Jason Schreier, reporting for Bloomberg:*

Microsoft Corp.’s head of Xbox said he’s “evaluating all aspects
of our relationship with Activision Blizzard and making ongoing
proactive adjustments,” in light of the recent revelations at the
video game publisher.

In an email to staff seen by Bloomberg News, Phil Spencer said he
and the gaming leadership team are “disturbed and deeply troubled
by the horrific events and actions” at Activision Blizzard Inc. He
referred to the Wall Street Journal story earlier this week that
said Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick knew of sexual
harassment at the company for years and that he mistreated women.

This is about as close as Microsoft could come at this point to calling for Kotick to resign. It’s like when a mafia don says something like “I’m not sure about that guy.” He can’t say what he really means but we all know what he means.

(Also, this was a company-wide memo that was meant to leak.)

* You know.


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