SAVE $5: As of Sept. 1, the new Forza Horizon 5 limited edition Xbox controller is up for pre-order, and Walmart has already discounted it to $69 — $5 off the original price.

When you’re in the market for a gaming console, you should ask yourself a few questions. What games are looking forward to playing the most? What’s your budget? But when it comes to controllers, it’s more straightforward: Xbox has the best one.

Xbox is simply unmatched when it comes to a comfortable hold and unique, eye-popping color options. And that’s never been more apparent than with the new Forza Horizon 5 limited edition Xbox controller. It’s up for preorder now, but Walmart already has it discounted for $5 off the original price.

You’ll get all the perks of the iconic Xbox wireless controller here: ergonomic design, textured triggers and bumpers, hybrid D-pad, and the opportunity for button mapping and PC compatibility. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll get the new transparent yellow design with a super cool paint splatter graphic, plus some racing-inspired custom grips.

Get ready for the release of Forza Horizon 5 on Nov. 9 with the new limited edition Xbox controller. It’s available for preorder at Walmart for $5 off the usual price.

Save $5 at Walmart

Credit: Xbox

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