A lifetime subscription to the Slidepad Mac App is on sale.

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the Slidepad Mac App is on sale for £6.50 as of July 17, saving you 30% on list price.

Slidepad, a highly-rated Mac app, can help you multitask like a pro and boost your productivity.

Rather than constantly clicking through tabs and minimising and maximising windows, Slidepad changes the way you open things. It’s in the form of a browser that pops up whenever you hover to the side. That’s where all of your essential apps, documents, and websites are waiting for you — and you can use any of them without crowding your screen or slowing down your flow.

You can customise your Slidepad with all of your most commonly used apps or documents, or specifically for whatever you’re working on at that moment. There are no limits on the number of apps you can add — the pad will simply expand according to your needs. You can even customise your notifications and sounds throughout your sliding experience if you wish.

It’s regularly just £8.68, but you can snag a lifetime subscription for even less — £6.50 — for a limited time.

Save 30% on the Slidepad Mac App

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