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BR: Extra 20% off Sale and Final Sale Items (exp. Sat. 5/13)

Now that BR seems firmly entrenched in their “we don’t run sales all the time any more” strategy, this is one of those events that’s quite good for them. Especially that they’ve put quite a bit of new stock into their sale section on the sly.

But be warned: It’s both regular sale and final sale stuff. Anything tagged as final sale can’t be returned or exchanged. Final sale items should have a notification on their product page, as well their price should end in $.97. Items with prices that end in $.99 should be “regular” sale items, and thus, okay to return/exchange.

Also. It gets pretty weird after the first page of items. The deeper you get into this sale, the odder it gets. Unless you’re after a pair culottes and/or a cozy dog sweater.


Off we go with some picks. No code needed. Extra 20% off should happen at checkout, and ends this Saturday, May 13th.


Rider Shawl-Collar Cardigan – $103.99 ($170)

BR Rider Shawl-Collar Cardigan

Not final sale. As “mean” looking as a shawl collar cardigan can get. For when (*choose your preferred action movie star*) is at their stylish hideout, taking a break from feeding people knuckle sandwiches. Pockets. Pockets for… snacks? Like knuckle sandwiches.


Italian Wool Flannel Trousers in Navy or Charcoal – $70.39 ($140)

Wool dress pants are difficult to find for under a hundred bucks. So to see some Italian wool “flannels” in navy or charcoal for seventy bucks, and NOT final sale… that’s an eye popper. Of course we’re now in TROPICAL wool, or lightweight linen/cotton season, but flannels are a year-round standard for those worker-bees who are stuck in an overly air-conditioned high rise all day. And for those of us that aren’t, but love the polished coziness of wool flannel in the fall and winter… this is as good of an opportunity to stock up as any.


Made in Italy Linen-Silk Ties in Blue, Gray – $59.99 or Light Blue – $47.99 ($90)

Got a warm weather wedding coming up?


Tanner Suede Chelsea Boots with Crepe Sole – $191.99 ($300)

Fair warning: If these are the standard BR shoe quality from a couple years back, then they’d still be overpriced at $192. Their shoes, historically, have been… good! Good for $100 – $150, glued construction, etc. But closer to $200? Nah. Yet these are NOT final sale, and if BR has upgraded their shoes the same way they upgraded a few other things (their suits, for one)… then these could be a great summer boot. Easy on/off chelsea style, with a springy crepe sole. Wear them with everything. Just don’t expect them to last years and years and years. If they do? Awesome!


Italian Stretch Cotton 10″ Single Pleat Shorts – $35.99 ($70)

Old-School-Cool. Yes shorts can be old-school cool, without looking just… old. Single pleats instead of enormous accordion style pleats. 10″ inseam. 98% cotton/2% spandex Italian milled fabric. Modeled after styles from the 1940s. So something that maybe Bing Crosby or Dean Martin would have chosen, on the rare occasion they weren’t wearing trousers even in the dead of summer. The KEY is to not wear them with crummy white athletic socks and Keen (or Keen-like) hiker sneakers. Not that you would. Instead pair them with classic court style sneakers or suede loafers. Casual elegance sounds incredibly pretentious. But it’s a look a lot of us can absolutely pull off, as long as we don’t take ourselves too seriously while doing so.


Braided Suede Belt – $28.77 FINAL ($80)

Now that our dark wash jeans have been shelved for the next few months, it’s time to use any blue accessories you may (or may not) have. Would look great with light gray tech pants, tan shorts, etc. Really hoping the color doesn’t bleed. You never know when you’ll get hit by a random park sprinkler barrage when cycling back from a summer night out on the town. Been there. Those sprinklers are POWERFUL. And you don’t want anything to bleed all over your nice pants.


Italian Wool-Linen Double Breasted Blazer – $319.99 ($450)

Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants. 90% of us reading this right now aren’t double-breasted blazer types. But the other ten percent would wear the living h-e-double-hockey-sticks outta this at some upcoming warm weather event. The subtle Prince of Wales plaid is a nice plus. That means you can go solid on the pants and shirt, while still bringing a little visual depth thanks to the pattern on the jacket.


Merino Blend Striped Socks – $12.79 ($20) or Dot Socks – $11.97 FINAL ($20)

These are lightweight dress socks. Not chunky casual or cabin style. Something to be worn with dress oxfords or loafers to a warm weather wedding, after work patio cocktails, etc. I know, fancy-schmancy. They can also be worn with sneakers and performance pants. Versatility, friends. These have it. Stripes aren’t final sale, dots are.


Merino Blend No-Show Socks – $7.99 ($15)

And now the “no show” version. But do they hold their shape and not slump down under your heel with wear? No idea. That’s key. Enormously key. Somewhat related, see our round up of the best no-shows here. It’s a couple years old, but still relevant.


Premium Poplin Dress Shirt in Wide White/Blue Stripe – $44.79 ($90)

BR’s new premium poplin dress shirts are a nice upgrade over their old stock-shirts, but ninety is still pretty steep for a lot of our BR-budgets. So $45 is a nice, serious discount. Not final sale either. Just that wider blue on white stripe getting the extra-nice sale price. But it should look great with all of the solids and earth tones of summer (light gray suits, tan trousers, etc.)


Organic Cotton Chunky Shawl Collar Cardigans in Blue, or Camo Green – $71.99 ($150)

All cotton. Which is preferred by plenty, even though wool or wool blends usually get the recommendation. Some people have allergies, some prefer the feel of cotton over wool in spring/summer, and some prefer the fact that cotton often costs a bit less. Blue and Green are NOT final sale, while the cream option very much is final sale (and priced as such).


Spring Corduroy Suit Pants – $47.97 FINAL ($180)

There is a matching suit jacket, but a full “spring” corduroy suit is a big-style-ask for a lot of our brains. But spring corduroy dress trousers with a dressed-up front tab closure? Absolutely. Would look great with a Bonobos unconstructed Italian wool blazer. Trousers are final sale though.


Merino-Cashmere half-zip sweater – $119.97 FINAL ($275)

Something to keep in the office (for those who work in an office) when the AC goes absolutely guano-crazy and threatens to eliminate the entire building by way of hypothermia. 70% Merino wool, 30% cashmere. Final sale. No returns or exchanges.


Ribbed Cotton-Blend Sweater Jacket – $103.99 ($170)

And another over-zealous-AC fighter for those who don’t want to pull a sweater over their heads. Cardigans! They’re amazing!


Wire Frame “Classic” Sunglasses – $59.99 ($95)

A modernized version of Ray Ban’s classic clubmasters. BR usually excludes sunglasses from any (rare) sales or codes, and it’s good to see these aren’t Final Sale quite yet. No word on sizing. Which is, well, key.


Italian Wool Blend Shawl Collar Cardigan – $55.97 FINAL ($225)

Beige has just size Large left at post time. Olive has just size medium. Cable knit. Italian 80% recycled wool / 20% nylon blend. Seems like a steal at this price, even if it’s final sale and sizes/stock are limited.

The extra 20% off BR Sale items deal ends this Saturday, 5/13/23.


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