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Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023

It’s BIG, see? They called it “Prime Big Deal Days.” So it has to be big. Even “Boxy” the box-head up above in the featured image is extra big. Macro Boxy! Because he’s a big deal, just like the “big deals” on Prime Big (Big!) Deal (BIG!) Days (HUUUUGE!)

Truthfully, this Amazon sale isn’t half bad. Maybe not big/huge/amazing on the men’s style side, but for Amazon? Really quite good. You need a prime subscription (or a free trial) to take advantage of the (big?) deals. It’s $139 all at once for an annual membership. If you’re a student, it’s $7.49 a month (breaks down to $89.88 per year.) Fast shipping and all the extras are still worth it for some.

Ready? Let’s get to the picks. It gets random. That’s Amazon for you.


$10 off a $50 Giftcard to BR, GAP, Old Navy w/ GAPPBDD23 ($50)

Something to keep in the back pocket (or in this case, email inbox) for later. Add a $50 or more GAP inc. gift card to your cart, apply the GAPPBDD23 code at checkout, and presto… it should be delivered to you over email. If you’re a frequent shopper at Banana Republic or Old Navy, it’s not a bad idea to grab one.


Amazon Essentials Fleece Shawl-Collar Cardigan – $17.40 ($29)

The shawl collar cardigan made from sweatshirt fabric is something you think would have been around longer than it has been. Because they’re just too easy to wear instead of a hoodie, they’re machine washable, and they’re a lot cheaper than wool versions. Easy to dress up with a button down and cords or chinos. Just as easy to dress down with a t-shirt and jeans.


Timex M79 Automatic Watch Black and Blue – $149.40 ($289)

Creeping up on just about half off, which is wayyyy better than any of the sales Timex will run direct through their own website. Japanese automatic movement, 40mm case, retro good looks. Some guys HAATTTE this particular bracelet because it does a number on any arm/wrist hair. So if you are particularly hirsute, know that may be an issue. Full review here.


Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Casual Stretch-Cotton Khaki Pants – $22.30 ($30ish)

97% cotton / 3% elastane. Slim fit. Lots of colors. A basic, sure, but chinos are one of those items that we all have, all use, and assuming they fit well (not baggy loose, not crazy tight) it’s more about what you do around them than the pants themselves. Lots of colors, lots of sizes, but these are seemingly moving fast enough that as Amazon runs low on stock, the price can seem to rise away from the “Big Deal Days” deal, and creep closer back to normal. So, apologies if you get there and your particular size is no longer on  sale. This is happening on lots of their Amazon Essentials clothing. It’s a very quick, very annoying, moving target.


Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Black – $199.99 ($350)

A Dappered Space pick. Yes there are cheaper bluetooth speakers out there. Absolutely. But are there better looking bluetooth speakers out there? That’s debatable. This thing is used in a prop in enough interior-design shots that many of us have been seeing it for years. And now it’s on significant sale. A splurge for sure.


Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Henley Shirt – $11.80 ($16.90)

Lots of colors. 100% cotton. Not a waffle knit, so it’ll look a little less like old-school thermal long Johns. Twelve bucks is gonna be a hard price to beat.


Timex Weekender Chronograph – $49.67 ($60ish)

Timex Weekender Chronograph

Recently featured in an edition of our Double Time watch series. This is the leather strap, chronograph-equipped big brother to the cheap, base-line slip-thru weekender. 40mm case should be wearable by most. Blue dial contrasts nicely against the brown leather nato strap. Strap is a “genuine leather” that feels like something somewhere between cereal-box cardboard and store-brand beef jerky, but it looks fine and wears comfortably. Wouldn’t want to get it wet or too sweaty though. Overall would look great in pretty much any casual to smart casual situation. And while it does have the infamous Timex “tick”… it’s quieter than other Timex watches afflicted with the loud seconds hand ticking noise… simply because the seconds hand that does all the work on this watch is the tiny one on the sub dial at 6 o’clock. F = MA one can suppose. Oddly enough, activating the chronograph seconds hand (the big seconds hand) doesn’t result in a loud TICK. So… must be the standard non-chrono movement that Timex uses in their cheap watches that makes all that racket.


