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Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or a quick upgrade for yourself, expect these to come around about once a month. You’ll find new arrivals and old favorites, especially good deals, or maybe something pricey to keep an eye on for future sales. The potential best of the best, which you may or may not have seen already. Got a tip on something that deserves to end up in the monthly Most Wanted? Send those in to joe@dappered.com.


Nike Killshot 2 “Premium” – $105

A higher price (other Killshots are $90…) but these claim to update “the upper with premium textured leathers to create a fresh take on an old-school look.” And these look like they could be leather lined now? Maybe? Just one color-scheme so far (Light Bone/Gum Yellow/Light British Tan/Sail.) They’ve put them on the same product page as standard Killshots, so it’s a little confusing. These are the ones that cost fifteen bucks more than the standard Killshots.


lululemon Down for It All Jacket – $139 FINAL ($198)

It’s a little late in the season to be recommending puffers, but that’s also why it’s actually on sale. In black no less (wasn’t on sale in black up until very recently). This is the hoodless version of their Down for it all Hooded puffer jacket. Additionally, it’s also the sleeve-equipped version of their excellent down for it all puffer vests. All of these have a design (notice the lack of quilting around the mid section) that keep you warm, but avoid the Michelin man puffy look. They’re also durable. I (the Joe guy) use the vests for working out in cold temperatures during the winter. Weights, HIIT, running, etc. And they do surprisingly well in the washing machine (zip them up, flip them inside out, wash on cool/medium to gentle cycle). A size large typically fits my 5’10″/185 frame perfect.


Timex Marlin Automatic 40mm Brown Sunburst – $259

Like the Moonphase wasn’t proof enough that Timex is on a hot streak when it comes to their mid-century looking dress watches. Automatic movement on this one (hence the increased price). Those black backgrounds behind the numerals + the lighter brown sunburst dial = all kinds of “right.”


J. Crew Ludlow Slim-fit Blazer in English Cotton-Wool Blend – $348

As the Bonobos unconstructed wool hopsack blazers are usually stuck at their full (and spendy) $400 price point, some of us have started to look for alternatives. These sportcoats from J. Crew won’t be quite as airy as an all hopsack wool, but the 53% Cotton, 47% Wool fabric is milled in the UK, the navy glen check is subtle but interesting, and the minimal lining/unconstructed nature should help keep the air moving. Here’s to hoping they go on sale at some point. A 30% off deal would knock $100+ off the full ticket price.


Wellen Performance Lined Swim Trunks – $78

Could be thee pair of swim/workout/hybrid shorts you pack for any upcoming spring and summer adventures. Traditional swim trunks have that not-great-for-daily-wear mesh brief lining. Most hybrid shorts either don’t have a lining, or aren’t that comfortable to swim in. These claim to do it all. Built for swim, but also have a super soft, anti-chafing, boxer brief-style liner made to stay comfortable both in and out of the water. They even come with a hidden phone storage pocket sewn on top of that liner. Just try not to forget your phone is there when you cannon ball off a pier. Lots of colors and a few patterns. 5″ or 7″ inseams.

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