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J. Crew: “Up to” 50% off men’s getaway styles

J. Crew’s pricing is getting harder to figure out. Whereas the old model was to run 25%, 30% or the occasional 40% off full price promo codes (always with 3rd party and suiting exclusions), it seems like they’ve moved towards a more consistently inconsistent “dynamic” model. Translation: Prices are all over the place, all of the time. And I don’t know if there are humans at the $$$ levers over there, but it feels like there’s some sort of computer-robot-AI-magic going on. Like prices fluctuate depending on an algorithm running off stock levels, time of year, economic conditions, internal margins-per-item spreadsheets, etc.

But isn’t that just what sales and promotions have always been dependent on? Supply, demand, and foot traffic?

New boss, same as the old boss.

Off we go with some quick picks. And as we are humans over here, we’ll be using our brains to weed out some of the weird stuff. Read: no bucket hats or stuff like that. Look, robots may try and sell you bucket hats, but we won’t.


Ludlow Slim Fit All-Season Italian Wool Suit Separates – $349 ($675) 48% off

These are their 4-season weight, stretch Italian wool (Tollegno) flagship suits. Easy to tailor non functioning sleeve cuff buttons. Timeless 3″ lapels. Available in four colors. Jackets are heretrousers are here. Remember since they’re suit separates, you have to put each piece in your cart individually before you check out.

***NOTE: J. Crew is also running a one-day (5/7) free expedited shipping promo on purchases over $100. No code necessary. Make sure you check the box for the free 2-3 day shipping at checkout, as it’ll default to the slower shipping option.


Crosby Athletic Fit All-Season Italian Wool Suit Separates – $349 ($675) 48% off

Same Italian stretch worsted wool fabric, different fit template. This one is for the more athletic body types that need a bit more room in the chest, shoulders, upper legs, and backside.


Garment-dyed Five-pocket Pants in Slim or Straight fit – $59.50 ($118) 49% off

97% cotton, 3% elastane. 5-pocket jeans style layout. A few spring-ready colors.  Slim or straight fits. Almost half off. Not bad.


Short-sleeve Baird McNutt Irish Linen Shirts – $64.50 ($98) 34% off

Slim, classic, or tall fits. Price isn’t bad at “just” 34% off, as J. Crew’s Baird McNutt Irish Linen shirts are often excluded from sales. But not always. And who knows… as we inch towards the “unofficial start of summer” at the end of this month, perhaps they’ll hit 40% off. But that’s probably wishful thinking. One of their bestsellers.


Bowery Dress Pant in Stretch Wool Blend – $69.50 ($148) 53% off

It appears that J. Crew fixed their Bowery dress pants. For a few months there the reviews were littered with quality-control problems. But the most recent reviews seem to indicate they’re back to their bestselling best? Maybe? Fingers crossed. And try them on/inspect thoroughly before taking the tags off upon arrival. Sold in 30, 32, and 34″ inseam lengths. So unlike a lot of other wool dress pants, you may be able to skip a post-purchase trip to the tailor with these.


Bowery Dress Pant in Stretch Chino – $59.50 ($128) 53% off

And the crisp cotton version of the Bowery dress trouser. Should look great with a hopsack wool or linen/cotton sportcoat for a warm weather wedding, cocktail hour, dressier workplace, etc.


Striped Heritage Cotton Crewneck Sweaters in Sea Salt White – $37.79 FINAL w/ SHOPNOW or Navy – $59.50 ($89.50)

UPDATE: Looks like the white option is actually on final sale. Use the code SHOPNOW for an additional 30% off, but final means final. So you won’t be able to return or exchange the sea salt white w/ navy stripe sweater.

A spring and summer standard. Cool, crisp cotton. Not as temperature regulating as wool, but doesn’t carry with it the cost or difficulty in laundering. Also shown at the very top right of the post. Navy base option is 33% off. So good, but maybe not great in terms of savings.


6″ LINED Tech Dock Shorts – $49.50 ($79.50) 37% off

The new sport-version of their Dock shorts. 57% recycled nylon/39% polyamide/4% elastane fabric exterior. Lined with a stretchy boxer-brief inside.


Made in Italy MacAlister Boots in Suede – $99.50 ($158) 37% off

Always nice to see these dip under $100. Shown above in the recent Chinos Chukkas Polo – Budget Bond style scenario.


100% Merino Wool V-Necks – $54.50 ($98) 44% off

Good for spring, and even good for summer depending on where you live/how aggressive your workplace AC may or may not be. Made from breathable, temperature regulating, merino wool. Not in cotton, which will feel stuffy because cotton holds onto moisture.


10.5″ Stretch Chino Short – $39.50 ($69.50) 43% off

Ten and a half inch inseam? Aren’t those, y’know, “Dad” shorts?

Well… y’know what they say about a guy who can’t wear short-shorts… (drops needle on an old record)

“I cover her with kisses
And when we’re in a lover’s clinch
She gets all excited
When she begs for my big ten inch…. INSEAM!

Nice Dad Joke to go with those Dad Shorts.

Your Mom probably likes Dad jokes. And more. If y’know what I mean.


Indeed. It’s the circle of life.

It’s enough to keep a man up at night.

Just like your Mother.

The “up to 50% off” J. Crew “Getaway Styles” event, and thus the prices seen above, is set to run clear through Thursday May 16th.