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Banana Republic: 40% off select full price

It feels like it’s been months since BR ran 40% off.

Because it has.

The last time Banana Republic ran something this significant, Mariah Carey had just started to sing over every available amplifier about what/who she wanted for Christmas. (*spoiler* it’s you!) So yes, it’s been quite a bit.

There are exclusions. But there’s still a lot up for the deal, including some of their legendary goods that some of us reach for on a weekly (if not more) basis. Off we go with the picks.


Slim Core Temp Chinos – $60 ($100)

Slim Core Temp Chinos

The comfortable, breathable, lighter-weight, easy-moving, 55% cotton, 39% recycled polyester, 6% spandex core-temp fabric many of us have grown to love, now with a slightly slimmer knee-to-hem diameter. “We updated our slim fit by taking in the leg from knee to hem for a slightly slimmer fit.” Calf-zillas may struggle with these. But geeze are they nice. A true stock-up-while-you-can item for some of us. But just be sure you try them on before you de-tag/wash and dry. If they’ve tweaked the fit, you don’t want to get stuck with pants you won’t wear. They’ve also moved to dual button-closure pockets on the rear. One used to have a zipper.


Italian Nailhead Wool Signature Suit Jacket + Matching Trouser = $360 ($600)

FINALLY. it takes forever for these things to go on sale. But when they do, at 40% off, they’re a true steal. Sold as separates so you’re not stuck with a “nested” jacket and pants. You pick the size of the jacket, you pick the size of the pantsbang there’s your suit.

Very, very good at 40% off. All season wool from Italy’s Reda mill. Softer shoulder and sleeves designed for ease of movement. Moves quite well with just a hint of natural stretch. Subtle “nailhead” visual texture makes it interesting but still all-occasions appropriate. Would excel in all three scenarios from our Versatile Medium Gray Suit – 3 Ways posts. Size shown above is a 36R jacket and 31 trouser on Ryan who is 5’9″/160 although he did eventually exchange the 36R for a 36S because the sleeve cuff buttons are functional and thus, difficult to tailor. Note that the trousers come in three lengths, with the intention you get them dialed in (if need be) by a tailor. Short length trousers = 29.5″ inseam, Regular = 31.5″, Long = 33.5.”

Also note that the price above reflects total for trousers + jacket. They have vests available (as shown on the blue suited model) but those’ll cost you a bit more.


Premium Poplin Dress Shirts – $54 ($90)

Banana Republic Premium Poplin Dress Shirts

Got in person with one of these shirts and it was pretty nice. 120s cotton poplin feels nice and smooth. Not stiff or scratchy. Lots of colors too, including a gray as well as a medium blue that almost looks chambray. Fit is their “Tailored Slim Fit” which has a little more room through the arms and back than, wait for it….


“True Slim” Poplin Dress Shirts – $54 ($90)

BR "True Slim" Poplin Dress Shirts

Their even-slimmer “true slim” option with darts at the back. White, light blue, pink.


Luxury-Touch Polos – $36 ($60)

BR Luxury-Touch Performance Polo

I don’t think we’re gonna do polopalooza this year.


Kidding. We’ve already started getting some in for fit shots/testing. And the BR Luxury Touch polos are always one of the favorites.

100% cotton, yet somehow manages to be almost glass smooth, stretchy, and soft. (As if there’s some silk in there.) They’re so smooth they’re almost cool to the touch. There does seem to be a catch for some though. Many have reported shrinkage problems with these. Especially when it comes to the length. I don’t have this issue, and I can’t tell you why. I wash on warm or cold and dry on medium or cool. Do they shrink up a little in the wash? Maybe. But not to the extremes that I’ve heard. If you’re 6′ or over, consider ordering a tall instead of a regular. 

Size Shown: Medium on 5’10”/185.


Rider Shawl-Collar Cardigan – $102 ($170)

BR Rider Shawl-Collar Cardigan

Can a cardigan be bad-arse? Maybe, maybe not, but this sure looks like something one J. Statham would wear in a movie in-between beating people up with a cereal box, phone book, or electric mixer.


Traveler 5-Pocket Pants in Slim or Tapered – $66 ($110)

BR Traveler 5-Pocket Pants

One of their bestsellers. Super soft, Italian milled, high-recovery yet still stretchy cotton. All the colors you’d expect, with a few curveballs thrown in. Fabric mix is 58% organic cotton, 32% modal, 7% polyester, 3% elastane.


Tapered or Square Acetate Sunglasses – $57 ($95)

Nice to see they’ve gone to nicer feeling and wearing acetate instead of cheap basic plastic. Also, a lot of us really appreciate no overt visual branding. Classier that way. No idea on sizing though.


Sante Merino Textured Crewneck Sweater – $72 ($120)

Sante Merino Textured Crewneck Sweater

That texture is something else. A bit of a splurge, even on sale, but not your average merino crewneck. Italian spun yarn. Also available in light blue, navy blue, and olive green.


Breathe Merino Striped Socks – $12 ($20)

BR Breathe Merino Striped Socks

With the seemingly discontinued nature of Taylor Stitch’s Made in Italy merino socks… these might be what some of us turn to next. 60% Merino wool, 40% TENCEL modal. Not sure if these will be mid-weight like the Taylor Stitches, but they’re certainly worth a shot. Nice looking micro stripe.


