SAVE 28%: As of Jan. 5, the Bissell Little Green Spot Cleaner is on sale for $89 at Walmart, down from its original price of $123.59. Pet parents, human parents, and inherently messy people have met their match.

Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet that’s not potty trained, have a couple of human rascals constantly spilling things in your home (or car), or just happen to be a pretty messy person, you need a quick and easy way to remove those inevitable spots and spills.

Pulling out a full-sized carpet cleaner can get pretty exhausting day in and day out. And scrubbing every stain by hand is simply out of the question. Do yourself a solid in 2022 and invest in this portable spot-cleaning solution — a.k.a. your new best friend — called the Bissell Little Green.

It’s normally $123.59, but the Bissell Little Green Portable Spot Cleaner is on sale for just $89 at Walmart. You’ll save about 28% and a whole lot of time, energy, and sanity.

The Little Green is portable enough to drag from your couch to your bedroom to your car with ease. It weighs less than 10 pounds, but its powerful 1400M suction helps scrub, spray, and lift away dirt and stains from all types of surfaces — including carpets, stairs, couches, and more.

Its 48-ounce tank allows for more time spent cleaning and less time spent constantly refilling. And don’t worry, the self-cleaning hose tool rinses out your machine’s hose after each use, so you won’t just be scrubbing the same dirt back into your carpet or upholstery.

bissell little green spot cleaner

Credit: Bissell

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