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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Nordstrom: Up to 60% off Summer Sale

There are over 8,000 items in the Nordstrom Sale section at post time. And everything ships and returns for free. The big issue is that a lot of it is true-clearance, with hardly any sizes or stock left. Very large haystack. Very few needles.


Spier: Core Suits Restock + New Colors/Fabrics – $398

These are not their base-line red label. These use nicer wool fabrics, nicer “trims” like true Japanese Bemberg lining, and they come in two fits (slim and contemporary). For those that want a nice suit but don’t want to spend a ton, Spier’s core line is as good as it gets. Review of the slim fit can be found here, and the contemporary fit can be found here. They often sell out in common sizes, so a restock is worth a mention even though they aren’t on sale. The addition of a few new colors (gray sharkskin! blue check!) is also very much worth a call-out.


Gustin: Made in Italy Sneakers Pre-Funding
(ships Dec./Jan.)

Gustin’s Italian made sneakers are one of the options our shoe expert Adam references with some regularity when it comes to investing (yet not going bankrupt) in a pair of classics. They’re not a campaign that’s perpetually running either. They’re probably one of Gustin’s bestsellers, but it does feel like Gustin will take a big batch of orders, make said batch, ship said batch, and then wait a bit between campaigns. So if you’ve been waiting around for a pair of Gustin’s Full Grain Nappa leather upper, Margom sole, Italian made sneakers… there’s just a couple days left until they close this round. Sneakers should ship sometime in December or January. Which is clearly not peak sneaker season, but… thems the breaks.


Old Navy: $25 Ultimate Chinos ($54.99)

L-R = Slim, Straight, and Athletic fit.

Still going on. That is, of course, until it isn’t. Can’t seem to find when this more than half off deal on their best selling Ultimate Chinos ends.  These particular pants are one of their all time best sellers and have a bit more poly woven in to resist wrinkles better. For a good long while they didn’t even carry basic stretch chinos, it was just these. They sell that well. They’re that well loved. Just four colors though. Three fits as usual = slim, straight, or athletic.


Rhone: New Mid-Weight Commuter Shirts – 2 for $270 ($296)

Rhone mid-weight commuter shirts

Brace yourselves for sticker-shock. More than a few guys swear by Rhone’s (spendy) original line of commuter shirts. They’re soft, they’re stretchy, and they’re what seems to be an industry-unique performance fabric which really, truly performs. The problem with the OG line is they lean a little casual. They’re like a tech OCBD (with a hidden button down collar.) The OG commuter shirt just isn’t as crisp as one would need, especially in the collar area, to support a necktie. SO? Rhone made a new version which they’re claiming is necktie-worthy, with a crisper collar and dressier fabric. Italian herringbone performance fabric with anti-odor properties, lots of stretch, and yes… a hidden button down collar. Sounds great, right? THEY’RE $135 A PIECE… IF YOU DO THE Buy Two and Save PROMO. (or $128.66 a piece if you buy three at once.) Ouch. Ow. Yikes.

They’re $148 a pop if you want to buy just one.

They must be something.

They better be something.


Also worth a mention:


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