Brown Suede Belt – $45 ($75)

Banana Republic Brown Suede Belt

Was really expecting this to be excluded since it’s a leather-good. Suede is the perfect way to bridge the warmer textures of winter, with the matte looks of Spring and Summer.


Reversible Leather Belt – $45 ($75)

BR Reversible Leather Belt

One of those classic two-belts-in-one reversible numbers. Kinda wish the flip side of the black would have been a darker brown… but maybe that’s a reason to pick up the dark brown suede option.


Milanetto Sweater Blazer – $90 ($150)

BR Milanetto Sweater Blazer

The only thing better than a Swazer is an on sale Swazer. Super comfortable. One of those items that’ll help you dress up without really dressing up. 100% Organic cotton. Also available in olive.


Rapid Movement Chinos in Slim or Tapered Fit – $60 ($100)

BR Rapid Movement Chinos

Not as lightweight and airy as their Core Temps. More of a “True” chino feel to them, yet still more engineered-for-movement. 90% cotton, 8% elasterrell, 2% spandex blend. Lots of colors to choose from. Also a reminder that these are their pants that come with the rectangular label/branding over the back right pocket. That’s a dealbreaker for some guys, but BR has stuck with it over the years. Colors are what you’d expect, plus some new spring shades too.


Luxury Touch Performance T-Shirt – $24 ($40)

Banana Republic Luxury Touch Performance T-Shirt

BR’s take on the “luxe”/dressy t-shirt thing. Smoother. A neckline that’s not as ragged as worn/washed/”broken in” looking like some other tees. Comes in the colors you’d expect, as well as a couple you might not.


Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans in Slim Fit or Athletic Tapered – $78 ($130)

Banana Republic Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans

Wouldn’t be a BR sale without these, would it? The best stretchy jeans well under $100 (when on sale, which they are). Size shown above is a slim fit 33×30 on 5’10″/190. Something a lot of us wear a ton from September – May. The rinse, dark wash, is the ideal dark dark blue a lot of us look for and lean on in the cooler months.


“Enchanted Forest” Silk Pocket Square – $18 ($30)

BR "Enchanted Forest" Silk Pocket Square

How very… Hieronymus Bosch. Without the nightmare fuel imagery.


Breathe Merino Dot Socks in Taupe – $12 ($20)

BR Breathe Merino Dot Socks in Taupe

Y’know what’s a bummer? Hitting the warm weather, having sweaty feet, and realizing all of your temperature regulating, wicking, merino socks are dark and don’t look quite right with your light gray, off white, etc. trousers. These fix that!


Piedra Field Jacket – $120 ($200)

BR Piedra Field Jacket

BR’s take on the classic field jacket. 100% organic cotton exterior that’s gone through a specific wash to give it a soft feel and vintage look.


Italian Hopsack Wool Suit Jacket + Matching Trouser = $360 ($600)

Banana Republic Italian Hopsack Wool Suit

Also shown at the very top (center) of the post. Like the famous Bonobos blazers, this is made from micro-honeycomb like textured wool. It leans a little more casual, but not so casual that you’d look out of place with sleek dress shoes and a tie. A little more structure than the Bonobos jackets though. Fully lined. All season appropriate. 99% responsible wool standard (RWS) wool, 1% elastane.


Slim Spring Cords – $60 ($100)

BR Slim Spring Cords

Spring cords? Spring cords! A slimmed down wale replaces plusher, thicker stuff from fall and winter. The heavier looking rivets have moved aside in favor of bar-tack stitching. The end result is (drum roll)… spring cords.


Leather Chino Belt – $48 ($80)

BR Leather Chino Belt

Note that this belt is 1″ wide. So it’s not some thick and clunky casual belt. Still casual, just not a beefcake of a belt.


Merino V-Neck Sweater – $54 ($90)

Merino V-Neck Sweater

This is the time of year when finding a nice, all merino sweater can get to be a bit of a hassle. Winter clearance has come and gone, and not all brands/retailers are keeping sweaters in stock anymore. Thankfully BR is. Responsible Wool Standard certified.


Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans in Dark Gray Wash – $78 ($130)

Banana Republic Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans in Dark Gray Wash

How very Rock and Roll. Dark gray jeans are strangely versatile. Probably more so than the lighter/beachy washes that have been having their moment the last few years. Great for monochrome (as seen above), and gray with a navy t-shirt and sneakers on your down time.


Organic Cotton Chunky Shawl Collar Cardigans in Cream, Blue, or Camo Green – $90 ($150)

Banana Republic Organic Cotton Chunky Shawl Collar Cardigans

Not wool. All cotton. Which is preferred by plenty, even though wool or wool blends usually get the recommendation. Some people have allergies, some prefer the feel of cotton over wool, and some prefer the fact that cotton often costs a bit less.


70% Wool / 30% Nylon Sweater Blazer – $135 ($225)

Banana Republic Sweater Blazer

Part sweater, part blazer. Knit, 70% responsible wool standard (rws) wool, 30% nylon. Casual but still put-together. Featured over here.


“Softest” Double Knit Hoodie – $54 ($90)

BR "Softest" Double Knit Hoodie

A best seller they only seem to make in two colors. But they must move a lot of them. 66% organic cotton, 34% recycled polyester. No kangaroo pocket up front keeps it lean and mean. Or at least leaner and meaner.

The 40% off Banana Republic Friends and Family sale is set to end this upcoming Tuesday, 3/14. And after that, who knows when they’ll run a 40% off again. They’ve really cut back on codes and promos in the last year or two.


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