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The Dappered Space is a series designed to help guys apply the sense of personal style they’ve developed to the space they inhabit. Watch for articles on furniture and decor sales & picks, advice on how to style a room or work space, and tackling creating a space that reflects your own (and perhaps a significant other’s) personal tastes. We’ll suggest items that can be sourced online, but always keep in mind that deals can be found at consignment and thrift stores, local stores with floor models, discount stores, and even yard sales.


IKEA GISTAD Recliner – $369

This isn’t your grandpa’s recliner. Although truth be told, your gramps recliner might be more comfortable? But if you’re looking to style your space, a recliner that looks like it belongs in an 80’s basement probably won’t do it any justice. This sleek recliner from IKEA is the ideal midpoint between form and function.


Joseph Joseph SwitchScale – $28.64 ($49.99)

Have a goal this year to either control your food intake more, or cook more? This digital scale will help with both. The handiest feature about this scale is the top, which can be flipped to create a shallow bowl for measuring liquids or loose grains. Joseph Joseph is known for engineering home gadgets that are simple yet highly useful. Exactly what this scale is. And at post time, 43% off through Amazon, but who knows how long the ‘zon bots will make it last.


Queer Eye Bradford 2 Door Metal Locker Accent Cabinet- $174

The “locker” look is popular on cabinets and small tables right now. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s clean, but interesting. And it definitely fits right into masculine leaning decor. There are higher quality (and more expensive) versions from shops like Bespoke Post, but it’s still just a metal cabinet, and the version Walmart carries is far more affordable. Currently available in navy and olive green.


QiMH 3X Magnified Wall Mounted Mirror – $31.99

Magnification mirrors can be invaluable grooming tools. If you’ve never studied your face up close in one you might be surprised at what you find. This wall mounted mirror not only looks good and adds a decorative element, but will help you keep errant hairs, pores, and peeling skin in check. And the mirror flips, with one side being normal, or flat, and the other being the magnified side.


Three Tier Art Shelf – $100+

With a minimalist design this shelf is both eye-catching yet humble enough to blend in with most decors. It’ll take on the character of whatever you decide to display on it. Handmade in Wisconsin and sold though HaaseHandcraft on Etsy.


Dune Black and Natural Diamond Reversible Rug – $199.99

You get a twofer with this rug. Use the black side to create a dark and moody space, and lighten things up with the flip side when it strikes your fancy. Looking at the reviews this is probably best used as an indoor rug. Woven from polyester made from recycled water bottles.


Yamazaki Magnetic Organizer – $52

Well that’s handy, especially for space challenged kitchens. Yamazaki specializes in minimalist and highly functional designs. This organizer definitely fits that category.


Laila Home Oslo Table Lamp – $49.99

With a modern industrial look, this table or desk lamp will add both illumination and decor to wherever you place it. Ships from Target, and does require some assembly. On/off switch is located on the cord. A super easy way to add some decor to a smaller space.

About the Author: Sarah is a long time member of the Dappered team, typically working behind the scenes editing posts, taking some photos, and keeping the books in good standing. Occasionally she’ll come out from behind the curtain to offer her two cents.