1) New York City isn’t wasting any time solving its heaping, 24m-pound-per-day trash problem, and with a new $1.6m, 95-page study — a great read by the way — the city may have bagged a solution with a process known as waste containerization. The biggest drawback? The plan could get rid of 150k (10%) of New York’s residential parking spots… Oh, and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

2) Five… Five billion… Five billion in financing for the footloooong. Subway, valued at $10B+, has been seeking a sale since at least February, and adviser JPMorgan is now offering a $5B debt financing package to help sweeten the deal. That’s a lot of bread! Despite closing a net of 3.2k domestic stores between 2020 and 2023, Subway leads US restaurants with nearly 20.6k stores. Starbucks, in second place, has 16k.

3) Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy dramas have been a cash cow for Paramount, to the tune of $500m+ annually. Costs have included $500k per minute of the first season of “1923,” renting Sherdian’s $25-per-cow cattle herd, and up to $50k a week to film shows on Sheridan’s 266k-acre Four Sixes ranch in Texas, which he bought in 2022 for $341m+. ​​Talk about vertical integration.

4) The cost of this weekend’s coronation proceedings for King Charles III ran in the £50m-£100m range ($63m-$125m). For reference, when Queen Elizabeth II took the throne in 1953, the pomp and pageantry cost an inflation-adjusted ~£50m, and George VI’s coronation in 1937 rang up a more thrifty ~£24.8m. With the holiday weekend, the UK’s leisure industry is expecting some royal treatment of its own by way of a £350m boost.


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