There are so many professional Photoshop services that provide high-quality work with your photos: starting from stylized color grading and finishing with surreal digital drawing.

However, which one to choose? What are the differences between these Photoshop editing services?

If you are looking for a website with clear pricing policy, good and realistic photoshopping quality, seasonal discounts, opportunities to work with large RAW files and following your style, read about these ten professional Photoshop services.

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Review: What Professional Photoshop Service to Address?

I placed orders on ten professional Photoshop services with general requirements as the background and skin tone correction as well as cleaning the texture in problematic areas. Everything was in retouchers’ hands. As a result, some of these services coped with this task on the highest level, and others did not understand how to improve the image.

1. FixThePhoto

The first Photoshop retouching service that I was able to test is FixThePhoto. They are ranked first in most Google queries connected with photo editing services, and this is not surprising.

The staff is responsive and sociable. 90% of feedback is positive, and the site interface seems to be one of the most convenient among others.

A rather interesting blog is also worth mentioning. You can find many useful articles for professional photographers, retouchers, beginners, amateurs and even more.

After reviewing the site, I decided to place the order. I was pleasantly surprised by the result. The work was done the next day. I appreciate the fact that retouchers stick to a realistic result.

Everything looks pretty neat and stylish. I like the work with her skin – frequency separation is on the heist level. Moderate tone, cleaned acne, eliminated redness, pores and wrinkles.

In addition, it is worth noting that photo editors did not remove freckles. It gave the portrait maximum realism. Perfect work with eyes. You can see the expressive and sharp eyes.

Based on the above requirements, I can conclude that FixThePhoto photo editing services deserve the highest marks. Recommend!

2. WeeditPhotos

WeeditPhotos is a service that competes with FixThePhoto, and it even gets ahead of the leader in some aspects. The design of the site is simple, intuitive and stylish.

They also have a rather interesting blog, but a few articles. Their blog posts are devoted to photo retouching techniques and programs only.

Having ordered Adobe Photoshop services, I got the edited photo during the day. The result was top-notch. As you can see, WeeditPhotos retouchers made the photo more stylish.

I like the way the photo editors have worked with the skin. It has become more tender, and the work with the contrast is simply gorgeous. Moreover, WeeditPhotos prices are significantly lower than the cost of Photoshop editing services you’ll see below, even for portrait and beauty retouching.

3. Wedding-Retouching

One of the best Photoshop services that I would recommend for retouching wedding and event photos is Wedding-Retouching. The team works great with these two genres.

Their site is very simple and convenient. When ordering services, you can choose among many picture post-production types. Batch processing is also worth mentioning. You can select up to 1000 photos.

As for the end result, I really liked this online Photoshop retouching service. They answered all the questions almost about everything that interested me. The finished photo was sent within 24 hours.

Photo editors have worked perfectly with the skin removing minor flaws. However, as for me, eliminating freckles was unnecessary. The skin tone is quite realistic, with an emphasis on a warm white shade. Prices are quite adequate.

4. ProPhotoshopExpert

The interface of the Pro Photoshop Expert service is simple and clear, without unnecessary text. You are given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the before/after photo editing samples.

The pricing system of this site is one of the best among competitors. It is also worth noting that the team makes it possible to retouch four photos for free.

Having ordered a photo from them, the finished work was delivered within 24 hours. Picture retouching was not at the highest level, but it justified its price to the fullest.

The skin texture is properly edited. The shadows in difficult areas are preserved. The skin tone is slightly modified, but in general, the picture looks good.

5. ColorExpertsBD

The design and functionality is a weak ColorExpertsBD’s side. There are no photo examples at all. The interface is outdated. The site scrolling is very slow.

After looking through the site of this Photoshop retouching service, I noticed a banner with an offer to process two of my photos completely free of charge after filling out a form.

After confirming the order, the photo was ready within 24 hours. The quality of the final picture did not upset me, but it did not surprise me too. Picture retouching was performed at an average level, compared to competitors.

The skin tone was corrected, but I did not like the fact that the texture was not smooth. Moreover, skin and hands’ colors are significantly different. It is very noticeable and can ruin the overall impression.

ColorExpertsBD has excellent customer service and understandable photo uploading through the site system, but they do not have examples of their works. But now I understood the reason for this situation after receiving my edited photo.

6. Tucia

This website looks better than ColorExpertsBD. The design is laconic and clear. The company provides before/after photos to see their skills and abilities.

Order form occurs after registration and uploading images of any format.

The finished photo was sent to me the next day. Speaking of the result, it did not exceed my expectations. The retouch is quite modest, and there are clearly visible flaws in some places.

I really did not like how the work was done in the body and hands areas. The difference is almost imperceptible. The texture is too blurred in some parts, especially in the nose zone.

The price for these average Photoshop services is exaggerated.

7. Retouchgem

The service welcomes you with a great high-quality portrait. Scrolling below, you will see a lot of meaningless text. If you go to the portfolio section, you will see a few examples, but all of them have low resolution.

Besides, I was very annoyed when viewing a picture, it was shown for no more than 5 seconds, after which the photo was distorted, switching to a slide show.

You can order photo editing without registration through the form on the website or by mail. I did both of these actions and received confirmation of registration within a few hours.

Having ordered photo correction, I was waiting for the finished work for about two days. This is significantly longer than other professional Photoshop services can propose.

The result disappointed me. Skin tone is too soft. The hands’ color does not match the color of the skin on the body and face.

The texture is smeared. Almost all the shadows are lost. The price is too high for such work.

8. SmartPhotoEditors

This site has a simple design. But there are many watermarks on before / after images, so they are difficult to view.

I like that SmartPhotoEditors can perform any photo editing level of work – from portrait photography retouching to creating 360 panoramas. The site has a huge amount of text that distracted me very much.

Unfortinately, they do not support the policy of open prices. In order to find the cost, you need to upload a photo. Within an hour, when the assessment is made, they will tell you the price.

This is a very strange approach. Having passed all the stages, I was delivered the finished work during the day.

The result really disappointed me. The skin texture is worked out very poorly compared to other Photoshop companies presented in this article. The hands’ area is completely untouched. It seems that they just used a Lightroom preset.

The price is too high and the result does not match the examples of finished works shown at their website.

9. Photoshopit

From the very beginning, the official Photoshopit website did not inspire confidence in its reliability and opportunity to provide professional Photoshop services. The design and presentation of basic information are very weak.

There are examples of before/after images, but they are of very small resolution and it is simply impossible to figure out whether the work was done professionally.

The final image was delivered to me within two days. I was shocked by the result. The white balance was adjusted incorrectly, with an emphasis on red color.

The texture flaws were practically not eliminated, but even aggravated. The eyes looked muddy. The price and delivery time are unjustified.

10. Retouche

The site of this Photoshop retouching service looks very bad. It has a too small font and transparent background. All these facts annoy. However, the examples of their works were really good.

I did not manage to order photo editing services right away, because sometimes the site simply did not respond. The finished picture was sent to me during the day, and like in Photoshopit case, I was disappointed.

The skin texture was worked out incorrectly, and they went overboard with removing shadows. The eyes of the model are pale. Some parts of the skin are missing. Other parts of the skin are overexposed. Without doubts, the price is too high.


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