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FLASH = 35% off select full + additional 50% off Final sale items

Exclusions galore. Stretch chino pants are out. So are the unconstructed “unsuit” cotton linen suit separates. Even their slub tees and Irish linen shirts are excluded.

But there’s still plenty of warm-weather-styles getting the 35% off. You just have to look for them.

Or have us look for them.

Code FLASH runs today and tomorrow, and they’re promoting free shipping with it too. That’s nice of them. J. Crew rewards members (it’s a simple email sign up, no credit card or anything) usually get free outbound shipping anyway, but free shipping for everyone is nice for those that don’t want to sign up with every retail company on the planet. Remember that returns will set you back $7.50 for a pre-paid label, or the gas and time it takes to get a return back to a brick and mortar store.

Off we go with the picks.


Stretch chino shorts in 9″ inseam – $45.17 ($69.50)

So their stretch chino pants are excluded, but the shorts are, in fact, getting the discount. Okay then. Also available in a 10.5″ inseam, or a 7″ inseam.


Slim Fit or Classic Fit Secret Wash organic cotton poplin shirt – $45.17 – $51.67  ($69.50 – $79.50)

Basic button down shirts that aren’t basic at all thanks to the slim (or classic) fit and J. Crew’s proprietary secret wash process. Fabric that’s soft but also crisp. Can be dressed up a bit or dressed down. Perfect smart casual shirts. As sorta strange/1994/hipster norm-core/elderly tourist(WTF) as J. Crew’s seasonal pieces can get, these are timeless. Classy. Grown-up. Sharp.


8″ stretch swim trunk – $45.17 ($69.50)

More than a few colors and patterns to choose from. A pick in this post today for those that missed the half off deal over the “unofficial start of summer” long weekend last month. 35% off isn’t 50% off (I know, profound) but forty-five bucks for a pair of swim trunks is pretty good considering the markup swim stuff gets across the market.


6″ stretch swim trunk in print – $45.17 ($69.50)

And now the slightly shorter version. 6″ inseam with these. Significantly more colors/prints than the 8″ option.


Airman sunglasses – $45.17 ($69.50)

Heard Maverick was pretty good. Especially in IMAX/whatever big honkin’ screen they’re blowing people’s minds with these days. 53mm lens width.


Kenton driving moccasins in suede – $96.20 ($148)

Drivers. The official shoes of the “I don’t like sandals and boat shoes are too preppy for me” crowd.


Organic cotton cable-knit shawl-collar cardigan sweater – $83.20 ($128)

Speaking of tempered preppy-ness. This is preppy, but not overly so. It’s not some off-white cricket sweater vest. Versatile. Can be worn year round.


Short-sleeve camp-collar shirt in hemp-cotton – $51.67 ($79.50)

Who’s ready to PARTTTTTTY BECAUSE FUN GUY IS HERE IN HIS FUN SHIRT?!?! … In all seriousness (if these shirts can be serious in any way), they really are pretty fun looking. And wearing. Camp collar. Hemp/cotton blend fabric. Those two patterns in particular, shown above, seem to be the winners.


6″ dock short in stretch chino – $38.67 ($59.50)

One of J. Crew’s best sellers. Elastic waist/drawstring shorts made from chino, not sweatshirt/sweatpant like french terry. Cooler and crisper than sweatshorts could ever hope to be. 6″ inseam, so you best be good with showing some leg.


Camden Crepe-sole Slip-ons in English Suede – $91.49 FINAL ($228)

Gah. Final sale. No returns on these. But they really are something. Full review from Adam can be found over here.


Made in the USA Necktie in Striped English Silk or Dot Italian Silk – $38.67 ($59.50)

Because it’s wedding season. Nice ties that are nicely affordable with the discount.


Slim dock pant in stretch cotton-Cordura nylon – $58.17 ($89.50)

Slim dock pant in stretch cotton-Cordura nylon

Casual but still polished. That can be tough to do. Yet a pair of clean, classic sneakers, a trim fitting tee or polo, and these = the perfect blend. Well reviewed too.


