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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


J. Crew: 29% – 40% off select Italian Wool Suit Separates (ends 4/8)

J Crew Tripod 4224

A late addition to Tuesday’s tripod so getting another mention here in the handful. Buried deep within a random feeling “Spring Favorites” select items promo, J. Crew is having a quiet suit sale. Which is great for those who have a Spring or Summer wedding coming up and have let the calendar flip to April without acquiring a needed suit (if, in fact, they need a suit). Suit separates allow you to pick the size of the jacket and trousers independently of each other, which should make for less tailoring costs/faster turn around time. And time is of the essence at this point for a lot of people with a wedding to attend in the near future. Promo is set to expire this upcoming Monday, April 8th.


Uncle Straps: The Hamilton Murph 38mm “Senator” Bracelet has been restocked – $99

Hot damn. No discount, but these could sell out awfully quick again. For $99 you get an oyster-style bracelet to put on a 38mm Hamilton Murph automatic (obviously sold separately). The end result is, quite possibly, the best sub-$1000 do-anything/looks great with everything wrist watch you’ll find. UNCLE straps is an aftermarket company that specializes in making after-market stainless steel bracelets (that will truly fit specific models) for a host of brands. Everything from Seiko to Omega. Hamilton is one of their recent additions, and the 38mm Murph sure looks amazing with one of their Senator bracelets on it.


Macy’s: 25% off Select Watches w/ VIP (ends Sun. 4/7)

Macys Watches Handful 4424

No Hamiltons this time. Dang. That woulda been perfect with the return of the UNCLE senator bracelet. Last call for this 25% off. Ends Sunday. Seems to be as good as it gets for these models, these days, at an authorized retailer like Macy’s. Full factory warranties. Full review of the Seiko Speed timer can be found here.


UNIQLO: DRY-EX Short-Sleeve Polo Shirts – $19.90 ($29.90)

Dear UNIQLO: bring back your button down collar polos. These aren’t those. But they are a full performance blend of poly and nylon. They’re also cheap. Basic, yes, but for the UNIQLO “stans” out there, ten bucks off something as wheelhouse as this is worth a look. Sale is set to expire today, 4/4/24.


Allen Edmonds: Anniversary Sale is on

Allen Edmonds Handful 4424

Still rolling. One of their biggest sales of the year. Somewhat arbitrary yet still reasonably educated call on a “top ten” best deals from this sale can be found here.


Also worth a mention: