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What are you going to wear? Sometimes it’s good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. That’s what these are for. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Some of you can’t wait, while some of you are filled with dread. One thing both sides can agree upon: Dressing well, yet also comfortable, can make the day even better (or, perhaps, tolerable). We’re tackling 3 different scenarios for Thanksgiving this year. One dressed up, one casual, and this one which lands somewhere in-between. Enjoy the day, and good luck with those “difficult” relatives you may be stuck attempting to interact graciously with. (Top Turkey Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash)

Thanksgiving Smart Casual 2023

The Swazer: UNIQLO Jersey-Knit Comfort Jacket – $79.90. Finding a decent, cheap, knit blazer can be a tough ask these days. UNIQLO to the rescue? Jersey knit so it’ll feel like a sweatshirt. Cotton/Poly blend fabric so it’ll (wait for it)… feel like a sweatshirt. Unlined back is a nice plus. Meant to be casual but not schlumpy. The Less Expensive & Faster to Acquire Option: PJ Paul Jones Knit Blazer via Amazon – $56 (Poly/Rayon though. Could get stuffy?)

The Lightweight Crewneck Sweater: UNIQLO Extra Fine Merino Crewneck Sweater – $49.90. Or whatever your favorite lightweight, breathable crewneck happens to be. The nice thing about the UNIQLO sweaters is that they’re thin. Yes that’s a good thing. They’re thin but the knit and construction feels strong. So it’s not some bulky, itchy sweater your parents stuck you in for Thanksgiving when you were a kid. They feel somewhere between a regular sweater and a merino base-layer. Wears thicker than a t-shirt, but not by much. Bonus: They’re machine washable. Just follow the instructions, wash cold gentle cycle w/ woolite or another gentle detergent, and lay flat to dry.

The Pants: Target Goodfellow Slim Straight Cords – $32. Inexpensive. Widely available. A color of autumn for sure. Corduroy is a fall fabric too.

The Watch: Orient Men’s Bambino Small Seconds Champagne Dial – $215. One way to dress up without really dressing up is to wear your favorite dress watch with a more dressed-down outfit, like what’s shown above. Full review of the Bambino small seconds can be found here.

The Socks: Made in the USA Darn Tough Scout Boot Socks – $29 Soft, not itchy. Durable. Incredibly comfortable with good cushioning, yet they aren’t some cumbersome cabin-style sock from the 80s or 90s. Worth every penny. And yes Darn Tough socks now get mentioned so much that many of you might be wondering if we struck some sort of deal with them. We have not. They’re just the best. And it’s not close. They’re not cheap, but wow are they worth it if you can make the switch.

The Shoes: J. Crew Kenton Chelseas – $223.50 w/ SHOPNOW ($298). Perfect for this scenario. Deep burgundy leather uppers, Goodyear Welted, and chelseas make for easy on/off in case you’re going to someone’s place which has a “leave your shoes at the door” policy. (note that with Black Friday coming up quick, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these soon go on sale for 30% off or maybe even a little more.)

The Belt: Made in the USA L.L. Bean Essential Belt – $44.95The new standard. Review here.

The after-meal tool: Mint Flavored Toothpicks – $9.99. Because while the traditional Thanksgiving meal has the average texture of regurgitated applesauce, that doesn’t mean something won’t still manage to get lodged in your teeth. Be prepared. Be discreet. Be minty fresh.


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