafted fabric, neon bombers and colorful striped nylon shirts.

Shumov talks about sources of inspiration for the new collection: “The leitmotif of this season for me can be expressed in just one word – local. We live in very interesting times, technology is often ahead of social foundations and norms; it is important not to lose yourself, to find and maintain your individuality has become a relevant problem not just for one person, but for entire nations”.

Photographer Mario Grey
Assistant: Arina Zavarzina
Models: Artem Volkov, Denis, Natalie Chekati, Edward Fong, Andrey Yarden, Matteo Ferrabosch



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‘Euphoria’ Is Holding Open Castings for Three New Speaking Roles in Season 2

hbo renews euphoria season two

After a hugely successful debut, Euphoria has been renewed by HBO for a second season. Now, fans of the nihilistic teen drama have another reason to get excited, as casting directors are looking to fill three new speaking roles.

According to Project Casting, the casting directors aren’t looking for applicants with previous acting experience — you just need to be based anywhere in the United States and over 18 years old. See the descriptions for new characters Darian, Ray, and Ami below.

  1. Darian: 18+ to play 17. Any ethnicity. An outsider. Sensitive. Vulnerable. Mischievous. Definitely not the cool kid at school but one of the more interesting kids.
  2. Ray: 18+ to play 17. Any ethnicity. Attractive with an edge. Working-class. Pure heart. Scrappy but a fighter. Not verbose or educated but has all the words he needs.
  3. Ami: 18-20’s. Drug Addict. Stripper. Hates her boyfriend. Talks shit. Can’t read a room. Has a big mouth. Can make a bad situation worse.

The three new cast members will be acting alongside Zendaya, who will return as the lead in season 2.


Kanye Vs Travis Vs Drake. Who Wins Your Sneaker Cop?

Hip hop’s monumental influence on streetwear, which can be traced back to ’70s New York, is undeniable. The relationship between the genre’s artists and sneaker culture, in particular, is a lasting one that is arguably as strong as ever today. The power of rapper footwear collabs and the resulting queues of grail hunters they command make a good case for such claims.

A diverse list of hip hop artists, from Pharrell Williams up to Lil Wayne and Tyler the Creator, have taken time outside the studio to add their stamp to a sneaker or two. However, when it comes to these collabs, there are three heavyweights that hit as hard in the footwear game as they do in music — and that’s Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Drake. Below, we’ve picked out recent highlight sneakers from the trio, all of which can still be shopped online at Stadium Goods.

Since his Nike partnership came to an end back in 2014, Kanye West’s and adidas’ YEEZY line has proved so successful, that should Ye’s music career ever go south, he’ll still have something to do on a Monday morning. Our trio of Kanye-impressed sneakers is headed up by the Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision.” Released in November last year, this is a recent iteration of the 500, a silhouette that goes big on the chunky front. This subdued pink colorway of the 500 reflects the YEEZY brand’s penchant for an earthy palette — seen across its sneakers and wider apparel.

The 500 line, and its wavy sole, is a nod to the adidas KB8 3 — a Kobe Bryant signature sneaker from the early days of his partnership with the Three Stripes. And while the “Soft Vision” could too pass as a basketball shoe, YEEZY has also turned its hand to a range of more running-led silhouettes. These include the BOOST 380 and 700 “Azael”, which are shoppable below. These shoes represent the more futuristic face of YEEZY, a label that has undoubtedly driven progression in footwear since its inception.

Kanye’s claim to the throne has been well and truly under threat since 2017, when Houston rapper Travis Scott first teamed up with Nike. The first official drop from the pair came in the form of a Nike Air Force 1 with a removable silver Swoosh and a deubré shaped like Scott’s grill.

Since then, Travis Scott and Jordan Brand have gone on to dream up sneakers that are not easy to come by — to say the least. The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6, released in December 2019, marked the third time this partnership used the Air Jordan for creative output. Complete with stash pocket and glow-in-the-dark outsole, this is a piece that drew a lot of losses and continues to raise the roof at resale. Low silhouettes from Scott and the Swoosh include the wild Air Force 1 Low “Cactus Jack” — a melting pot of materials, that boasts leather, nylon, canvas, corduroy, and more. It’s safe to say that Travis Scott and Nike sneakers have always strayed from tradition.

