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Spier Cap Toe Oxfords or Wingtip Oxfords – $151.30 w/ SPIER ($178)

We rewind to this morning’s sales handful, and the mention of Spier’s just launched Anniversary Sale:

It’s honestly one of the odder, limited selections of goods they’ve put up for any kind of discount. It’s promoted as their Anniversary Sale, and maybe they’ll add more to it, but for now it’s… not a lot to look at.

Ah HA! Spier has in fact added a few things. It’s still not a mega-expansive sale, but when their Blake Stitched dress shoes actually get any kind of discount, it’s very much worth a steal alert.

Full review here. Got a rare 5/5 from our shoe expert, Adam.

Cap toes or wingtips. Both with a dressy, true-oxford setup.
Don’t ignore those black cap toes. When one needs black shoes, one needs black shoes.

They hit the undeniable sweet spot for those who simply don’t wear dress shoes daily, yet when they need (or want) a pair of dress shoes, they want them to look really good and feel way better than some big box bargain store junk.

Made from soft and supple full grain leather. Blake stitched in China, so they should be able to be re-soled by a local and knowledgeable cobbler. Lined in leather. Subtle, studded rubber sole so you don’t slip and eat-it on the sidewalk outside of your big interview/meeting/date.

Blake stitched. Soles equipped with a bit of grip.

The shape and style leans more modern. They’re elegant, they’re simple, they stand out from the crowd without shouting.

Free shipping kicks in at $100, so that’s covered. And if it’s your first time buying a pair of their shoes, they’ll also return for free if they don’t work out upon arrival. Spier offers free returns on first-time shoe purchases and a bunch of other categories in an effort to get the hesitant to try their stuff. Full shoe return policy can be found here.

Simple. All class.

In terms of fit: Our shoe expert Adam suggests going with your true-to-size Brannock measurement. Just standard D-widths available. Apologies to the wide and narrow footed.

Most sizes are in stock at post time.

Code SPIER is set to expire Tuesday the 9th.

That’s all.

Carry on.


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