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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Brooks Bros Wardrobe Event24.75% off Suit Separates,
25% off Sportcoats,  4 Shirts for $249,  etc.

The star of this sale might just be their new Suit Separates. Suit Separates are different than usual “nested” suits (such as these) because you get to pick the size of the jacket and then you also get to pick the size (and in this case, length!) of the trouser. If you’re lucky you might be able to get away with not having to visit a tailor after the purchase. That’s not usually the case with nested suits, which almost always come with ballpark waists and unfinished trousers meant to be tailored post-purchaseBut be warned with these particular Brooks Brothers trousers. Word is they run slim, so be prepared for possible exchanges if you don’t size up/don’t want to buy into the customer reviews.


Huckberry: Walden Sunglasses FINAL SALE blowout – $39 – $49
($99 – $119)

Was $74 – $93 during their annual Winter sale back in early February. Now significantly more on sale… but the catch is they’re now final sale. Meaning no returns or exchanges. And like shoes, final sale sunglasses are a bigger risk than other style-purchases. Because if they show up and don’t look right on you, you’re stuck. Remember that free shipping kicks in at $98, so they won’t ship for free either.


Billy Reid: Extra 40% off FINAL Sale w/ EXTRA40

Careful now. Appears to be entirely final sale, not-returnable/exchangeable items. But if you’re a fan of Billy Reid’s design and quality, yet not a fan of the understandably higher price points, this is about as good as it gets. Pretty random assortment of goods, yet some bestsellers like their Pensacola polos (two colors) and a brown version of the quilted shawl collar which sells so well in charcoal.


Banana Republic: Friends and Family Sale starts next week?

Banana Republic

^^^ That’s a promo email from earlier this week. If I’m reading this right, and I like to think that I am… that means Banana Republic’s Friends and Family sale starts next week, with an early cardmember preview running Tuesday and Wednesday. Not quite sure if that preview requires cardmembers to shop on their app or not. But the event seems to go live to everyone else on  Thursday March 9th. No word on the discount or what the exclusions will be. For context, its been four months since BR did anything significant. Way back in November they ran a 40% off holiday preview event, and its been almost entirely quiet since.


Bespoke Post: Illuminate Box is Back – $45

Bespoke Post Illuminate

It’s like a super classy version of those as-seen-on-TV “Tap” Lights! Seriously though, this $45 offering from Bespoke Post is… well, yeah they really are a super classy version of those infomercially-sold tap lights. But! You can take this light with you since it sticks to its base via magnets. Super handy. Especially if you get up super early every morning and you hate using your phone’s flashlight and every time you DON’T use your phone as a flashlight the dog is sleeping in a new place or the cat scurries underfoot because he’s super food motivated and therefor ecstatic it’s breakfast time even though it’s Saturday and it’s bleepin’ 4am and you just. wanted. to. sleep. in.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Base mounts to the wall with an included strong adhesive backing. Torch sticks to the base via magnets. Magic.


Also worth a mention:


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