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Timex 40mm Marlin Moonphase (quartz) – $159

UPDATE: Annnd… they’re gone. A few hours after this posted they sold out again.

These sold out immediately after they were released a week or two ago. So don’t be surprised if they sell out again.

Available in either the green dial shown at the top of this post, or the “rose-gold-tone” dial shown below, these things are smart looking. For those who prefer to dress quietly, a watch like this will add a bit of subtle interest on the wrist. It’ll help a quiet/classy/timeless outfit not look too blank.

Last things on, first things noticed, right?

40mm in diameter. 20mm strap with. Strap comes with quick release pins.

We’re working on a full, in-person review. But the TL;DR version is:

They’re quite nice in person. Leather strap doesn’t feel the most impressive, but the watch itself looks the part and then some. True moon-phase complication, day, date, and month sub-dials, and there’s no excruciatingly loud “TICK” you hear with cheaper Timex watches. At 40mm most will find it very wearable, although some traditionalists would like something closer to 38mm for dressed up wear (depending on the size of the human wearing the watch of course).

The pusher/plunger at 2 o’clock operates the month subdial.
Because there’s only so much a crown can do.

Either color should look smart for upcoming Spring/Summer events (weddings, graduations, parties, etc.)

That, and with the moonphase complication, you’ll be able to tell why all the neighborhood cats are getting into death brawls now that we’re heading into open-window season.

The moon. Not to sound all “woo-woo,” but anyone who’s ever had a cat as part of their pack knows it does things to creatures.

That’s all.

Carry on.

Don’t forget to wax your gibbous.

(wax? no. trim? yes.)