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Brand: Randomevent x Dickies

Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Buy: Randomevent’s website

Release Date: September 25 (in-store), October 1 (online)

Editor’s Notes: As we’ve said on this very site, you can (and ought to) wear Dickies year-round. The humble workwear brand was adopted by tastemakers because its gear is nothing if not versatile: it’s hardy, affordable, and cut for comfort. So, when Randomevent was brought in to work with Dickies, it opted to avoid altering the base designs much, favoring a more artistic approach.

Randomevent, for those not in the know, is a Chinese brand with a loyal following hungry for its diverse oeuvre. It’s a little slicker than your average streetwear brand, incorporating plenty of different styles into its output: its Fall/Winter 2021 collection yielded everything from raw-hemmed work jackets to fringed knit sweaters to ensconcing layers of velvet.

Dickies is a perfect partner for Randomevent; its classic garments are the ideal palette for creatives to experiment with new designs. This time, though, Randomevent didn’t make Dickies’ wearables too fashion-y (Shinya Kozuka has you covered if that’s your bag).

Instead, Randomevent kept the Eisenhower Jacket and 874 Work Pant pretty much as they are, issuing them in khaki and adding some co-branded patches. Each jacket and pair of pants was splashed with bleach shot through different spray nozzles, ensuring a wholly unique result every time.

The result is a workwear uniform that looks already worked-in, as if the garments already lived a life of labor before the wearer tossed ’em on.

Dickies have a long history of being customizer-friendly — see: the secondhand market — so Randomevent’s collaborative update is really just doing the surface level stuff for you. Now it’s time to get ’em dirty.


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