• Rotten tomatoes: Like everything else, the red grocery staple is facing price hikes. A Florida trade group has proposed a 21% “tomato tax” on imports that would benefit the farmers and conglomerates it represents but send US tomato prices soaring. Though, to do this, it must convince the Department of Commerce to terminate the Tomato Suspension Agreement, a trade agreement that’s ensured fair prices on tomato imports for the past ~30 years.
  • Meta wants Mark Zuckerberg to find a hobby that won’t kill him. In its 2023 financial report, the company disclosed that its CEO’s proclivity for combat and extreme sports, like MMA and hydrofoiling, poses a risk of death and serious injury that, if actualized, would have a “materially adverse impact” on its operations. Coincidentally, Meta saw record gains following the report, adding $196B to its market value and $28.1B to Zuckerberg’s own fortune — so maybe let him do his thing?
  • Did your tax dollars fund Bad Bunny’s beer commercial? Possibly, if you live in Puerto Rico: The US commonwealth contributed ~$800k in taxpayer subsidies toward a 2020 Corona ad campaign featuring the Puerto Rican rapper. However, its investment wasn’t inspired by hometown pride, but its film tax credit program, through which the campaign generated 46 local jobs and 120 hotel bookings. Here’s the thing, though: most of the filming took place in Los Angeles. Huh.
  • America’s only restaurant serving lab-grown chicken just stopped selling it. San Francisco’s Bar Crenn, a Michelin-starred restaurant headed by celebrity chef Dominique Crenn, ended its trial run serving Upside Foods’ cultivated chicken. It had offered the protein, which received FDA approval last spring, as part of a $150 tasting menu since August. Sad you didn’t get a taste? Don’t worry — Upside Foods will continue to collaborate with Crenn as well as others to bring its flagship product to pop-up events in March.