Pick n mix sweets inspired Candy Con, a new range of colourful, customisable controllers from GameStop and WMH&I that look good enough to eat.

The world’s largest gaming retailer, GameStop, has collaborated with global branding agency WMH&I to create Candy Con, a ground-breaking controller that players can customise to their heart’s content with a colourful array of faceplates, thumbsticks, and directional pads.

Launched with a campaign that spans print, social media, digital, and in-store, Candy Con is making itself known with the tagline ‘Create. Play. Repeat.’ Punchy, powerful, and evocative of the ‘just-one-more’ nature of the pick ‘n mix sweets that inspired Candy Con, this multi-coloured marketing drive skilfully demonstrates the controller’s mix-and-match potential.

As well as being a beautifully-realised idea, it’s also a canny business move. First-party controllers remain a popular way of playing on consoles because they’re optimised for a specific system, and gamers always look for high-quality alternatives that their friends and family can use.

Cost is also a common concern with budget-conscious shoppers, yet Candy Con scores big once again. The wireless base unit retails at $34.99, undercutting the Nintendo Switch Pro controller by a good ten dollars. And with accessories only setting shoppers back a couple of bucks a pop, creating the controller of your dreams won’t break the bank.

This consumer-aware approach further sweetens the deal offered by the range. After all, gaming is all about having fun, so why shouldn’t controllers be part of the equation? WMH&I’s parent company, Branded, has not only created an affordable, high-quality controller that will initially work for the Switch and PC gaming, but they’ve also leveraged the universal love of candy to further tempt people into buying it.

For Branded, whose ethos revolves around ‘Bright Ideas Brilliantly Executed’, Candy Con seems like a natural fit. Having previously collaborated with Amazon, Carlsberg, and The Hershey Company, the company has a wealth of award-winning experience designing for household brands.

“Pick’ n mix brings out the kid in us, with its kaleidoscope of enticing, colourful options inviting us to mix and match to our heart’s content,” says Mark Nichols, creative director, WMH&I. “It’s visceral, simple, and fun.

“Our brand identity mirrors this by boldly clashing colours, patterns, symbols, and imagery, offering endless exciting combinations and a personalised taste experience reminiscent of a candy store adventure.”

Alex Jones, director of Private Brand at GameStop, adds: “Working with WMH&I and Branded has been instrumental in our journey to identify and capitalise on a clear market opportunity. With Candy Con, we’re not just offering another gaming accessory – we’re behaving like brand owners, delivering a distinctive and alternative brand experience.

“Our collaboration with the agency has empowered us to create a product that stands out in the market, driven by best-in-class product quality and a commitment to personalisation and fun.”