Cut back on your AC use and snag a personal fan for your desk.

When the dog days of summer hit, you might need to pull out all the stops when it comes to personal cooling. That’s where these deals on fans come in.

As of July 18, these 15 mini, personal, and home fans are all on sale for a limited time.

Whirlwind Cool Blade-Less Mini Fan

Throw this fan in your purse or backpack to beat the heat as you commute, go for a stroll, or even enjoy a baseball game. It comes in three different colors and is currently on sale for 63% off, knocking the $59 price tag down to just $21.99.

Air Shower Fan F210

This fan is perfect for resting at the base of your bed or in the corner of your living room to make any gathering or late night in just a little bit cooler. Get it for just $129.

Air Shower Fan F210 — $129

Credit: Boneco

Fantask 35W 28” Oscillating Bladeless Tower Fan

This oscillating tower fan has three wind speed settings and stands at 28 inches tall, so it saves space in your home while keeping you cool. Save 21% for a limited time and pay just $54.99 (normally $69).

16” Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan

No matter where you are in the house, you can adjust the speed of this fan with its remote control. Save 10% and take it home for just $89.99 (normally $99).

Q-Beam® Cyclone Combination Rechargeable LED Work Light and Fan

Take this rechargeable fan with you wherever you go to beat any unexpected heat that comes your way. Since it’s magnetic, it sticks to any metal surface to stay out of the way and keep you cool. Get it for just $59 for a limited time.

Costway 20” High-Velocity Industrial Grade 3-Speed Floor Fan

When you’re working outdoors, nothing feels better than an industrial-grade fan hitting you as you focus on the task at hand. Save 30% and take this one home for just $89.99 (normally $129).

Costway Evaporative Air Cooler Portable Fan

This portable air cooler is perfect for the foot of your bed or the corner of your living room. Take 25% off and get it for just $149.99 (normally $199).

Smart Leafless Fan

Save 26% for a limited time and take this Dyson rival home for just $182.95 (normally $249).

Smart Leafless Fan — $182.95

Credit: Mesay

The Octopus: Adjustable Arm Fan

With octopus-like legs that wrap around just about anything, this fan is great for golf carts, strollers, and more. Get it for just $29.99 (normally $59) — it’s 33% off.

Personal Rechargeable Double Fan Neckband

Save 50% and get this double fan neckband for just $29.99 (normally $50).

Inno Portable Fan with Diffuser

Diffuse your favorite scents as you cool your space with this 2-in-1 extendable fan. Get it for just $50.99 (normally $69) for a limited time.

Easy Breezy Hands-Free Cool Neck Fan

With hidden blades and an ergonomic design, this fan rests easily around your neck to deliver cooling air right where you need it. Save 66% for a limited time and get it for just $49.99 (normally $149).

Easy Breezy Hands-Free Cool Neck Fan — $49.99

Credit: Electronic Avenue

Flow by Objecto F3 Fan

With up to five fan speeds, you can use this fan all year long when you need extra cooling. Enter the code OBJECTO20 at checkout to get the F3 Fan by Objecto for just $209 (regularly $229).

Flow by Objecto F5 Fan

The F5 fan has five different fan speeds to keep you cool and also extends to be a floor fan or a taller, standing fan, reaching up to 39 inches tall if desired. Enter code OBJECTO30 at checkout to shave $30 off the total price, meaning you pay just $269 (normally $299).

Outdoor Portable Camping Fan with LED Lights

This durable fan is perfect for all of your outdoor adventures. Get it on sale for just $54.95 (normally $69).


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