If you work in customer service, you probably have some sense of humor.

After all, when you’re troubleshooting problems all day, someone has to find the positives when things go wrong.

We’re not talking about making light of customer issues or coming up short of team goals. We’re talking about the everyday punches you have to roll with as a service rep if you want to avoid burnout and keep yourself going strong.

Below are 25 customer service memes that are fit to share with any service team. We hope they add a little humor to your work day and give you that much-needed laugh to close your next ticket.Click Here to Subscribe to HubSpot's Website Blog

25 Customer Service Memes to Share With Your Team

1. When a customer asks you to do something you can’t do.

Every service team has its limitations, but communicating that to customers can sometimes be tricky.

customer service memes - can't do something

2. Customer service is a language.

How many times has this happened to you? You call a service center and the rep says a canned phrase that you’ve definitely used before. It’s nice knowing someone else follows your strategy when speaking with customers.

customer service memes - canned response

3. When the customer asks to speak to the manager, immediately.

Sometimes you don’t even get the chance to work your magic because some customers prefer to speak directly to whomever is in charge. It leaves you feeling like you just passed a hot potato to your boss with no warning whatsoever.

customer service memes - managers

4. How you feel when you have a great day of work.

These are the days when you crush every question and leave all of your customers feeling happy and satisfied.

customer service memes - good day of work


5. How you feel when anyone shadows your call.

Whether it’s training a new hire or being reviewed by your manager, the pressure is on when your call is being shadowed.

customer service memes - call shadowing

6. The never-ending ticket queues.

Every rep knows how many support tickets are active in the queue. It’s a never-ending race against time to keep the queue as low as possible.

customer service memes - ticket systems


7. It’s all part of the job.

Sometimes service reps have to wear one for the company and be the face of a mistake they didn’t cause. But, one skill every rep should have is crisis communication and knowing how to navigate sensitive situations like these.

customer service memes -  job interview


8. And we wonder why our computers are slow.

There’s no time to update to the latest version of Mac – we have tickets to close.

customer service memes - system updates


9. It’s why we do what we do.

On the outside, we remain humble. On the inside, we’re partying our brains out.

customer service memes - good reviews

10. It’s good to have friends in high places.

Great service managers back their employees, especially when they’re following standard operating procedures. Remember, don’t blame the service agent if the policy is the problem.

customer service memes - manager support


11. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

You might have started your career in customer service, but that doesn’t put you in the low spot on totem pole. The best service teams are led by experienced reps who know the company in and out and understand what customers want from their experience with your business.

customer service memes - customer service is hard

12. Every rep has a shining moment like this.

There’s always that weird case that stands out to you for some reason. It sits in the back of your brain until one day, your coworker has the same exact problem and you swoop in for the rescue.

customer service memes - shining moment


13. When something breaks and you don’t know why.

One of the toughest parts about being a call center rep: something breaking and no one knowing why. When this happens, your job is to tell the customer something, anything – and fast.

customer service memes - there is no explanation

14. Customers will always cater to a service-centered brand.

It’s no secret that customers play favorites. Being a customer-centric company is a great way to get on their good side.

customer service memes - good customer service


15. Trying to diffuse a tense situation.

The trickiest part of the job is diffusing a frustrated customer and sometimes we wish we were this dog using all of its resources to win people over.

customer service memes - tough situation with customer


16. Every in-person service team has a code master.

Everyone has a friend who has memorized all of the product codes at the grocery store. They speak the language of barcode and we are all better for it.

customer service memes - code master


17. The agent who doesn’t get why they keep getting bad reviews.

Every service team has that one rep who can’t seem to catch a break. If you’re in a slump, avoid getting frustrated and try these tricks for responding to negative feedback.

customer service memes -if i had one

18. The feeling of rejection is real.

Every service agent feels a bit rejected when a customer asks to speak to their manager. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but, as a rep, it always stings.

customer service memes - unhappy customers

19. First-time solutions are the best.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you get a “tough” question and you immediately know the answer.

customer service memes - first time solution

20. Service voice is very real.

We all do it – because if we didn’t you might think a gremlin is on the other line.

customer service memes - customer service voice


21. What the customer thinks is happening when they’re put on hold

You might be running around left and right to solve the customer’s problem, but remember, this is what they’re picturing on the other end.

customer service memes - call transferred

22. When a new customer realizes how great your service team is.

It’s not a trap. There is no “catch.” Sometimes a customer service team is actually good enough to surprise a new customer.

customer service memes - first time customers

23. Always the best part of the job.

Actual footage of me checking my NPS comments.

customer service memes - reading good reviews


24. Product engineers affect service teams more than you know.

We all wish we could fix bugs with the wave of a magic wand. Until that day comes, we appreciate all of the help that our friends in engineering can lend us – even if we have to wait until the end of the week.

customer service memes - product updates


25. This one is just a pun.

Just a quirky pun for the team messaging board.

customer service memes - phone company

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