Ainslie sunglasses – $45.17 ($69.50)

Was just 39% off during a pretty random select items sale, but the free shipping is the extra cherry on top this time around. Acknowledged that most reading this are probably J. Crew Rewards members (it’s just a simple email sign up) so they get everyday free shipping anyway. Got a pair of these Ainslie sunglasses in person, and they’re surprisingly nice. The acetate w/ brass reinforcement inside is super solid. Smooth too. Feels premium. Ear pieces are just a touch thicker as well. Lenses seem to be right around 50mm (or maybe a little under), but they’re a slightly wider frame overall, so they fit even my big pumpkin head pretty darn well. Should please most of the bell curve. Striped soft case and cleaning cloth is included.


Dock or Bungalow Sunglasses – $45.17 ($69.50)

J. Crew sunglasses

And now something a little more classic/less hexagonal looking. Cheaper sunglasses that don’t look like cheap sunglasses. There’s a difference. A bit of one. Just remember that returns are a $7.50 pre-paid label or a trip to a brick and mortar store in case they show up and don’t look right on your face.


Stretch-Nylon Tech Shorts in 7″, 9″, or 10.5″ inseam – $45.17 ($69.50)

Full tech. No cotton woven in here. They’ve been terrific in the past, but no idea if these 2022 versions are the same fabric or not. Multiple inseams to choose from.


Italian wool tie – $45.17 ($69.50)

Can a tie be bad-arse? If so, these are them. For the minimalists, who don’t want the shine a solid silk tie can bring. Wool is sourced from Vitale Barberis Canonico.


Textured cotton short-sleeve sweater-polo – $58.17 ($89.50)

For those that want to do the retro sweater-polo thing. Texture to the knit too. Why they’ve styled it with mom jeans in the model shots, I don’t know, but… well, yeah.


Hand-sewn chukka boots in Italian suede – $87.49 FINAL ($228)

Another pick from the final sale section. And final sale shoes are risky. So, careful.


Waxed-canvas tote bag – $109.20 ($168)

Waxed-canvas tote bag

A beach bag, grocery-getter bag, or diaper bag (hope you had a good Father’s Day, Dappered Dads). Yet it doesn’t look like a beach bag, a grocery-getter bag, or a diaper bag. 17″H x 20 1/2″W x 7 3/4″ D.


Bowery Slim-fit dress pant in stretch chino – $63.70 ($98)

Bowery Slim-fit dress pant in stretch chino

Sharp dress trousers in a cotton/elastane blend. Dressy enough for warm weather weddings, the office (if you have an office), or a fancy night out. Wear them with a dressy-ish fabric polo (not slub) and loafers and you’re set for a warm to hot weather “I don’t want to be under-dressed but I don’t want to be overdressed” event.


Made in Italy MacAlister boots in English leather – $100.80 ($168)

ONLY SIZES 7, 11, and 12, AVAILABLE AT POST TIME. Fingers crossed they get another shipment in. Full review here. Good at this sale price. Basics chukkas that you’ll wear the ever-lovin’-sneeze out of. Made in Italy from English leather.


Stretch Seersucker Ludlow Slim-fit unstructured suit jacket & matching trouser = $231.40 total ($356)

J. Crew seersucker suit

The Derby is long gone, but there’s plenty of furnace-blasting-heat and soul-walloping-humidity on the way. The nice thing about these separates is that you can easily wear each piece separately with other gear, to greatly tone down the dandiness. Totally unlined back on the jacket. Should keep you nice and cool. Ish. Because sheesh did this summer get serious in a hurry.


Court sneakers in leather – $96.20 ($148)

J. Crew’s take on the classic court sneaker in white. Full review of these sneakers can be found here, albeit in a different color. But you’ll get the idea. Sizes are really scattered. One of those items they appear to have a hard time restocking.


O-ring cotton rope belt – $32.17 ($49.50)

J. Crew O-ring cotton rope belt

A summer standard. But know they run long. I’m a 32″ waist in most pants and the size medium is on the long end of maybe-okay. For a belt-to-belt comparison, it’s approximately the same length as my 34″ basic belt from GAPIf you think you’re in-between sizes, then size down.


Bowery Slim-fit pant in stretch four-season wool – $83.20 ($128)

It’s pretty hard finding wool or wool blend dress pants these days. Especially for under a hundred bucks. 4-season, slim fit, wool blend trousers. Timeless. These happen to be sold in three different inseam lengths (30, 32, 34), so plenty of guys might be able to skip a trip to the tailor, and the additional costs which come with that visit.

The 35% off select / Extra 50% off final sale code FLASH expires tomorrow, 6/22/22.


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