From Houston to Toronto, and an artist that has been in the apparel game for almost ten years. Launching his October’s Very Own (“OVO”) label way back in 2011, Drake has been called upon by Jordan Brand several times since to work on limited sneakers. Many of these releases happen to be some of the hardest to come by Jumpan-stamped pieces around.

You can still get your hands on pieces from Drake and Nike at resale, though, including the OVO x Air Jordan 12 Retro. This shoe was released during the NBA All-Star Weekend and was a follow up to the white edition that preceded it a year earlier. You’ll also find a more recently released Raptors-honoring Air Jordan 4 below, produced as a result of Drake’s beloved Toronto Raptors winning the NBA finals in 2019.

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A Supermarket Chain Compared Its Uniform to Ivy Park & Twitter Has Lost It

In what could be the most random beef of the year so far, British grocery store chain Sainsbury’s has stirred the Beyhive after it compared its uniform to Beyoncé’s newly released Ivy Park x adidas collection.

The “Sainsbey” controversy kicked off when Sainsbury’s retweeted one of the promotional images from the Ivy Park collection with the caption “Repping since 1869,” the year Sainsbury’s was established.

Since the tweet was posted, Twitter has well and truly embraced #SainsBey — and the results are hilarious. As you might have guessed, everyone has an opinion.


The New Sotheby’s x Highsnobiety Capsule Looks Towards Fine Art’s Digital Future

Sotheby's x Highsnobiety White T-Shirt and Hoodie

Regarded for its variety of sought-after rarities, including, but not limited to, fine and decorative art, Sotheby’s remains at the forefront of art’s representation in the modern age. In a bid to prepare for fine art’s place in an increasingly digital future, Sotheby’s has partnered with Highsnobiety for the release of an exclusive, seven-piece capsule referencing the broker’s Old Masters collection.

Launching on the Highsnobiety Shop, and in The Co.lab — a first-of-its-kind retail experience hosted in the Selfridges Corner Store — on January 20, the capsule features a selection of ready-to-wear garments, and accessories.

Featuring everything from rich portraiture, to scenes of 16th-century opulence, the Sotheby’s x Highsnobiety capsule puts forward a compelling case for the need to re-contextualize such pioneering works. Though many may argue that the sanctity of these paintings is only damaged by digital’s encroach, the following interview suggests that there may be a lot to gain from doing so.

“I believe there is a flight to quality in a world where there is so much content to take in. People are really appreciating these unique one-of-a-kind works of art.”

David Pollack, Sotheby’s director of eCommerce development

However, this does not mean that the gap between the digital and the physical must be completely bridged. But rather, logical parallels must be drawn between the two, as the fine and refined have proven complimentary. Next to this, the capsule aligns well with Highsnobiety’s continued quest to define luxury’s new meaning, as it transforms luxury’s more historical hallmarks into wearable garments for the contemporary consumer.

To commemorate the launch, we sat down with David Pollack and Brahm Wachter — Sotheby’s director of e-commerce development, Old Masters senior vice president and specialist respectively — to run the rule over the collection’s feature artworks, and better contextualize fine art’s move into the digital sphere. Spanning centuries, we discuss masterpieces such as the “Allegory of Abundance,” a 16th century example from the Florentine School, as well as Ginevra Cantofoli’s “A Sea-Nymph.”

Pollack: I think that the Old Masters market, and the traditional Old Masters buyer, at least in the public’s eyes, haven’t been a group historically associated with emerging technological trends. Yet, as we move into a new decade, it’s very important for our department to be cultivating a new generation of Old Master lovers. We feel that through our digital channels, we can reach a whole new generation.

