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Why I Emptied Out My Crypto Exchange Accounts (Including Stablecoins)

via GIPHY As I’ve said many times, I’m not a crypto expert. However, I do enjoy financial history. As such, I’ve followed crypto through the lens of Matt Levine’s observation that “most of what actually happens with Bitcoin is about rediscovering financial history and re-creating the traditional financial system from scratch.” FDIC insurance didn’t come […]

5 Emotional Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Mike Smerklo is a venture capital investor, author and entrepreneur who worked with some of the biggest names in the tech world. This includes Marc Andresen and Ben Horowitz, founders of Loudcloud a company sold for $1.65 billion in cash. Mike is the author of Mr. Monkey and Me:  A Real Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs. […]

How to Sell on Etsy

My wife has been selling her wreaths on Etsy for several months now. As I peak at what she’s doing in our shared office, I thought, that maybe I could help the Smart Hustle community with their Etsy stores. Etsy has some great information on how to use its platform and there are a “zillion” […]

How To Create A Better Pitch Deck

Business owners pitch all the time. We pitch our employees on our ideas. We pitch our future customers and “sell them” work hire us. We even pitch our 3-year-olds to encourage them to eat their veggies. Keane Angle, founder of Story Pitch Decks shared his insights for small business owners and startups. Story Pitch Decks […]

Introverts Can Be Great Speakers. Engagement Is a Must, Not Loud.

Yes, Ramon is loud. An “extrovert”. Often the first to raise his hand. Rarely embarrassed. He’s NOT an introvert. Audiences around the world talk about how “high-energy” he is. One of the questions I’m often asked by introverts is, “How can I be a great speaker and still be an introvert”. Great question. You can’t […]

Too Much Inventory Can Harm Your Business – 10 Tips

Running a business successfully takes accurate planning and forecasting. It’s normal to have the number of clients you service fluctuate over time and for business to come in surges and spurts. Some industries are busier at specific times of the year and find recurring downtimes that fit predictable patterns. In others, however, what’s hot one […]

Using Tax Credits As Revenue for Your Business

Starting a business can be overwhelming. There’s filing for licenses and permits; figuring out how to classify both the business and employees; writing a business plan and more. It’s enough to make an entrepreneur’s head spin. What does the new generation of business owners need to know about starting a business? Who should manage my […]

Let A Recession Make You Stronger. Advice from Fundbox CFO.

Covid was bad. Like really bad. However, it also made many of us stronger. Businesses that were not harnessing technology the way they should, harnessed it better. Businesses who didn’t hone in on their customers honed in much better. Marten Abrahamsen, CFO of FundBox says that small business resiliency can help us weather these challenging […]

Mastercard Exec On Black Female Founders and Digitization and Automation

Black female founders get some of the least funding for their business. Ginger Siegel, who heads Mastercard’s small business in North America wants to change that. Her passion is authentic. Listen to our podcast here Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · Digitize and Automate – Tips from Mastercard Exec Watch the video interview here Grants […]

Small Innovations Can Make Big Results New Book from Square Execs

  The book, Self-Made Boss is your roadmap to help you start, grow and eventually if you wish, sell your business. Lauren Weinberg, CMO of Square, and Jackie Reses, Luna Financial Group and former Square excec, teamed up to put together a book which is a “soup to nuts” guide for aspiring and existing small […]

Schwab Hidden Fees: $187 Million Penalty For Intelligent Portfolios Robo-Advisor

via GIPHY Schwab has agreed to pay a $187 million SEC settlement due to being sneaky about the fees charged by their robo-advisor product, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios (SIP). Schwab used “free” but quietly forced its own customers to hold a lot of cash in an high-cost form where they can skim off fees (and you […]

Three Accounting Tips Your Business Must Follow

There are so many ways to operate a successful business, and nobody’s method is inherently better than anyone else’s. However, if you understand a few basic accounting best practices, your success will be a heck of a lot easier to achieve. To ensure your business operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, consider the following […]

Improve Your Online Reputation -5 Ways To Build Credibility and Trust

As much as 82% of internet users come across fake negative business reviews online. Seeing as almost 34% of the total market value of the world’s biggest companies depends on their reputation, you can begin to realize the importance of online reputation damage control. Improving and maintaining your digital prestige boils down to a strategic […]

How To Create a LinkedIn Newsletter and 9 More Tips

Join Ramon on his LIVE podcast on Clubhouse, “Breakfast with Champions” as he shares his best tips, each week to help you in your business and life. Can America’s Cities Make a Post-Pandemic Comeback?   Not one way – “one that favors choice, rather than thinking there’s only one way to live or work,” “The […]

Stop Self Sabotaging Your Success.

Recently I was the judge of a competition. I’ve judged many competitions – with seasoned business owners and with young students. Most of the competitions are “fast-paced” and require a fast decision. It’s NOT like Shark Tank where there can be 30 or more minutes of deliberation, then some due diligence afterward. This contestant who […]

Finding Your Professional Community – 3 Things To Look For

As small business owners navigate the challenges of inflation, the importance of peer support is paramount. Given that online communities have grown 3X in the last seven years, reaching revenues of $1.2 billion in 2021, it’s clear there’s a demonstrated need for such digital kinship. Especially in specific fields like B2B marketing and sales, it […]

How To Live Your Worst Life. 25 Quick Tips.

We talk a lot about how to live your “best life”. But what does it look like if you wanted to know the steps to live your worst life? I’m a host of Breakfast with Champions, one of the fastest-growing shows on Clubhouse (the audio only app). In an episode, I did a “spoof” show […]

Customer Relationship Management for Small Businesses: The Benefits of a CRM

What is CRM and why do you need it? CRM is a customer database to help you keep track of customer interactions with your business so you can serve them better. CRM stands for “customer relationship management” CRM helps you follow up with potential customers. The lack of follow up is one of the biggest […] Founder Jay Steinfeld Shares His Tips for Your Success

Jay Steinfeld, the founder and CEO of, spoke with Ramon Ray, founder of on the power of diversity and how he led to be so successful. He started his billion-dollar brand working with his wife and selling blinds out of the back of a trunk!  Check out the podcast and Check out […]

3 Reasons Cybersecurity Should Be A Top Priority

Digital transformation has probably brought a lot of changes to your small business: increases in efficiency, speed, and hopefully revenue. But with those benefits has also come some risk:  cyber risk. And while many of the cybersecurity conversations revolve around the government and enterprise business level, with SMBs also depending more and more on digital […]

3 Steps to Start Paying Yourself from the Beginning

As a founder and a financial mentor to small business owners. One of those questions I hear time and time again is “Do you start paying yourself from the beginning?” I always reply with a bold, “YES”! As soon as you are profitable and have cash flow available, a piece of that pie belongs to […]

How Mentorship Gives Entrepreneurs a Competitive Edge

With many companies today struggling to attract and retain talent, a culture of mentorship will put your company ahead of the competition. Nearly 50 million workers resigned in 2021, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, including a record-breaking 4.5 million quitting last November. Even before The Great Resignation, an estimated 33 percent of new […]

Three Keys to Managing Your Finances as a New Business Owner

If you’re considering starting a business, you’re probably really good at something. Maybe you make the best cupcakes, the most beautiful websites or give the best haircuts. Whatever it is – you have a skill or talent that you’ve carefully crafted over time and a tremendous amount of passion. For new and prospective entrepreneurs, however, […]