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Allen Edmonds: Up to 40% off Rediscover America Sale

NOTE: Just like J. Crew’s suit sale from last week, members of their (Allen Edmonds) customer database/email list/”Collector’s Club” get first crack at the savings. So for now, you have to be logged in to get access to the sale. Because data’s the new diamonds. Guessing a lot of us already are members, and if not, it’s just a simple email sign up like most other brand websites/apps. But if you don’t want to do that, sit tight, and we’ll update this post when they throw the doors open to everyone.

Allen Edmonds runs two significant sales on their full priced inventory every year. First is the Anniversary Sale in late spring. And then come early Fall, it’s the Rediscover America Sale. Both sales are always “select items”/”up to” events. Meaning some items are getting bigger/better discounts than others, while some models aren’t marked down at all.

Here’s one take at a top 10, where to make the rankings we’ve considered both the level of discount, and the style & versatility of the shoe in question…


#1. Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxfords w/ Dainite Rubber Sole – $329 ($425)

Park Avenue Cap Toe Oxfords w/ Dainite Rubber Sole

Available in black, walnut, coffee, or dark chili which is shown above. The world is loud and dirty. Seemingly increasingly so. Going with a pair of timeless, quiet, handsome cap toes with a subtle rubber sole is the perfect choice for where we’re at. I personally made the switch to “studs” a while back (Weatherproof Park Aves) and I won’t be returning to smooth leather soled shoes. The Dainite sole is largely un-noticeable. It’s not some big toothy, lug sole. Not at all. They look just fine with a suit.


#2. Park Avenue Leather Sole Oxfords – $299 ($395)

For those that don’t want or feel the need for the rubber studded Dainite sole version.

“Back to Back Park Avenues? What Gives?”

Because they don’t make the Dainite version in the deep, rich, Mahogany shade as shown above. And that dark reddish-brown is perfect. Looks great with blue suits and pants, looks great with gray suits and pants. And yes, the mahogany shade will even go with darker charcoal grays. You CAN wear brown shoes with gray suits or trousers. As long it’s not lighter brown shoes worn with darker gray trousers (or a suit,) brown and gray is still professional and pleasing on the eye. That’s why the walnut, coffee, and chili shades might be all well and smart, but it’s the mahogany that’s the most brilliant. It looks great with everything. Just really wish they made these with a Dainite or v-tread rubber sole.


#3. Fifth Avenue Cap Toe Oxfords w/ Dainite Rubber Sole – $255 ($425)

Has a bit more visual interest than the Park Avenue, with the only real difference being the perforated cap toe. $74 less than the Park Avenues. One of the best deals of the sale by price. If you don’t want the Dainite sole, they’ve got leather sole versions for $237. Why don’t these take the #1 spot? Because the Park Avenue just looks so simple and clean. These look great too, but everyone can agree on the Parks.


#4. Chandler Weatherproof Chukkas – $349 ($475)

If they handed out a Nobel Prize for furthering the case of wearing chukka boots, our collective butts would be on a plane to Stockholm. Weatherproof uppers. Dainite sole. A couple more colors can be found over here, including a versatile gray suede and a “fawn”/taupe-y leaning brown suede. Why those two suedes are on a different page, I don’t know. But know there’s a few more options if you like the look of the Chandler.


#5. Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot – $399 ($495)

Higgins Mill Weatherproof Boot

Four bills, even on sale. Not cheap, but they do it all. They’re simple, handsome, have a (wait for it) Dainite rubber sole, and the Germany-sourced weatherproof leather uppers are a feature that competing boots just don’t match. Available in four colors. Chili is shown above. Full review here.


#6. Park Avenue Cap-toe Oxford Dress Boot – $399 ($495)

If you’re the type that loves both your dress shoes as well as wearing boots from time-to-time, these are going to be hard to pass up. They don’t have a grippy, v-tread or Dainite sole though. Standard leather. Which is… fine. Most of us have had good luck with leather soles in crummy weather, but… yeah. Would have been nice to have seen all season “tires” put on this particular ride. Like these.


#7. Strand Oxfords – $299 ($395)

Mahogany (shown above), black, dark chili, or walnut. All colors up for the sale savings. The Strand is the flagship, bit-of-flash dress shoe from Allen Edmonds. They’re often excluded from other sales, but the Rediscover and spring Anniversary Sale are when you can get them for a bit off list price. Nice to see that’s holding true again this time around.


#8. Carlyle Plain-toe Oxford – $299 ($395)

Somehow simultaneously timeless and modern. A true dress oxford that looks terrific suited up, but thanks to its minimalism can also look great with smart casual wear. That plain toe is sleek, yet thankfully avoids the “I just came from making toys at the North Pole” extreme chisel other sleek/modern oxfords often have. Available in either walnut, black, or dark chili. Full review here.


#9. Liverpool Chelsea Boots – $369 ($495)

Liverpool Chelsea Boots

Smooth. Real smooth. Sleek. Dead simple design. Comfortable. And now that they’re made in the Dark Chili (as shown above), along with walnut and black, a lot of us will be tempted to wear them with everything from jeans to suits.


#10. Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot – $299 ($495)

Dalton Wingtip Dress Boot

Almost two hundred bucks off. Available in walnut (shown above,) dark chili, or black. We’re now in prime boot season too. Just one drawback to these: they have a leather sole. Maybe have a local cobbler put some rubber sole savers on the leather soles if you’re worried about traction.


BONUS  #11. Combination Cedar Shoe Trees – $22.50 ($30)

Allen Edmonds cedar shoe trees

Gonna need those if you pick up a new pair of shoes or boots during this sale. Made in the USA. Won’t ship for free on their own since standard free shipping doesn’t kick in until $100 these days.


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