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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. The Derby is coming up, and it’s as good a reason as any to get together with friends and knock back a mint julep or some bourbon over ice. The guys get dressed up, the gals wear dresses and big hats, and it can end up being a complete blast. Here’s how to look the part without going overboard.

The Sportcoat: Boden Seersucker Blazer – $176 w/ R7Q8 ($220). If any day and event of the year calls for seersucker, this would be it. But the problem is… not many other days call for a traditional blue on white seersucker suit. SO… a navy seersucker blazer gets the call. It’s something you can use throughout the rest of the summer. Even at night, and not look out of place. This option from Boden had a butterfly lining in the back to keep you extra cool. And make sure you check shipping times. If you’re ordering specifically for the Derby, the time window is compressed. The tail on the Boden also looks short. If that’s not your style then try…

The Pocket Square: Tie Bar Bali Dots in Burnt Orange – $14. Totally optional. Might be too much color for the minimalists, but this is the Derby we’re talking about. Most men will be walking around dressed like after dinner mints.

The Sunglasses: Huckberry Cruiser  Sunglasses in Mint – $39. To match your julep.

The Shirt: J. Crew Organic Cotton Chambray Shirt in one-year wash – $49.50 ($79.50). Casual and crisp. Slim, classic, and tall fits all available.

The Belt: J. Crew Italian Suede and Leather Round-Buckle Dress Belt – $39.50 ($59.50). Because a standard, smooth leather dress belt can look a little harsh for warm weather daytime gatherings. Therefor, matte suede is the answer.

The Pants: Banana Republic Linen Cotton Traveler Pants – $130. Pretty sure these are new? Don’t recall them making their traveler 5 pockets in a lighter-for-summer linen/cotton blend. But they’re a welcome addition to BR’s lineup. The more affordable option: Target All in Motion Golf Pants in Stone – $40

The Watch: Orient 38mm Bambino Automatic – $270. This is the new, smaller/more “classically sized” Bambino. And the champagne dial and blue hands are all kinds of right. The more affordable option: Timex Weekender – $36.40

The Shoes: Rothy’s The City Slip On Sneaker – $109 ($139). No returns since they’re final sale, but they seem to run true to size as a 10.5 fit my normally 10.5D feet perfectly. White or lighter brown/pale gray shoes are pretty standard for the Derby, yet these are modern, super comfortable, and breathable. That’s not always the case for Bucks or Loafers. That, and these can be thrown in the washing machine after if someone sloshes their classic champagne cocktail on them. No guarantee it’ll come out, but the washing machine option is a nifty feature. If you’re scared of stains, protect them with some sneaker spray.

The Hydration: Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier 16 pack – $23.45. Slip a couple packs of this stuff in your pocket, and have a plan to drink them in-between imbibing. (You’ll just need some water to mix it with.) Full of electrolytes, B vitamins, and vitamin C, Liquid IV could make the difference in how you’re feeling come Sunday morning. The link will take you to purchase through Amazon, but most grocers carry this stuff now. We recommend it a lot… because it seems to make a difference, as expensive as it may be.

The 2023 Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 6th. Top Photo: J. Poe


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