Hey freelancers, are you looking for After Effects gigs but you’re struggling to find enough work? These jobs are spread all across the internet and you probably find that you face a lot of competition for them. In this article, we’ll cover how to find the jobs that fit your skills and the jobs that will pay you what you want.

Freelance Job Boards

Using an online freelance job board can be really intimidating, especially because there is so much competition. But you’ll find countless opportunities from a variety of fields from many different clients. Getting gigs on a freelance marketplace can be difficult, but also profitable as you can work as much as you’re able to and can always seek out more work if you want to.


Fiverr lets clients come to you. You can create a gig with a list of your services then potential clients can place a custom order, checking all the boxes of which features or inclusions they want to add. Alternatively, clients can post their own gigs that freelancers can apply for. You can set up packages that cost different amounts of money, that way you can differently price a simple logo animation versus an entire animated sequence without the hassle of negotiating with the client. When looking for a gig on Fiverr, make sure you’re looking in animation as a whole, rather than just After Effects. A client might know they need an animation, but not which software it should be done in!

Find After Effects Gigs on Fiverr


Upwork is a freelance gig platform that matches you with the perfect job for your skills. The search function on the site lets you search with tags like “after effects”, “motion graphics”, “animation” or any other relevant terms. You can also feature by experience level, pay, and how many freelancers have already submitted proposals for the gig.

Find After Effects Gigs on Upwork


Freelancer is a website that hosts a variety of gigs in different categories. It has a robust After Effects section for 3D renders and animation requests. You can filter by specific skills, pay rate, and how many bids are already on the gig. You can also search by tags. And for clients, the webpage for After Effects describes what After Effects does and why a client might want to hire someone who is proficient in the software.

Find After Effects Gigs on Freelancer


LinkedIn has a huge job board for all kinds of professional opportunities. You can really dive in to all of the listings, and see which of your indicated skills match the ones requested in the job description. You can also get more granular in your search or search by specific skill. And if you already have a LinkedIn that you use for professional networking, you can leverage your connections and recommendations when applying to gigs.

Find After Effects Gigs on LinkedIn


Once you get your first few gigs doing After Effects work and impress your clients, you have one of the most powerful tools a freelancer could have; happy clients! Former clients can offer two huge benefits. The first is repeat work. If a client needs similar work done in the future, they will likely contact you again. You’ve proven yourself, and it avoids the hassle of interviewing a new freelancer. The other thing they can do is refer potential clients to you. This is great especially if you’re not the best at networking. A client that was impressed by your work will think of you first when they have a friend or colleague that needs After Effects or animation work done. People tend to trust the word of their friends, so this recommendation can be enough to get the gig.

If you’re not getting referrals from former clients, feel free to as them directly. If the relationship is good, the worst that they can say is that they don’t know anyone looking for the kind of services you provide. Make sure you dazzle your early clients, and your future self will thank you!

How to Capture New Clients

Regardless of where or how you seek out new clients, the same rules apply when you’re trying to sell them.

  • Be clear about what you offer: Don’t be vague about the value you bring to the table. After Effects is a broad program, so be specific about your skills and the abilities of the software.
  • Keep your portfolio up to date: No matter which platform you use, make sure potential clients can easily find your portfolio, and that it’s updated with recent projects that show a variety of skills.
  • Leverage prior clients: A recommendation or testimonial can go a long way.
  • Use social media: Keep your social media profiles updates, especially video-based ones like YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. These platforms can showcase your awesome work, and you can create how-to or behind-the-scenes content as well.
  • Follow up with proposals: Respond within a reasonable time to potential clients, and make sure to follow up when the client doesn’t respond.
  • Find a niche: After Effects is a broad program and is used for many things. Even if you’re skilled at everything the tool offers, it can be beneficial to carve out a niche technique or skill that you’re known for.
  • Ask questions: Whether you’re interviewing or you have the job already, make sure to ask questions! You don’t want to misunderstand anything or wrongly assume something, and the client will be able to tell that you’re engaged.

Generate Passive Income

As a freelancer, work can fluctuate. You may be swamped one day and not have enough work the next day. That’s why it is important to have passive income streams for yourself. This serves a dual purpose of making your name and work more discoverable, but also making you money during slow periods. For After Effects experts, you can sell your After Effects animations templates through online platforms like the FilterGrade Marketplace. You can create original designs, or repurpose rejected designs from old projects (get permission from that client, though). If you want to put in the work of being an influencer or content creator in the After Effects and animation space, you can try to build a following on YouTube or Instagram. In addition to getting your name and work out there with these platforms, there is also the potential to make money through ads and sponsorships.

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