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Italian Wool Suits in Ludlow Slim or Crosby Athletic Fit – $404 ($675)

Need a suit in a hurry? A real hurry? Like, you probably don’t have time to get it tailored “hurry?”

These might be your best bets. Here’s why, and here’s also why they’re worth a look on sale even if you DO have time to hit the tailor, which is always recommended. (Always always try to get to the tailor):

  1. J. Crew almost always excludes suits from their codes/promos. Their usual twice a year suit sales top out at 30% off. So 40%, here, is unheard of.
  2. Their suits are actually suit separates:
    • With suit separates like J. Crew, you get to pick not just the size of the jacket, but also the waist size AND INSEAM of the trouser. Yes you should still get your suit dialed in at a tailor. But you may get lucky and need less to little to no tailoring.
    • Suit separates are ideal (if not a total necessity) for those with frames that don’t fit into the standard average-body-type “drop” zones traditionally-nested suits come in. Think barrel chested types, or cyclists with monster quads and glutes. They can’t shop standard suit-pairs because often if the jacket fits, the pants won’t. Or vice versa.

Got all that? Just WHY these Italian wool suit separates are buried within a pretty random “up to 50% off holiday favorites” section is beyond me. But they’re quietly in there at 40% off:


Ludlow Slim Fit All-Season Italian Worsted Wool Suit Jackets + Matching Trousers = $404 ($675)

J Crew Stretch Italian Wool Suits 92623

These are their 4-season weight flagship suits. Easy to tailor (when you have the time), non functioning sleeve cuff buttons. Timeless 3″ lapels. Available in four colors. Jackets are here, trousers are here. Remember since they’re suit separates, you have to put each piece in your cart individually before you check out.


Crosby (athletic) Fit Italian Worsted Wool Suit Jackets + Matching Trousers = $404 ($675)

J Crew CROSBY Stretch Italian Wool Suits 92623

For the beast modes. Maybe. Depends on how beast-y your beast mode happens to be. It’s still J. Crew, y’know? If you spend your weekends competing by tossing cabers and pulling a garbage truck down the street… it’s probably still not gonna fit. BUT… it’s still nice to give something a shot if you find yourself in that “Thicker than Ludlow, thank you very much” space. Jackets are here. Trousers are here


Working at post time on all the colors. No code needed. Nice.

Again, it’s really strange that these have snuck into a pretty-random feeling “up to 50% off holiday favorites” mini-sale. 40% off is… not something J. Crew does for their Ludlow line of suits. They just don’t. Usually they’re excluded from almost all of the regular 30% off codes. So this feels borderline worthy of a (confused) side-eye. Yet they’re not final sale. They can be returned. Although it’ll cost you a $7.50 pre-paid label to send them back through the mail.

Remember, you’ll need to add both the jacket and matching trousers to your cart to get the full suit. And no, no one is asking you to wear your trousers as short as the J. Crew models do in some of the images. (Flood-stage, holy smokes!) That’s just a modeling thing J. Crew has done forever.

This random “up to 50% off holiday favorites – prices as marked” deal is set to expire on Monday 12/4.

That’s all.

Carry on.

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