Working from home full-time has its pros and cons. Pro: You can wear sweats all day, every day. Con: There are distractions everywhere. Pro: It’s your space and nobody can tell you otherwise. Con(s): No more free WiFi, internet security, or snacks. It’s certainly a trade-off.

If you’ve recently moved to a remote setup and are having trouble adjusting, we’re here to get you situated (although we can’t really assist you if your main problem is that you’re taking too many naps during the day — that one you’re going to have to work out on your own. Maybe have a cup of coffee?)

In reality, many of the things that you get in a proper office can be recreated at home — all you need are a few necessary items to get you started, and you’ll soon find yourself to be a lean, mean, work-from-home machine.

As you know, we’re here to help you make the absolute best decision when shopping for your soon-to-be WFH essentials. We scoured the web for the best-reviewed, most can’t-live-without products that’ll start you off on the right foot in your new home office space.

Below, our picks for the must-have products and services that we think will upgrade your work-from-home experience significantly.


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