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TIME25 = 25% off select watches at Timex

Timex sales are weird. Often Timex will put watches on sale for 25% off and they’ll still be getting smoked by the usual lower prices on Amazon.

That’s not the case this time:

Timex Steal Alert 3524

The M79 automatic in gray/green just hasn’t extensively penetrated the US 3rd party market yet. So it’s hard to get anywhere else, especially on this deep of a sale.

The dressy-yet-interesting Waterbury quartz Chronograph IS available elsewhere, but for once Timex has those other prices beat as long as you use the TIME25 code.

Even the quartz Navi 41mm watches are a decent bargain, as they’re on sale and getting an additional 25% off.

Code TIME25 ends next Tuesday, 3/12. So while the watches can allegedly take a licking and keep on ticking… you can lick all you want but these prices won’t last forever.

Although a week is a long time to run this sale. Who knows if the M79 will sell out.

That’s all.

Carry on.