The World Health Organization reported a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide after the 1st year of the pandemic.

As a result, people are turning to all kinds of solutions:

  • Therapy: ~¾ of mental health professionals who treat anxiety reported an increase in demand
  • Medication: Prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs popped 34% at the onset of the pandemic
  • Alcohol: Binge drinking jumped 21% among US adults

Then, there’s CBD — which has seen a spike in usage across all generations, per Morning Consult.

In 2019…

… only ¼ of US adults had used a product with CBD. These days, that number is up to ⅓.

And the pandemic isn’t the only reason. It’s also freaking everywhere — what started with gummies and tinctures has evolved into CBD-infused drinks, massage oils, bath bombs, and more.

The bigger question is, Does it work? To that end, results are mixed. Some studies have suggested CBD can treat anxiety, but, up to this point, only one CBD medication has been approved by the FDA (for epilepsy).


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