Amazon Essentials Men’s Recycled Polyester Hooded Long Puffer – $45.40 ($65)

Because winter is coming, and as terrific as a wool topcoat or peacoat looks, sometimes throwing on what amounts to a wearable sleeping bag is called for. Often over athleisure. But yeah. Not the worst idea, these things.


Amazon Stone & Beam 93″ Tufted Leather Sofa Couch – $1059.64 ($1800ish)

This one is for the folks who smartly picked up the Stone and Beam chesterfield chair in the past few years (perhaps for $320?) and now wouldn’t mind having a matching couch. This is the big one. 93″ long. Not the loveseat. Of course a grand is a lot of money (profound observation right?) But when it comes to a leather couch with this sort of style AND it ships for free because it’s sold by Amazon… then that’s something else. Is it the thickest, beefiest, most luxurious leather you’ll ever sit your caboose on? Probably not. But it is a noticeable step above the bonded-leather concoctions other big box retailers tend to sell. You will want to condition it with some Chamberlain’s Leather Milk conditioner once it shows up/occasionally thereafter to keep it looking and feeling good. This’ll be a “scheduled” delivery. Meaning Amazon will contact you to set up a time for one of their big trucks (or a 3rd party delivery service) to roll by and drop the thing off. Usually they won’t provide the “white glove” service, which would have people carrying it up stairs/around corners/placing it for you. It’s just a simple show up and drop off while you’re there. So know that you may be doing some moving once it arrives.


Manscaped The Lawn Mower 3.0 Body/Groin Hair Trimmer – $52.49 w/ 25% off Coupon Box Checked ($69.99)

Because with shops everywhere putting small-electrics (and just about everything else) under lock and key to discourage shoplifting, at least by ordering from Amazon you won’t have to ask Mildred the store clerk to unlock the groin-hair trimmers for you. Make sure you check the 25% off coupon box. A bit silly, that you have to “apply a coupon” while most everything else already has the Prime Big Deal Days discounts taken, but… here we are.


28″ Checked & 21″ Carry On Samsonite Freeform Hardside 2 piece set – $229.99 ($359.99)

A legit deal, as just the carry on usually runs around $150. So for an extra $80, you’ll also get the larger 28″ checked hard side case. Please excuse the crummy photoshop job with the 28″ checked size on the left in the photo above. We don’t have that one on hand. We do have the 21″ on hand, and it came in quite (wait for it) handy for the big What to Pack when Traveling Light and In Style post. No checked baggage required for that post, BUT, if you or you and your partner are headed somewhere and are planning on checking a bag, then having the 28″ hardside available in addition to the 21″ carry on isn’t a bad idea. Sold as a two piece set.


Citizen Eco-Drive Garrison 37mm Field Watch – $108.29 ($250)

Powered by light, classic field watch looks, and 100m of water resistance. Classically sized at 37mm. Now just under $110. Usually hovers in the $175ish range (even if “list” price is $250).


Amazon Essentials Lightweight Puffer – $31.92 ($39.99)

Puffer season is upon us, and while pretty plain, these puffers are priced to not put you in the poor house. These are another one of those items where stock is seemingly moving fast enough that as Amazon runs low, the price can seem to rise away from the “Big Deal Days” deal, and creep closer back to normal. So again, apologies if you get there and your particular size is no longer on sale.


6-Pack “Retro Finish” Wooden Suit Hangers, Extra-Wide Shoulders $23.19 ($28.99)

Not really the most intriguing purchase, but wide shouldered hangers are gold. Especially for those of us who love to wear suits, sportcoats, and blazers. That wider surface area prevents the dreaded hanger bumps that thinner, standard hangers can produce. And when you’ve got a jacket with lightly padded shoulders, they’ll help support the structure of the blazer, sportcoat, or suit jacket when not worn.


Carfia Polarized Men’s Sunglasses – $20.79 w/ 20% off coupon box checked ($25.99)

Lens Width: 53mm

Gotta check that box. An oft-mentioned favorite. For the price, they’re great. Nicely weighted acetate frames, polarized lenses, no silly/obnoxious visible branding, and at 53mm they should fit most guys just fine. That and it can be weirdly difficult to find tortoise frames with gray lenses. Usually the lenses are brown on tortoise frames. There’s something a little more “luxe” looking with that gray lens + tortoise combo.


