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What are you going to wear? If you haven’t been walloped by a stretch of bitter, icy cold quite yet, don’t worry. You most likely will soon enough (barring certain tropical feeling locations). Here’s one way to work a little style in. And please be careful out there. If it’s dangerously cold, you’ll know it in your gut. Stay in. Don’t risk it. Or if you absolutely have to go out in an arctic blast for some truly unavoidable reason… forget “style.” Layer up smartly, and stay as warm and dry as you can. (Amazon Essentials makes surprisingly good snow-bibs. Used those all the time when the Dappered Home offices were temporarily based in a town that gets eleven-feet of snow, annually.) 

Style Scenario Its Really Cold 2024

The Coat: Spier and Mackay 85% wool / 15% Cashmere Overcoat – $358.40 ($448). If camel isn’t your thing, they also have a very smart looking medium gray. 20% off through Monday, 1/15/23. It’s an investment for sure, but the fabric mix is incredible, it’s a timeless style, and you can wear it with absolutely everything from athleisure (yes really) to jeans to a suit. And the length protects your arse. Now before the armchair Amundsen‘s get their long-johns in a twist and say a topcoat alone isn’t warm enough for extreme bitter cold… You’re right! It’s not some immensely insulated mountaineering paraka. But the website you’re reading is called “Dappered.” It’s also why why we’ve included the vest, and are recommending as many layers as neccessary. I’ve comfortably worn a Spier peacoat (similar fabric depth) this winter in single digits. But as always do “season to taste,” conditions, and preferences. And finally… maybe this guy knows something about wearing a topcoat in the cold.

The Vest: J. Crew Nordic puffer vest with PrimaLoft – $47.69 FINAL w/ SHOPSALE ($198). Keeps your core warm while still allowing freedom of movement for your arms. Just added to J. Crew’s extra 70% off (!) final sale section. No returns or exchanges though.

The Sweater: J. Crew Marled rugged merino wool-blend half-zip sweater – $29.69 FINAL w/ SHOPSALE ($110). Wool keeps you warm but also breathes. Half zip for keeping your neck warm when you head out into the cold… if you choose to actually head out into the cold. (Perhaps reconsider heading out into the cold.)

The Jeans: Bonobos Fireside FLANNEL LINED Jean – $69.30 w/ BYE2023 ($139). Flannel lined for these depths of winter cold snaps. Dark wash means they’ll look good with almost anything. Extra 30% off through Monday with the BYE2023 code, and they’re one of the few items in that big Bonobos sale that ISN’T final sale… so you can return/exchange these jeans if they show up and they’re not to your liking. Not Shown: An extra base layer of long underwear. That’s up to you.

The Gloves: Backcountry GORE-TEX Snow Glove – $69.30 ($99). Goatskin leather means good (almost retro?) looks and solid, relative dexterity, but they’re still lined/insulated and water proof. Best of both worlds here. Don’t mess with your extremities/digits in the cold. Hands are like feet, only attached to your wrists (profound, I know). You need them, and they can get cold and damaged easily.

The Hat & Scarf: Made in the USA Oak Street 1975 NATO Watch Cap + Marine Scarf – $60 ($80). As authentic as it gets. Free domestic shipping too.

The Watch: Casio Diver Green Bezel – $50ish on a Crown & Buckle Supreme Nato – $34. Because fumbling for your phone in the bitter cold could end up you losing it in a snowbank. That, and it’s nice to know how long you’ve been outside shoveling.

The Boots: Sorel 1964 Pac Nylon Waterproof Snow Boot – $125.96 ($180). Keep the Daltons on the shelf when it’s bitter, bitter cold. Insulated. Waterproof. Removable 9mm washable recycled felt inner boot. And they’ve got a classic, retro look to them.

The Socks: Made in the USA Darn Tough Heavyweight Hunting Socks – $35. This is all for nothing if you don’t protect your feet.

The Belt: Made in the USA L.L. Bean Essential Belt – $44.95The new standard. Review here.

The Sunglasses: Sunski Treelines – $89. Glacier goggles! And those shields do easily pop off for wearing the sunglasses just as sunglasses. Shields are there to keep the glare from sneaking behind the frames. That said, they’ll limit your peripheral vision. So don’t get run over by a bus, please. Polarized lenses too.