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The Thursday Handfuls are great, but what if Monday (or Tuesday) rolls around and there are a few sales that can’t wait until the weekend? You’ll find three of the best, with a few picks from each, to start the week below.


BONUS  adidas: their “Week of Deals” is live

adidas tripod 11623

As generic of a name as it can get, the adidas “Week of Deals” is actually pretty good. Ultraboost sneakers, tiro track pants and jackets, and more. No Stan Smith lux though. Not surprised those are excluded, as those are almost never on sale. Sale prices are set to expire this Wednesday, 11/8.


WP Standard: 15 % off w/ EARLY15

WP standard Tripod 11623

The leather WP Standard uses really is a step above. They know their stuff, they carefully select their stuff, and the end result is… pretty amazing stuff. And their prices are moderate, yet still reflect the quality piece that you’re buying. They don’t run sales often either. Head here for a full review of that briefcase. Code EARLY15 ends this Thursday 11/9.


J. Crew: members get 40% off select full w/ FAMILY or
for non-member gets 30% off w/ FRIENDS

J Crew Tripod 11423

It’s another one of these tiered deals with the best percent-off going for those who want to jump through the hoop of making and signing into an account on the J. Crew website or app. Prices above do reflect that 40% off, as I’m guessing a lot of us have a J. Crew account (you get free outbound shipping) or wouldn’t overly mind making one. But more power to you if you’re sticking to your guns and taking the 30% off and not signing up. Anyway… lots of exclusions with this one. Lots.


BONUS  UNIQLO: “Winter Deals” event is live

UNIQLO Tripod 11623

Not very extensive in terms of styles on sale (was hoping the chesterfields would be included but no such luck), but their bestselling ultra light down vests (the wide quilt option) and seamless down parkas are seeing some price cuts.


Also worth a mention,


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