Brahm: I think as you said, this partnership, and many others we have been doing are about engaging with new audiences online, and through our e-commerce platform. Each item from the Highsnobiety capsule is beautiful, and present the individual works in a totally new way. They are interesting, unique, and at the same time, immortalize a very specific moment that is usually fleeting — our Day Sale for example — through their designs.

Pollack: Our market is quickly moving online. It’s a great thing for Old Masters to be shared digitally, as one of the things that makes these works so beautiful are the details. And through high-resolution photography, you can really appreciate the paintings in a completely new way. In regards to many people’s concerns of diminishing popularity, or supply, what we’re seeing is actually a resurgence in appreciation for the Old Masters series. I believe there is a flight to quality in a world where there is so much content to take in. People are really appreciating these unique, one-of-a-kind artworks.

Wachter: I totally agree. I think when people see these works, and the quality inherent to them, they really respond. I feel continuing to do partnerships like this, and ones like Fabrizio Moretti x Fabrizio Moretti “In Passing,” or the partnership the Old Masters team did with Victoria Beckham, continue to expose people to the beauty in these works. We actually had record levels of online bidding for our Fabrizio Moretti sale, and in total sold 100% of the works for a price above the high estimate. I really think this speaks to the power of partnerships and collaboration. Building on that momentum, we were especially excited to partner with Highsnobiety to find a new way to showcase and share these incredible works, which the artists could have never imagined in their time.

Highsnobiety / José Cuevas

Highsnobiety / José Cuevas

Wachter: The colors on this work are spectacular. Specifically the deep reds and luscious greens. By far my favorite of the lot. It’s spectacular in person!

Pollack: This is a mysterious painting, one which takes inspiration from a number of schools but is closest to the type of work produced in Prague during the 16th Century. It is quite literally an allegory of abundance, so naturally the artist has included a cornucopia of fruit, animals, and so forth. It is bursting with life.

Wachter: It’s a small detail, but the coral she is holding in her hand, and the way it is lit, is incredible, and vibrant. On the merch itself, I appreciate how our Day Sale is referenced on the front of the T-shirt.

Pollack: Ginevra Cantofoli was one of the few, very successful female Old Masters. She painted in Bologna in the 17th century and this female sea-nymph is an amazing summation of the region’s style. Idealized, smooth skin, and beautiful. It is one of the best paintings in our Day Sale.

Highsnobiety / Jose Cuevas

Highsnobiety / José Cuevas

Wachter: People love Memento Mori — which is supposed to be a reminder that we are all going to die — if for nothing else than to help us lead our best lives.

Pollack: Yes, people love Memento Mori. They are timeless images which people appreciate for their contemporary references, but when they were produced they were seen as moralizing reminders of the transience of life. They are among our very best performers, and are widely collected by a variety of people. Obviously, I love this hoodie.

In summary, what we can learn from the above is that fine art‘s eventual digitization should not be feared, but encouraged for the way in which it can bring attention to the pieces that would have otherwise been overlooked today. The trade-off for moving these works away from their original form is thus minimal, serving more to highlight forgotten mastery, than destroying original values.


1017 ALYX 9SM Closes Paris Fashion Week in Perfect Style

I didn’t see Bella Hadid once but twice today. First on this morning’s Lanvin runway, and last at 1017 ALYX 9SM where she closed the show in a stunning suit and tie with femme fatale heels. Impressive. ALYX founder and designer Matthew Williams has always set out to subvert traditional dressing norms. Early on, his brand looked to streetwear codes without ever being streetwear. Soon after he pushed the boundaries of what techwear could look like, including successful collaborations with Mackintosh on outerwear, and big hits in the sneakers and sportswear space.

Now, the Chicago-born designer is set out to redefine the way in which the next generation will dress at the office, or street, or party, or on weekends. All these distinctions are blurred now, so the officewear wasn’t officewear in the traditional sense. Add some bling to the collection and you’ve got an audience excited.

“Alyx is and always has been about autobiography and instinct. It’s about a view of the world based on this, but I’m preoccupied with what is to come, not what has gone. This collection is about the blended versions of reality we all live in – both the real and unreal together.”

