Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, having the right editing tools can take your portraits from good to extraordinary. In this article, we will explore the best portrait photo editor available for Windows, each offering unique features and capabilities.

Before we begin, let’s define a framework of our review. Firstly, we will explore tools available for Windows 10, as it remains one of if not the most popular OS for desktop computers. Secondly, no online tools included, as they are not limited to any OS in particular. And finally, we will take a look at specialized apps and then name a few more universal tools, but this is not a roundup, not a rating – each entry has its merits. With that in mind, let’s begin!

Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro is a professional photo editing software that offers a range of features for photographers. It is known for its powerful editing capabilities, color accuracy, and tethering functionality. Capture One Pro allows users to import, browse, tag, rate, keyword, and edit their photos. It supports raw file processing and offers a comprehensive set of editing tools. The software is compatible with a wide range of camera brands and offers support for over 500 individual cameras and raw file types.


PhotoDiva is a powerful portrait editor for Windows that combines simplicity with advanced editing tools. Its user-friendly interface allows beginners to achieve professional-level results effortlessly. With features like skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and eye enhancement, PhotoDiva ensures your subjects look flawless. Moreover, it offers a wide range of filters and effects to add a touch of creativity to your portraits.


PortraitPro is a popular choice among portrait photographers due to its intelligent face recognition technology. This software automatically detects facial features and adjusts them with precision. From correcting skin imperfections to slimming down faces, PortraitPro streamlines the editing process, saving you time and effort. Additionally, it offers customizable presets and brushes for further customization.


Lightroom, developed by Adobe, is a comprehensive photo editing software that includes robust portrait editing features. With its non-destructive editing capabilities, Lightroom enables you to make precise adjustments to exposure, color, and tone. The software also offers a range of portrait-focused tools, such as the Healing Brush for blemish removal and the Radial Filter for selective adjustments. Lightroom’s integration with Adobe Creative Cloud allows for seamless workflow management.


PhotoWorks is versatile portrait editing software that caters to both beginners and professionals. Its intuitive interface and one-click presets make it easy to enhance portraits quickly. The software offers various tools for retouching skin, removing imperfections, and adjusting facial features. Additionally, PhotoWorks provides advanced editing options like background replacement and creative filters to add a unique touch to your portraits.

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a cutting-edge portrait editor that combines AI-powered technology with creative editing tools. Its advanced AI Skin and Portrait Enhancer automatically detect and enhance facial features for stunning results. Luminar Neo also offers a wide range of creative filters and customizable presets to add artistic flair to your portraits. With its intuitive interface and powerful editing features, Luminar Neo is a favorite among portrait photographers.


PhotoGlory is portrait software for Windows that specializes in restoring and retouching old or damaged photographs. With its advanced restoration tools, you can revive faded colors, remove scratches, and repair torn images. PhotoGlory also includes retouching features for enhancing portraits by softening skin, reducing wrinkles, and brightening eyes. It’s the perfect tool for preserving cherished memories and giving old portraits a new lease of life.

Choosing the best portrait editing software for Windows can significantly impact the quality and creativity of your portraits. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the editors mentioned in this article offer a range of features to suit your needs. From simplifying the editing process to providing advanced retouching tools, these portrait editors will help you bring out the best in your subjects and create captivating portraits that leave a lasting impression. So, grab your favorite software and unleash your creativity today!

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