Invicta Pro Automatic – $69.99 ($85ish)

It’s not really an Amazon Prime event unless this watch goes on sale. Although this go-round, it’s not as cheap as it has gone for in previous big Prime events. Good feel and solid, 200m water resistance too. Automatic movement. Exhibition case back. Also looks great on a NATO, rubber, or leather strap. The only trouble with this thing is the engraved INVICTA on the 9 o’clock side. It’s too much. But we all have to make compromises in life. And if you’re a DIY-er, you can always try to take it off yourself. Head here for an in person from our Double Time two watch series.

NOTE: Strangely enough the scalloped bezel version with the Japanese Automatic movement is down to $50.80. So if you don’t care about coin edge vs scalloped bezel, you can save twenty-ish bucks going with the other version.


Amazon Essentials Men’s Midweight Puffer Vest – $24.40 ($39.40)

Dirt cheap. Allegedly midweight. A few different colors but it seems like the black is the only one getting the big price cut.


Holme & Hadfield Watch Display Case – $61.65 w/ coupon box checked ($89.99)

More flippin’ coupon code clippin’. Something for the watch(es) you may or may not pick up during Prime Day. Drawer allows you to store any every-day-carry accessories you might want to keep out of the way and organized.


Tissot Automatic Gentleman Stainless Steel Dress Watch – $354.63 ($400ish)

A simple, Swiss made, silver dial, automatic timepiece. 40mm diameter should be wearable by most. Powermatic 80 movement. 100m of water resistance. Sapphire crystal.


Rowenta X-Cel Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer – $48.83 ($99.99)

Rowenta DR8080 Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer

Quite an impressive handheld steamer. Some handheld steamers just flat out don’t do the job well. They spit water or hard water deposits, they’re awkward to hold, and/or the water reservoir runs out quickly. That’s not the case on any level with this super well made, easy to wield, plenty of water in the tank steamer. The dry cleaner can be terrible on suits, sportcoats, and blazers. The less trips there the better. So unless it’s soiled or it’s starting to stink, release the wrinkles with this and be on your way.


2-Pack Under Armour Men’s Tech 3-inch Boxerjock – $24.50 ($35)

Under Armour’s tech boxerjocks may be the product that’s keeping their entire corporation afloat. Okay, not fair. But it is one of their bestsellers and for good reasons. Now on sale for $12.25 per pair.


GDF Studio Conrad Mid Century Modern Arm Chair in Black Faux Leather – $157.31 ($235.76)

HEY. Isn’t that the cheap Mid-Century Target chair? They stole the Target chair! Faux leather. Don’t get over excited. But it looks great!


Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier (16 sticks) – $17.50 ($24.99)

Liquid IV and waterbottle

Works out to $1.09 per packet. Yes, Costco has them beat at a buck-a-packet, but not everyone has a Costco membership.

But… really? A hydration drink-mix powder on a style site? Yes really. Being a dehydrated, shriveled, walking migraine is hard to pass off as stylish. If you’re having a hard time keeping your body fueled up with good ol’ H2O, try this stuff. These are my “treat.” And they really seem to work. Take packet. Rip packet open. Pour contents into a 32 oz nalgene. Fill completely with water. Drink up at your leisure and carry on. They are NOT cheap. And it’s powder you add to your water. The profit margins must be insane! But a lot of people (myself included) swear by these little magic packets.


Invite Only: Citizen Men’s Promaster Dive Automatic NY0129-58L – $199.99 ($475)

KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR EMAIL. This is one of the lead-up deals they were promoting over the last week. I haven’t seen a notification in my own inbox yet, but one should be coming whether or not you’re able to eventually purchase it, because according to Amazon:

If invited, you’ll get an email or mobile notification with a unique link during Prime Big Deal Days (October 10 – October 11, 2023). With this link, you’ll be able to buy the item at the deal price. The link is valid throughout the Prime Big Deal Days event. Supplies are limited. We won’t be able to grant all requests. We will notify you if you are not selected.

No ghosting from Amazon. That’s courteous of them to let you know if you weren’t selected.

Got a tip on something that’s a Big Deal Days deal? Send those in to joe@dappered.com. Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days ends tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/11/23. 


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