Matthew Williams

“I have absolute faith in Matt. Always have, always will do. He’s a talent.” – Jo-Ann Furniss, fashion writer and consultant.

Bejewelled Mackintosh Trench Collaboration

Last week when I met up with Williams in London he asked me if I would ever wear anything diamanté. Absolutely not. And then the model came out wearing this. “It’s what you might wear on your way to complete the final level and meet the last boss,” says Williams. True that.

Patent Leather Cowboy Boots

Cowboy hats, western shirts, and Daisy dukes, for men are all the rage this season. But unless you own an organic milk farm in Wisconsin, don’t be that person. Get these killer boots instead.

Pink Tank

You don’t understand the full 1017 ALYX 9SM universe until you walk into their showroom the day after the show. Show pieces, swimwear, furniture, underwear, card holders, phone cases, hosiery, footwear in every color, shape and texture, rollercoaster belt everything. And now a stunning pink tank with metal detailing.

Mohair Jumper

Not a mohair knit, but the mohair knit.


Here’s Your First Look at Colin Farrell as the Penguin in Upcoming ‘The Batman’ Film

Colin Farrell attends the 2018 Maui Film Festival's Taste of Summer opening party

Filming for Matt Reeves‘ upcoming The Batman film has apparently already begun in Glasgow, Scotland. Photos from what is assumed to be the set have made their way online, offering us a first glimpse at Robert Pattinson as Batman and Colin Farrell as The Penguin.

One set of photos shows Farrell with silver hair and wearing The Penguin’s signature black coat and umbrella. Other photos show what is assumed to be Pattinson on a motorcycle with a film crew around him. Check out both sets below.

The last set of photos gives us a look at Gotham City police cars, as well as vans with Gotham City insignia.

The Batman‘s cast also features Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as Riddler, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, and Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth. The Matt Reeves-directed movie is expected to hit US theatres on June 25, 2021.


21 Studio Ghibli Films Are Coming to Netflix Next Month

Beginning February 1st, Netflix will start adding Studio Ghibli films to its streaming service for audiences outside North America and Japan.

Fans in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America will soon be able to enjoy beloved titles including Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbour Totoro. 

Yesterday, Netflix announced that it acquired the rights to 21 films from the Academy Award-winning Japanese art house. For the first time ever, the expansive catalog of Studio Ghibli films will be subtitled in 28 languages and dubbed in up to 20.

Meanwhile, WarnerMedia announced that it had obtained US streaming rights for the spring launch of HBO Max.

In related news, Studio Ghibli announced that it’s working on two new films. The studio also commented on its upcoming theme park, noting that “Ghibli Park has started earnest, we hope to be able to deliver a lot of excitement again this year.”


‘Bad Boys for Life’ Scored a Record $68M in Its Opening Weekend

bad boys for life trailer feat Ariana Grande Martin Lawrence Nike

Bad Boys for Life earned an estimated $68.1 million over the four-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that makes it the second-best showing ever for that holiday period.

Seventeen years on from the last Bad Boys installment, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back together, and it looks as though they’ve maintained their popularity, both at home and overseas.

Bad Boys for Life brought in $38.6 million overseas, and $59 million at the domestic box office during its first three days. Variety reports that the film is expected to cross the $100 million mark globally this weekend.

And it’s not just proving popular at the box office: The threequel received surprisingly glowing reviews from critics and is being praised for delivering a fun, nostalgic treat.




Бывший президент «Дикси» Илья Якубсон стал советником главы X5 Retail Group

Бывший президент «Дикси» Илья Якубсон стал советником главы X5 Retail Group, сообщает РБК.

Илья Якубсон стал советником главного исполнительного директора X5 Retail Group Игоря Шехтермана в ноябре 2019 года. Представитель группы рассказал, что экспертиза Якубсона востребована для «исследования перспектив развития некоторых новых направлений бизнеса».

Илья Якубсон работал много лет работал в российском ритейле. С 2006 года он был вице-президентом торговой компании «Мегаполис», а с 2008-го он перешёл в торговую сеть «Дикси», где занимал должности вице-президента и президента.

