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Our Weekly Update is here to bring you our favorite links from the past week: art and design news you might have missed, must-see stories, and the best new contests and calls for entry.

What do successful artists eat?

If you’ve ever wondered whether breakfast choices might play a role in determining your artistic ability, this roundup from Artsy will likely not answer any of your questions, but it’s definitely entertaining. From Andy Warhol’s legendary love of sweets to David Lynch’s coffee obsession, this roundup offers a fascinating look at the private lives of artists.

Marina Abramović hit over head with painting; remains serene

At a book-signing event in Florence, the artist was attacked by a man wielding a self-made portrait of Abramović herself. She emerged unscathed and with her signature cool intact, and apparently chose to immediately met with her assailant to find out what motivated the violent gesture. Per Hyperallergic:

“‘Why this hatred against me?’ Abramović asked. ‘What’s the reason? Why this violence? I had not done anything. I had never met him before. He said: ‘I had to do it for my art.’ This was his answer.’

“The performance artist also made a distinction between her work and her attacker’s actions. ‘Violence against others doesn’t make art. I was also a young artist who was not famous, but I have never hurt anyone. In my work I stage different situations and put my life at risk. But this is my decision and I set the conditions.’”

The emotional side of freelancing

Full-time freelance copywriter Kerry Needs talks the emotional burdens (and advantages) that come with a freelance career over on Medium. A good read if you’re in need of a quick pep talk this Thursday: “When work dries up, you need to remind yourself why you started. Did you want to work for just one person, on a never-ending, boring business? Of course not! You like the variety freelancing brings because it means you get to work on lots of small projects. Sometimes these last six months, and sometimes they don’t — that’s a good thing.”

Call for entry: Creative Review Photography Annual

Creative Review is seeking submissions for their annual showcase of the best in photography. Winners will have their work shared to an audience of over 2 million people; the Annual is open not just to photographers but also includes categories honoring the best use of photography in advertising and design. Entry is open until October 5.

Call for entry: Sony Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence

Sony is seeking five female photographers to take part in their upcoming residency program, which will award $25,000 plus $5,000 in new gear to the five selected women. The residency also comes with mentorship and networking perks to help you develop your career. Entry is open to residents of the United States and Canada. Submissions will close October 7.

Call for entry: Boooooooom x Hemlock Printer’s “Tomorrow’s Talent”

If you have a great idea for a zine that you’re looking to print, this contest is your opportunity to not only have your work realized but also have it showcased at the upcoming Vancouver Art Book Fair. Booooooom has teamed up with Hemlock Printers to publish seven zines selected from contest entries. You have until September 30 to submit work.

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