TL;DR: Light candles sustainably with the Ecolighter BB Rechargeable Lighter, on sale for $12.99 — a 35% discount — as of Oct. 12.

It’s candle season, which unfortunately also means it’s time to dig out your matches or lighter from wherever you last left them. It can seem wasteful after a while to keep buying those long-stem plastic lighters for all of your three-wick candles around the home. They simply don’t last. But finally, there is a better way to get cozy without wasting tons of plastic and buying the same thing over and over again for the rest of your life. 

With the Ecolighter BB Rechargeable Lighter, you’ll never have to buy another lighter ever again for the rest of your life. Everything else is becoming sustainable, why not your lighter?

This rechargeable lighter is safe, convenient, eco-friendly and it absolutely eliminates the need for butane gas. It has the capability to power up to 300 lights per full charge. And if it ever goes out, simply plug it back in with the included charging cord for a few hours, and automatically get 300 more lights per charge.

Totally flameless, this lighter is also wind and waterproof. Plus, it’s long enough for you to light any candle, even when it’s on its last burn. You can use this lighter outdoors, when you’re camping, or just about in any situation, so you’re never fumbling again for a strong light when the wind is blowing a little too hard.

The Ecolighter BB rechargeable lighter normally retails for $19, which is already a steal considering you’ll never have to purchase a lighter or grab a matchbook from your favorite restaurant ever again. But for a limited time, you can save 35% and take it home for just $12.99.


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