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Target Goodfellow & Co Fall / Winter 2023

About the Author: Ryan N. is a fully remote professional web developer who keeps a close shave as to not be confused with his strongly-bearded twin brother. He plays guitar and drums, loves going to concerts with his wife, and loves being a dad.

**PRICING NOTE**: Target is running a 30% off clothing/accessories/shoes deal for their rewards club members through Saturday 11/11. It’s a simple sign up like any other website or app. Once you’re logged in, tap the “Save this offer” button and the 30% off should apply at checkout. Prices in red below reflect that 30% off deal, since many probably already have an account with Tar-Zhay.

I always jump at the opportunity to do these Goodfellow & Co. roundups, because Target has been attempting to feature affordable true style staples at (well, nearly) fast-fashion prices. And this year brings the much-awaited return of.. JACKETS!! Goodfellow has been a great source of outerwear that fits great, looks great, and yet doesn’t break the bank. I’m excited that there’s a fantastic crop of them this year, too many to even cover in this short smattering. But there’s more than just outwear below. Let’s get to it!

SIZING NOTE: I’m 5’9″ / 160, all tops shown are a size small, jeans are 30×30, gloves are M/L, and scarf is an extra medium.


Long Sleeve Henleys (100% cotton) – $10.50 ($15)

What’s there to say except Target just owns the category of solid henleys. They’ve been doing a great job with their henleys for years, and thankfully the price has stayed relatively the same in 2023. Why mess with a good thing? Jersey knit fabric. Four colors to choose from.


Corduroy Trucker Jacket – $31.50 ($45)

A highlight from this year’s Goodfellow cooler weather lineup. While not “denim” like the product page would tell you (“This Corduroy Denim Trucker Jacket…” seriously, what?), it’s actually a great, rich-in-color corduroy. Fully buttoned front (nice buttons btw,) two button-flap pockets up top and slash pockets below. Wears super easy with a bit of spandex, though I would have liked to have some stretch in the cuffs as well, as they’re a bit tight. Heads up, it’s definitely lighter weight than I anticipated it being as a fall-winter piece, but that just means you can layer it more easily. Truly a fall-ready staple. Shown above in dark red. Also available in olive green.


Long Sleeve Textured Crewneck Shirt – $14 ($20)

Fit is clearly “regular” and a size Small is a bit generous on 5’9″ / 160.  More of a waffle tee than a crewneck sweater. Fabric is 71% Cotton, 29% Recycled Polyester. The weave is also a bit looser, so it’ll wear more casual. Eight colors to pick from including the orange shown above, but there are plenty of standards like cream, black, gray, olive, etc… An easy wearing long sleeve that should pair with lots of stuff, whether on this list/from Target’s F/W Goodfellow line, or not. Just know it runs generous in terms of size.


Solid Woven 90% Poly, 10% Wool Shirt Jacket – $35 ($50)

Extremely comfortable and cozy, and thus easy to layer, this shirt jacket sports slash pockets, a full liner, and functional cuffs so you’re not boxed in. Fabric is mostly polyester with 10% wool woven in. While this is a solid piece, I feel like it’s a bit oversized. But Goodfellow’s gonna Goodfellow when it comes to sizing, so consider ordering a size down if you can. Feels a bit overpriced at the full $50 when compared to the rest of the line.


Ribbed Hem Hooded Pullover Sweater – $24.50 ($35)

This is a great layering piece, and a nice upgrade from wearing a hoodie. While it’s on the thin side, it doesn’t feel flimsy or lightweight, and was holding its own on a chillier fall day. Perhaps a win for playing football in the backyard after family Thanksgiving? Just keep the hood down — the ribbing looks upscale when laying down, but makes it looks a bit silly with it up.


Ribbed Hem V-Neck Cardigan – $35

Oversized and a bit chunky, which to me doesn’t play as well with cardigans that don’t have a shawl collar. A shawl collar usually makes up for the chunky drape and conforms to the shape of your neck. But… there’s lots to like here. Nice marl to the fabric, very comfortable, and big ol’ buttons makes it easy to toggle in and out, off and on, buttoned and unbuttoned. Sometimes the buttons are undersized for this kind of sweater, but not here. I LIKE BIG BUTTONS AND I CANNOT LIE.


Soft Knit Shirt Jacket – $21 ($30)

Shown above in “Brushed brown.” Texture depends on what color you’re after, as some of the options have a diamond-quilt style pattern to them. For this one, the color is super unique, easy to pair, and neutral without being boring. Big win and ridiculously comfortable. Easily elevates an entire look.


