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The Dappered Space is a series designed to help guys apply the sense of personal style they’ve developed to the space they inhabit. Watch for articles on furniture and decor sales & picks, advice on how to style a room or work space, and tackling creating a space that reflects your own (and perhaps a significant other’s) personal tastes. We’ll suggest items that can be sourced online, but always keep in mind that deals can be found at consignment and thrift stores, local stores with floor models, discount stores, and even yard sales.


Society 6 Welcome Mats – $55 to $72 ($65 to $85)

Time for a front door refresh? Welcome mats are one of the first things we see upon encountering a front door. There are lots of plain front door mats our there, but if you want to make a personal statement on first impression, get a welcome mat that reflects you, Society 6 has so many (perhaps too many) options to choose from you’re bound to find something. Made of looped vinyl for durability, and perpetually on sale (so don’t pay full price).


Business & Pleasure Co. Premium Tent -$299

Hey, whadaya say we hop in the Studebaker, head down to the beach, pitch the tent, and forget about the economy and war for a while? Just replace Studebaker with a Tesla/Ford Lightning/some over-priced used car because of the shortage, and that seems about right, right? The looks of this vintage inspired tent harken back to what we might have called simpler times, but perhaps they weren’t? Regardless, this is a great looking way to block out the sun when spending a long day in it.


ThermoPro TP25 500FT Bluetooth Meat Thermometer – $59.98

For the guy (or gal) who is really serious about his grilling skills, and perhaps can get a little too social while meat is sitting on the grill and thus, can overcook it. Besides the first flip, this handy bluetooth thermometer can literally let you set it and forget it. With preprogrammed temps, and Bluetooth capabilities that’ll ding your phone when the temp is getting close, you should end up with the perfect grill every time. ‘Tis the season.


Dav Brown Table Lamp Set – $57.99

Simple, rustic, and yet mid-century modern influenced table lamps. Would look best combined with either a very light color pallet (like a coastal theme), or much darker woods or metal to create some contrast. Price includes two lamps.


Birdsall Encircled Reader Iron Figurine – $36.99

For my fellow bookworms out there. Use this sculpture to add some weight to paper, keep some books upright, or to simply signify a love of reading. This handmade cast iron sculpture is sold through Wayfair.


Macy’s Chanute 88″ Leather Sofa – $1579 ($1799)

A big purchase, but for a leather couch this is a really good retail price, especially in the era of inflation. A few comments complain of the cushions indenting quickly, so know that. Yet the vast majority of reviewers love it. If you’ve reached that point in adulting where a leather furniture upgrade is on your radar, consider this sleek option.


mDesign Modern Farmhouse Home Decor End Table – $50.99

Are you in the market for an end table or two that are simple, modern, and probably pretty easy to put together? Here’s an option from the fine people of Walmart. Wait, not THOSE people. To create a stable flat surface on top for something like a vase or glass of water, simply add a tray. And if you’re ok with light grey as the color option, you’ll only pay $26.37.

About the Author: Sarah is a long time member of the Dappered team, typically working behind the scenes editing posts, taking some photos, and keeping the books in good standing. Occasionally she’ll come out from behind the curtain to offer her two cents.


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