Turning your hobby of making videos into a profession is a reality that many can only dream about. However, earning a living from showcasing your video editing talents is possible with a little bit of industry knowledge. By learning about video editing niches, you could turn your side hustle into a full-time job.

Identifying a high-paying video niche is a great way to find a specific audience for your expertise. The post-pandemic world has seen an increase in the demand for high-quality video producers who can offer tailor-made packages for businesses and professionals. 

Finding the perfect video-editing niche could increase your client base and your pay packet. Here are some of the best high-paying video editing niches you should know about. 

How to Find Your Video Editing Niche

The best way to find your video editing niche is by picking up your camera. As you move from project to project, you will develop your skills and gain experience in different areas of videography. Building your portfolio is a useful method for finding your video editing niche and protecting your bank balance

You can build an eye-catching portfolio that will showcase your work and attract clients by using the following:

  • A professional website to display your work
  • Video reels to show your editing skills
  • Social media platforms to share work with your community

Your portfolio should show potential clients what you can offer them. Make sure you proofread video descriptions and captions to maintain a professional image. 

Types of High-Paying Video Editing Niches

There are plenty of trending video editing niches that could make you lots of money as a videographer. A premium fee mixed with low expenses is the perfect combination for videographers who want to protect their ROI and make money.

Some of the best ways to find video editing opportunities and discover high-paying niches include:

  • Networking and collaborating with other videographers
  • Working as a runner on film and television sets
  • Work with local production companies

Working with a variety of production companies before you set up your business will provide insight into various video editing niches. Observing existing videographers and their projects will also give you an idea of which niches are trending.

Corporate Video Editing

Professionalism is the most essential part of working in a corporate environment. Your clients will expect you to adhere to strict deadlines and work to their specific guidelines. According to Backstage, in-house video editors can make $50,000 per year depending on their experience and position. 

Large companies and corporations will usually hire video editors in one of the following ways:

  • In-house production
  • Freelance video editor (ongoing)
  • Videography agencies
  • Contract or Project Based work

You should research how to set up your own videography business if you want to obtain corporate editing jobs. Corporations will feel safer handing a professional business their money to handle their video projects. 

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Editing Virtual Meetings

More businesses have moved their staff into virtual spaces with video conferencing and online communication. Videographers can also edit virtual events and conferences for companies selling tickets online. Companies can use their edited meeting footage for promotion purposes and staff training. 

Creating350 Virtual and Immersive Experiences

Virtual reality experiences are increasing in popularity which has increased the demand for videographers that specialize in this field. 171 million people use virtual reality technology across the globe. Businesses can use 360 video tours to showcase their premises without customers visiting their stores in person. 

Employee Training Videos

Employee onboarding videos and training clips are an excellent use of company funds. Corporations could pay in the region of $300-$2000 for each minute of video. You’ll need expert communication skills to understand what the company wants to achieve from its training videos. 

Networking is very important if you want to get into the world of corporate video editing. You may need to contact scriptwriters, actors, and other production professionals to help you create the perfect result for your client.

Spiritual Video Editing

Video productions that celebrate moments in life will always be profitable avenues for videographers. Weddings, births, and deaths are being captured on film and turned into cinematic masterpieces. Large churches and places of worship are also filming their meetings to help them reach a wider audience.

Spiritual videographers don’t have to follow a religion, but they should familiarise themselves with the faith they want to film. It is possible to monetize a Youtube channel or set up a business dedicated to producing religious videos for places of worship.

Celebration of Life Videos

Bereaved loved ones often do not have the time, energy, or expertise to create a video celebrating the life of a family member. Videographers who wish to enter this business should be patient, understanding, and familiar with end-of-life processes. 

“Families are willing to pay a reasonable fee to editors who can create a video that showcases their loved one,” says Jerry Han, CMO of PrizeRebel. “Producing high-quality videos with personal touches is a fulfilling experience for both the editor and the recipient. Fees can start at $250 per film depending on the client’s requests.”

Video editors with excellent communication skills are perfect for spiritual videos that require empathy and understanding. You’ll need to spend lots of time getting to know the client and their desires to produce the perfect video.  

Videos for TV and Film

Video and tv editing is a high-paying and enjoyable area of videography. According to NFI, an entry-level film and video editor could expect to receive a salary between $31940 and $43230. Experienced film editors can make $42 an hour or more. 

“There are many variables that determine the salary for a film and tv editor,” explains Amy De La Fuente, Director of Public Affairs at Bosco Legal Services. “Salaries are calculated based on which state you are in and your experience level. The hourly rate will also rise as the editor gains experience. Editing for tv and film is a great area to start in if you want a healthy bank account.”

Film and tv editors can learn and develop their skills by combining internships with college study. You’ll be expected to work closely with the director to achieve their desired outcome and bring raw footage together in a professional way. 

Final Thoughts

Finding your niche is essential if you want to succeed in the video production industry. The best way to find your niche is by building your portfolio and experimenting with different projects. Some of the highest-paying video editing niches include:

  • Event videography such as weddings, large family ceremonies, and corporate outings.
  • YouTube video editing such as intros, channel trailers, and pretty much any YT content, including Shorts.
  • Corporate video editing such as internal videos, social posts, and conference recordings.
  • Religious, NGO, and Spiritual video editing for churches, temples, and large non-profit organizations.

Editing videos that you enjoy will be quicker for you to produce. Look at the list above to discover the best video editing niche for your business.

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