Faux Shearling Lined Pig Suede Gloves – $17.50 ($25)

The mixed-media fingertips (probably for attempted smart phone compatibility) falls extremely flat. Literally. The rich leather suede is beautiful and nuanced, but the completely flat-color leather finger trim looks very out of place against it. I wish these were fully pigskin. No cutout vent at the cuff also makes them a bit hard to get on and adjusted. For the price and the drawbacks, can’t really recommend them here. At least the size M/L seemed to fit like what most would consider medium-to-large for gloves.


Basic Triple Trim Touch Dress Gloves – $17.50 ($25)

Now, where the same M/L sizing in the pig-suede faux-shearling fit nicely, these feel quite large. I even have an old pair of M/L Goodfellow gloves, also with Thinsulate, that fit great. Once again, inconsistent sizing seems to trouble Goodfellow. I’d recommend sizing down on these, because they’re pretty good overall. Just kinda swimming in them and not sure if it’s a true outlier or if they run large.


Woven Oblong Scarf in Blue Stripe – $14 ($20)

I have this very scarf from a few seasons ago, and even though it’s 100% poly, it really doesn’t present that way. Much more of a cotton look and finish, and importantly, doesn’t feel cheap to the touch. Drapes and folds nicely, and those stripes bundled on top of each other? Win.


Athletic Fit Jeans – $25.20 ($36)

Shown above in black, but also available in various dark and light blues as well as a tan/straw khaki wash. Smooth finish, and still plenty stretchy. Can tell that the waistband is a bit less forgiving on these than the comfort wear, but far from tight or restricting. Athletic cut gives plenty of movement, and all the standard five-pocket fixins are still there. A bit on the flimsy side, but they feel sturdy. Most of my jeans are Goodfellow, so I’m a bit biased. But I think it’s hard to beat them for the money.


Comfort Fit Slim Stretch Jeans (cotton/poly/viscose/spandex) – $28 ($40)

New to the Target Goodfellow lineup, and ALMOST BEST IN SHOW. Shown here in medium blue, but also available in a traditional looking dark blue denim wash, black, or a tan/khaki beige. Could these really be a BR Traveler Jean competitor, at 40 bucks? Sure seems like it. High-knee ready, these have significant amounts of stretch. The medium blue plays nicely with everything from winter neutrals to even spring’ s brightest, barely batting an eye. Full review in Dark Rinse coming soon.


Lightweight Faux Suede Bomber Jacket – $31.50 ($45)

***BEST IN SHOW*** Saved the best for (almost) last. This is everything I was hoping that the Banana Republic Factory faux-suede jacket would be:

This is truly one of the standout pieces Goodfellow has ever put out. Like… ever. $45 is a steal for this quality of bomber.


Performance Standard Fit Dress Shirt – $23.10 ($33)

  • Size/Fit Shown: Medium, Standard Fit on Joe, who is 5’10″/185.
  • Fabric: 60% Cotton, 36% Recycled Polyester, 4% Spandex.
  • Collar Stays?: YES. Removable. Wasn’t sure if these shirts would have collar stays or not. Some cheap “dress shirts” don’t, or have (gasps) non-removable stays sewn into the collar. Glad to say these shirts have removable stays.
  • Non Iron?: No. It’ll need to be ironed, but it doesn’t come out of the washer/dryer overly wrinkled. Pretty standard stuff.
  • Washing Instructions: Machine Wash/Tumble Dry Low.
  • Are they “See Through?”:  The body is a little translucent, but not terribly so. Most won’t notice or care.

Wrapping up this round-up by borrowing something from the recent Skimp Spend Splurge post. For $33? Pretty, pretty good. It’s basic, but it’s executed well. Fabric is a blend: 60% Cotton, 36% Recycled Polyester, 4% Spandex. There’s some stretch to the fabric, but the use of the word “performance” seems like an exaggeration here. It’s not a super stretchy, wicking Rhone Commuter or anything like that. Far from it. Yet many “tech” button up shirts look unfortunately casual, (which the OG Rhone Commuter falls victim to,) whereas this Goodfellow dress shirt looks and wears like a classic, classy, sharp dress shirt. Sold in ballpark “alpha” sizing (S/M/L/etc.) Not the more precise neck and sleeve measurements you’ll find on other dress shirts. But that’s not unexpected. This is Target.

Got a tip on something from Target’s Goodfellow & Co. line that didn’t make this round up? Send those suggestions into joe@dappered.com. Big thanks to Ryan for being our go-to for Goodfellow and all things Tar-zhay!

Target’s 30% off clothing/accessories/shoes deal for their rewards club members runs through Saturday 11/11. Once you’re logged in, tap the “Save this offer” button and the 30% off should apply at checkout. 


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