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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. As soon as the weather flips most of us want to get back to outdoor events, yet spring can be unpredictable, and it’s not uncommon to encounter warmer days but cooler nights. In this scenario we’ll put together a casual yet date-worthy look that will keep you comfortable in the outdoors as the sun sets. Featured photo credit.

The Sweater: Spier & Mackay Cotton Shawl Collar Cardigan in Green – $98. Getting some spring color going here with a tightknit cotton cardigan from Spier. This could be too warm while the sun is still up (depending on your location), but if the temperature drops with the sun, you’ll be glad you have it.

The Shirt: J. Crew Short-sleeve Secret Wash Shirt in Spring Toss White Navy – $69.50. Light, airy, and very much not an old t-shirt. This is a date after all, and some easy effort will go a long way. Another item that nods to spring, with that micro-print of spring leaves and dots.

The Pants: PROOF (Huckberry) Rover Pants in Grey – $118. Just featured in our reboot of The Top 10 Affordable Tech / Performance Pants for Men. You’ll pay a premium for these pants, but the consensus seems to be that you get what you pay for. Wicking and thermo-regulating, plus due to how they’re sewn, they move extremely well. That should help if your date requires sitting on the ground on a picnic blanket, or in a low chair at a show. These are a thicker, canvas-style pant, albeit made with something called Sorbtek that’s engineered to keep you as comfortable as possible. But if it’s already hot where you’re at, you’ll want to go with something lighter in weight (*ahem*  best in show  *ahem*.)

The Belt: GAP Braided Stretch Belt – $24.27 w/ FRIEND & FAMILY ($44.95). The weave in this belt will allow some breathability, and the stretch will help with ease of movement, from getting up and down to getting your groove on, if your date includes some music in the out of doors.

The Shoes: Seavees Hawthorne Slip On Shoe – $120. As slip-ons these shoes were designed to be worn without socks, but if you prefer to wear some no-show’s with ’em, have at it. If these leather otions are a little too rich for your budget, canvas slip-ons would work just fine here.

The Watch: Invicta 1953 Pro Diver Automatic – $109 w/ Crown & Buckle Supreme NATO Black & Gunmetal 20mm – $36. Pairing this new “entry level king” of dive watches with a nato strap creates a good looking timepiece that’ll compliment the look you’ve got going. Consider leaving your phone stowed away for the date, so you can pay attention to what matters most… the person you’re on the date with.

The Sunglasses: Sunski Seacliff in Tortoise Forest – $58. Featured over here in our list of The Best Sunglasses under $100 for Men. Designed to be light and comfortable, so when it’s time to hook them on your shirt (or stow them in a pocket), you shouldn’t notice them.

The Food/Beverage Transport: Wickerland Picnic Backpack – $59. Comes with service for 4, and will easily take care of two on a date. Just be sure to pack some paper towels or wet wipes, to clean the plates off a bit, and a plastic bag to stow them in before repacking them. Otherwise you run the risk of schmutzing up your nice new picnic backpack.

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