TL;DR: Set the vibe with the Smart RGB Ambient Light, on sale for 21% off. Grab it for just $54.99 as of Oct. 12.

Colorful vibey lights are increasingly being referred to as TikTok lights. Think of them as what the ring light is to YouTubers. Most of the time they come in long LED strips, but for the classy TikToker, you can get the same multi-colored room trend with an RGB desktop lamp.

This Smart RGB Ambient Light from One Products gives you an impressive 16 million color combinations to choose from to set the vibe in any room. And it happens to be on sale for over 20% off.

At just under two feet tall, it looks perfect as a desk lamp or table lamp — especially when paired with another. You can choose your vibe at the tap of a finger using the included remote control, or sync it with your smart devices and use your voice to set the scene. It’s compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and even pairs with a smart app on your phone. The LED color, brightness, saturation, and temperature are all customizable, so the options are seemingly endless. Having a romantic dinner? Use a warm pink hue. Trying to improve your WFH productivity? Opt for a brighter blue tone. Use yellow or green to inspire creativity. Or select a shade at random when you’re just hanging around.

Besides simple color-changing bulbs, this smart lamp also syncs with music and offers a fun flickering light show that matches the beat. It’s a perfect companion if you’re inviting friends over for a concert live stream or holding a solo dance party. 

Whether you’re trying to capture the TikTok trend in a classy adult way or simply love the idea of changing the mood of a room at the tap of a button, the One Products Smart RGB Ambient Light is a solid option. For a limited time, you can even save over 20% and get it on sale for just $54.99 (regularly $69).

ambient light with phone, light box, and remote

Credit: One Products


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