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While you’re packing down your summer wardrobe and rethinking your seasonal palettes, Represent‘s Blanks collection is back and re-toned for the winter.

Now that September is behind us, there’s no point keeping a grip on those final days of summer. Though the season came and went with only a handful of sunny days littered amongst it (yes, London, I am looking at you), fall has kicked off to a humble start with blue skies and crisp autumnal air.

The seasonal transition marks the annual shift of fabrication and tone – to the back of the wardrobe go those electric greens and volt yellows, and in their places comes darker neutrals and warm earth tones. Given the success of its Blanks collection, it’s only right that Represent drives a tonal shift of its own.

Blanks’ introduction in 2020 marked a key turning point in the Rep timeline, adapting to the challenges of lockdown and creating a concise line of essential items that utilized the popular silhouettes within the mainline. In essence, the Heaton’s worked the very foundation of the brand to offer a new entry point.

Color options know no shortage within the line – it’s built on vintage-washed red, blue, green, white, and black, with clean additions of cream, grey, and beige expanding the palette.

Winter Blanks extends the line further yet as the third release under the imprint, with a 26-piece drop paletted in “Flat White,” “Brown,” “Dark Grey Marl,” and “Dusk.”

You can shop the pack online from October 13 – if you’re still looking for a splash of summer color, check out our pink clothing picks fit for fall.


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