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Macys: 25% off select watches w/ FRIEND

This is unusual. Sure Macy’s runs 20% – 25% off deals on their stock of watches from time to time, but Hamilton is almost always (or just flat out always) excluded. But it looks like their Hamiltons are included this time. They’ve also got some new brands and models just-in, and even some of those are up for the code:

Interesting. That Spinnaker in particular looks, well, great.

Tested it out, and the code is working at post time.

Yes you could find some of these watches for less from some sketchy gray market shop on eBay or somewhere else. But who knows what you’re getting with those types. You’re certainly not getting a factory warranty. Which you will be with an authorized dealer like Macy’s.

And no, the Seiko 5 sports dive style hasn’t been restocked on the stainless bracelet as of yet. It’s there with a black NATO… but not on stainless.

That’s all.

Carry on.


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