Якубсон покинул «Дикси» в 2015 году. С 2018 года он возглавил сеть клиник «Альфа – Центр здоровья». С этой должности он ушёл в октябре 2019 года.

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Mid Century Sans Font Family from Dharma Type

Mid Century Sans, a geometric sans-serif font family consisting of sixteen styles and published by foundry Dharma Type.

Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and published by Dharma Type in 2020, the Mid Century Sans font family is based on a typeface that was composed using high-geometric shapes. The result is a font family with very efficient, clear, and minima letterforms. The basic letter form is characterized by geometric functionality known from the Bauhaus movement as well as the friendly appearance and human touch as we know it from mid-century designs.

The family consists of eight weights plus matching Italics resulting in a total of sixteen styles. In addition, Mid Century Sans supports international Latin-based languages as well as all basic Cyrillic languages. To learn more about all typographic features, just click on one of the following links.

Download at MyFonts.
Download at Fontspring

Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.
Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.
Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.
Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.
Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.
Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.
Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.
Mid Century Sans font family from Dharma Type.

Download at MyFonts.
Download at Fontspring

Feel free to find more typefaces from different genres in our recommended Fonts category.

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Yams Day 2020: A Night of Music, Wrestling & Pandemonium

On Friday night, frigid late evening air and a slow-moving line made the triangular plaza in front of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center feel like an arctic tundra. Still, anticipation – and the VLONE shirt count – remained sky high, as rap fans and hypebeasts shuffled into the arena to bear witness to the 5th annual Yams Day, a one-night rap showcase and celebration held in honor of the late A$AP Mob godfather, A$AP Yams.

Inside, a 15-foot bust of Yams’ symbol, a snarling bull, menaced the crowd from the middle of the stage, flanked by twin DJ booths fashioned as Lamborghinis. The centerpiece, though, was a wrestling ring (in honor of Yams’ love of wrestling) situated at half-court. During the night’s early acts, it was unclear how this ring would be utilized. While Night Lovell, Maxo Kream, and Bun B banged out quick, six-minute sets from the comfort of the stage, Kenny Beats’ guest Key! ventured into the ring to perform. As Pi’erre Bourne bopped around in the ring performing “Poof,” he was unexpectedly upstaged by the arrival of A$AP Rocky, who, swaddled in chains, fought his way through the crowd and hopped up on the ring; thrashing the ropes and whipping Barclays into a frenzy as Bourne dutifully continued with his performance.

After a short set from Smooky Margielaa and his diminutive Bronx sidekick Bouba Savage – the world’s most famous 12-year-old rapper – the musical performances continued, but took a backseat to the wrestling ring, which was suddenly occupied by an actual wrestling match, complete with referees and superplexes. THOTTWAT (fka ICYTWAT) performed now, urging the mosh pit to get bloody, and Bouba Savage cannonballed into a sea of arms, but the crowd seemed mostly interested in the battle taking place atop the ladder that had been erected in the middle of the ring. The mosh pits, which were most active when DJs played Fivio Foreign, Pop Smoke, and Lil Uzi, died down during sets by slowthai and the Staten Island duo G4 Boyz. (Shades of the American reaction to Giggs’ verse on “KMT” were clearly felt.)

For the remaining two hours, A$AP Rocky served as the official Yams Day hypeman; he bounded around the stage, denounced “soft shit,” worked to preserve the show’s slowly disintegrating structure, executed stage-dives, and at one point heaved Bouba Savage into the crowd as if attempting a half-court shot. As Metro Boomin launched into “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1,” the ring (d)evolved into a packed, adult bouncy castle of dudes, dancing vigorously, pumping up the crowd, and practicing wrestling moves. A single Jordan sneaker sailed over the crowd.

Next up: Jim Jones and his massive entourage, then Young M.A. The stage and the wrestling rings were overrun by seas of dudes. Rocky smoked joints and dangled bras tossed on stage. As he screamed “titties!” for the umpteenth time, the big screen flashed the word “TITTIES” then panned to the crowd: another sea of dudes. Yams Day was a sausagefest. The fire marshal threatened to stop the show if the sea of dudes didn’t evacuate the stage. Casanova launched a “Fuck the fire department chant” while waiting for the stage to clear so he could perform. Counting the delay, he had the longest solo performance of the night. It was still shorter than Metro’s DJ set (20 minutes) and A$AP Mob’s set (15 minutes). The show’s shortest set belonged to Lil Yachty, who performed for 40 seconds before announcing that he was headed behind the DJ boards to play Migos. “Yachty, you suck, nigga,” Rocky said.

The show closed with Sheck Wes, 2 Chainz, a speech from Yams’ mother, and the feel-good closer, a rousing, Ferg-led set from A$AP Mob that featured a Tyler, the Creator cameo and boldly extended past the midnight curfew. Yams Day 2020 had no shortage of thrills and spectacles, but it lacked direction, and at moments it seemed to teeter on the verge of anarchy. It did have a few refrains: chaos in the wrestling ring, calls to free Pop Smoke (who was scheduled to perform and who had been arrested earlier that day), and salutes to Yams, the man who inspired this annual night of pandemonium.


Российские продажи премиальных автомобилей в 2019 году выросли на 5%

Российские продажи премиальных автомобилей в 2019 году выросли на 5%, сообщает агентство «Автостат».

В 2019 году в России продали 159,4 тыс. новых автомобилей премиум-сегмента, рассказали в «Автостате». По сравнению с 2018 годом рынок таких транспортных средств вырос на 5,1%.

Наиболее популярной маркой, по данным Ассоциации европейского бизнеса (AEB), стала Mercedes-Benz. За год в стране купили более 42 тыс. автомобилей этого бренда. В топ-3 также попали BMW (41,5 тыс.) и Lexus (22,4 тыс.).

За ними расположились Audi (16,3 тыс.), Volvo (8,8 тыс.), Land Rover (8,7 тыс.) и Porche (6 тыс.). Остальные компании продали менее 4 тыс. автомобилей премиум-сегмента.

В целом российский авторынок сократился по сравнению с 2018 годом на 2,3%. В массовом сегменте сокращение оказалось её больше — на 3%, до 1,512 млн штук.

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В России предложили создать авиакомпанию только с отечественными самолётами

«Ростех» предложил создать авиакомпанию, которая будет эксплуатировать только российские самолёты и технику. Об этом заявил индустриальный директор госкорпорации Анатолий Сердюков.

Авиакомпания будет эксплуатировать самолёты Объединённой авиастроительной корпорации, вертолёты и продукцию Уральского завода гражданской авиации, сказал Сердюков. Перевозчик поможет повысить мобильность россиян и придаст импульс рынку региональных авиаперевозок, считают в «Ростехе».

Новая авиакомпания должна «разрушить мифы об отечественном авиапроме» и убедить, что российская техника безопасна и комфортна.

Ранее президент Владимир Путин поручил создать авиакомпанию для перевозок на Дальнем Востоке и труднодоступных территориях. Если она появится, то будет эксплуатировать только российские самолёты.

По имиджу отечественных самолётов ударила авиакатастрофа Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) в столичном аэропорту Шереметьево, считают эксперты. В мае 2019 года в результате аварийной посадки лайнера и вспыхнувшего пожара погиб 41 человек. В июле треть россиян сказали, что боятся летать на отечественном суперджете.

В 2019 году производитель SSJ 100, компания «Гражданские самолёты Сухого» (ГСС), провалила план по продажам, поставив всего один из 16 планируемых лайнеров.

В конце 2020 года ожидается начало серийного выпуска гражданского самолёта МС-21. Во время испытательного полёта в октябре 2019 года у лайнера обнаружились проблемы с датчиком выпуска шасси. Судно было вынуждено совершить экстренную посадку.

Текст: Анна Шахова

Фото: SuperJet International, CC BY 2.0

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